2007 Preseason Game 3

Unfortunately last night’s game wasn’t televised. Luckily one of our readers received the Boston feed, and wrote up his commentary for the game (on another thread). So I decided to copy it here for preseason discussion.

Box score here: http://www.nba.com/games/20071017/NYKBOS/boxscore.html

danvt Said:
October 17th, 2007 at 11:57 pm e

Hey folks,
I live in VT now and suffered through some of the poorest coverage of a basketball game I have seen. Forget about knowing who?s in the game. Even finding out who scored, if it was a Knick, was not possible on a number of occasions (and they scored so rarely, it would have been nice). Inept game calling and missed shots by the cameras all night. Tom Heinsohn is completely hateful as well. He gets mad at calls that go against the Cs like Nate Robinson does.

As to the game, they found Curry in the post on the first play and pretty much did not try again. They hardly seemed to run any sets at all.

On D, by early in the third quarter, Curry was so winded that Garnett ran full court and beat him down the floor like Paxico beat Lawyer Milloy on Monday. So embarrassing.

No one made any shots tonight as the ghastly percentages will bear out. I figure that?s likely to get better. We do have scorers. they, also, made more shots than they normally would make. The forty point spread was a statistical anomaly, I think, but the lack of creativity on offense and the horrible perimeter defense did not help matters. I figure, on a normal night, they lose this game by 15 or so. That doesn?t exactly get them in the playoffs though.

In my heart I can?t believe it?s going to be as bad as last year, but, I had a familiar lump in my throat watching this game. They were done before the first quarter was over.

Allan Houston missed all his shots and got a quick hook. He tried to funnel Ray Allen to help that was late in coming and gave up an easy layup.

Randolph Morris had two nice turn around jumpers. One from each side of the baseline.

Nichols has a sweet looking stroke, though he almost cracked the back of the rim with a three point attempt. He had a nice finish on the break, though, and has a veteran presence about him.

Chandler showed good range on his shot.

Fred Jones is a good defender

Basically all units got severely outplayed tonight. They were better 1-15.

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28 thoughts to “2007 Preseason Game 3”

  1. Smoked. Good post. No surprise about Garnett and Curry. Curry can’t jump and can’t keep up speed wise with Garnett. Boston will be tough this year. Zack hit the boards but everyone else was being out rebounded by that SCalbrini. Knicks not in same league as Boston this year.

  2. You know how there are some foods you may not like but you can see how others might? Living in S. Carolina for example, I’m like that with grits; not my favorite but I can see how other people like them.

    But a Celtic’s broadcast with Tommy Heinsen is like a big bowl of Brussels sprouts. If you don’t like them you simply cannot comprehend how anyone else can. I lived in Boston for two years and I just do not get the whole Heinsen “Tommy point” phenomenon. That man’s voice could send me into a near murderous rage. It’s like Harry Caray with the most stereotypically hideous Bah-stun accent you can imagine but lacking any of the Caray charm. In Tommy’s world the Celtics, that’s the Boston Celtics mind you, never get a call. And he’s totally and completely serious.

  3. Totally agree with the posts. The Knicks looked totally lost last night and couldn’t hit anything at all. Marbury was terrible and did not set up the offense. Too much standing around.I know this was a preseason game but everyone was cold. The Knicks really need a go to guy who is clutch. Q was overmatched at the 3. They have a quick turnaround tonight against the Nets I don’t think they will play as badly as they did last night.

  4. “The Knicks really need a go to guy who is clutch.”

    Isn’t that what Jamal “El Clutcho” Crawford is here for? His incendiary shooting when the Knicks needed it most?

    What a box score. Beautiful. Starters 10-45. Curry has as many turnovers as rebounds, and gets out rebounded by 75% of the other starters. Isn’t he supposed to be in the best shape of his life?

    At least we got a solid game from Randolph and Lee, and Chandler had 7 rebounds in 14 minutes. I haven’t seen him play since summer league, and not much then, but I am now officially intrigued.

  5. Wasn’t able to find this game anywhere but looking at the box score makes me cringe. I’m sure the losing-by-40 was just a fluke and if this had been a regular season game they’d probably lose by less. However, it still reeks. Their collective field goal % was simply horrid. They simply have too many players that can only score to be effective (but cant exactly shoot).

  6. It’s the friggin’ preseason. Garnett goes ape shit every pre season and has nothing left by the playoffs. These Knicks will never be good early.

  7. I get League Pass every year and watch games broadcast from all over the country, and Tommy Heinsohn is quite possibly the most awful color guy in the business. Total homebody, nothing interesting or enlightneing to say whatsoever, grating voice.

    I was thinking I would root for the C’s this year, as I love KG and like Ray-Ray and Pierce just fine. They will be fun to track. But watching them with the home commentary is going to be difficult.

    As for the Knicks, even in preseason it continues to be obvious that D. Lee is their best player.

  8. Heinsohn is only one of many “homer” color analysts around the league. I have the Directtv NBA package, so I get to hear most of these guys. The Bulls announcers are just as bad as Heinsohn when it comes to complaining about calls (or non-calls). And personally I can’t stand Walt Frazier. Not so much because he’s a homer (he isn’t as bad at that as many) but because he is distracting with all those big words he uses (many of them totally made up). It’s like he’s trying to show how smart he is rather than just analyzing the game.

    Anyway, I have a question for you Knicks fans. What’s going to happen with Jared Jordan? I saw him play briefly last night, and the bo score says he had 4 assists in 10 minutes. Does he have ANY chance of making the team? The kid is one of the best pure playmakers I’ve seen come out of college in recent years, but maybe he’s too unathletic and small and defense-deficient to stick? If anyone has any insight on Jordan, I’d appreciate it.

  9. Remember guys it’s only preseason. How many teams have we seen do well in the preseason then turn around and be some trash in the real season, and vice verse. BTW I agree with Donald Trump, Garnett even goes ape shit in scrimmages.

  10. The perimiter D may be a little improved, but the Knicks’ interior defense will still be terrible. Curry and Randolph will log way too many minutes for this to be any kind of competent defensive team.

  11. Has anybody else noticed that Chandler is quietly averaging 2 blocks a game in 15 minutes? Has anyone seen these plays, and if so, do you think Chandler be a legitimate defensive presence on the inside?

  12. Okay. It’s only preseason, true.
    But last night was a statement game. Two teams in the same division that sought to improve themselves in the offseason, played against each other. A statement was made: They have radically improved; we are still peopled by misfits and malingerers who were pathetic.
    What occurred last night also highlighted some significant problems that were known about the Knicks on paper.
    1. Four-fifths of the Knicks starters are players that typically need to dominate the ball to be productive. Marbury, Crawford, Curry and Randolph need touches…I don’t know how they deal with that structural problem because they can’t all get 15 shots. This can only end badly.
    2. Knicks starting guards are utterly, completely, thoroughly and beyond a shadow of a doubt unable to play any lick of defense. Marbury and Crawford were repeatedly soft on D and beaten off the dribble constantly. Crawford and Marbury can’t fight through a paper bag, let alone a pick, Crawford’s 10-pounds of “muscle,” notwithstanding. Their defensive breakdowns will expose this team throughout the year.
    3. Knicks interior defense is utterly inferior, with Curry completely unable to challenge a shot, and yet again struggling with his fitness, and Randolph’s complete lack of defensive instincts. This interior weakness will be only compounded by a complete and utter lack of defensive commitment from the guards. It’s like watching “The Great Escape,” you’re sick to death because you just know how this is going to end despite everyone’s stiff upper lip and best intentions throughout.
    4. Q Rich is overmatched at the small forward, and should probably be at the two, where he can use his size, shooting ability and fire.
    5. Lee saw 16 minutes last night, and this is a huge structural and strategic flaw in the plan. Your best player, and it is becoming clearer each day that he is the only player on the Knicks with a multi-dimensional game, should be out on the floor as much as possible. He affects the game in so many ways, and you don’t need to do a thing for him. There should be a guy sitting behind Isiah with a Nerf bat whose job it is to wack Isiah in the head every time he allows Lee to sit for too long.
    6. Crawford simply is not a starter. He is a good sixth man, but his flaws outweigh his strengths. He’s not a star, not an all star, and not a leader. The guy with the Nerf bat should also whack Isiah in the head to remind him to pull Crawford every time he heaves a stupid fall away bomb after making no passes, or fails to defend in any meaningful way his opponent.
    7. Robinson and Jordan are better passers than Marbury, period. Jordan played hardly any last night and he had four assists. I think the Knicks had 10 assists all last night….this is worse than a sin when you have two big men who can dominate in the paint.
    8. The Knicks with the greatest potential are riding the bench. Lee, Balkman, Chandler, Robinson, Morris. There’s something wrong there.
    9. They seemed utterly unprepared for the Celtics. How is it that they didn’t have a zone planned to deal with the Celtics? How is it that the Knicks thought Randolph could handle KG one-on-one? How is it that Crawford and Houston were surprised to confront picks while defending Allen? Where was the preparation? That falls on Isiah. Perhaps he’s been too busy mounting his appeal in the Anucha case…

    By the way, Houston’s body is hurting him, his defense last night was scary bad, and he had no legs.
    Not a good start for a guy that claims he’s ready to make a comeback, and potentially keeping one of our nice prospects off the roster. If you make a comeback, you don’t use camp to get in shape. You get in shape before camp and come ready. He’s not ready.

    Curry’s shoulder is going to be a problem. He doesn’t like to play with the support, but the support is needed, according to his docs, to ensure he doesn’t reinjure his shoulder before he can strengthen it again.
    This is going to be a year-long process. If he can’t play with the harness, he shouldn’t play until he is right.
    He fouls because he is slow to react, and out of shape. He doesn’t alter shots because he can’t jump quickly. He’s a terrible help defender, and he passes poorly.
    So, until he can score comfortably, he shouldn’t be out there.
    Without the scoring, and it makes me gag to say this, he’s Jerome James.

  13. And this news if funny.
    Because we pick up another Jerome James with curry unable to score to replace the old Jerome James who apparently may need season-ending surgery:

    New York Post –
    Jerome James’ right-knee injury is more serious than the Knicks have let on – and could force him to have season-ending surgery, The Post has learned.

    James told The Post last night the “hardware” in his knee from a 1999 reconstructive surgery to repair a torn ACL is being rejected by his body, causing massive swelling and fluid to build up.

    However, the Knicks backup center vowed he will postpone the surgery until summer, feeling he can get back healthy enough to play a limited role.

  14. 1. Four-fifths of the Knicks starters are players that typically need to dominate the ball to be productive…

    This is why players like Lee & Balkman are particularly important to the Knicks, even more than most teams. The rest of the frontline players are virtually worthless when they don’t have the ball (at least Zach will rebound)

    2. Knicks starting guards are utterly, completely, thoroughly and beyond a shadow of a doubt unable to play any lick of defense…

    This is why Fred Jones will (and should) make the team. But mix Jones, Q (when healthy) and a bit of Collins… turn Balkman loose for 30+ minutes a night… and the perimeter defense should be better than it was last year.

    3. Knicks interior defense is utterly inferior…

    No help coming here…

    4. Q Rich is overmatched at the small forward, and should probably be at the two, where he can use his size, shooting ability and fire.

    Hopefully Balkman will play the 3, most of the time.

    5. Lee saw 16 minutes last night, and this is a huge structural and strategic flaw in the plan. Your best player, and it is becoming clearer each day that he is the only player on the Knicks with a multi-dimensional game, should be out on the floor as much as possible…

    I wouldn’t sweat it in preseason game #3.

    6. Crawford simply is not a starter. He is a good sixth man, but his flaws outweigh his strengths…

    He’s not awful, but this Knicks team would be better off without him (on the floor)… he needs the ball constantly, and he’s not as good an offensive player as Marbury, Randolph or even Curry.

    7. Robinson and Jordan are better passers than Marbury, period…

    Unless Crawford gets traded (which ain’t gonna happen), it’s hard to see Collins & Jordan both making the team… no room for 3 PGs.

    8. The Knicks with the greatest potential are riding the bench. Lee, Balkman, Chandler, Robinson, Morris…

    For all the crap we give IT, I will be shocked if Lee and Balkman don’t play starter’s minutes this year, once the real games start. p.s. along with Randolph they are probably the best players right now, “potential” aside.

    And I wouldn’t worry about Allan Houston making the team – maybe we’ll see him with the Celts come March, but I doubt it.

  15. Jerome James and his “hardware”-rejecting body just guaranteed his buy out. Or at least it should guarantee his buy out.
    His career is over.
    The human in me is saddened.
    The Knicks fan in me is jubilant.

  16. Don’t be sad for Jerome James’ career. He made $30 million doing nothing. He should be fine money-wise and I never got the impression that he actually liked to play basketball that much. I read somewhere that he got talked into playing basketball in college just because he was so tall.

  17. Don’t read too much into one pre-season game…I’m sure we won’t lose by 40 most nights…

    Prediction 1: Knicks will win 4 out of 5 of their first regular season games, getting some on this board very excited, even finger-wagging at the naysayers.

    Prediction 2: Knicks miss the play-offs with a losing record. Again.

    Prediction 3: Somebody will say if it wasn’t for the injuries, they could have been good this year.They will be wrong when they say it.

    Prediction 4: Jimmy Dolan gets caught in secret love tryst triangle with Zeke and Stephon, luckily they don’t call each other b***ch or ‘ho, so no additional law suits filed…

  18. I read that the game was broadcast on a free preview of NBA League Pass. Come on reporters, this is too important to mess up. Can you please do some reporter investigation into broadcasting from now on for every single game, its more important to me than any other type of reporting because it means you get to watch the game!

  19. Quentin Richardson:

    __After seeing them now, you think you guys will have your hands full with this team this season?

    ?No,” Q then said. “I think they?re going to have their hands full with us.?__

  20. retropkid hilarious bro. but wanna hear something funny hoopshypes saying Kobe does want to play for the Knicks cause of the court case. But wasnt it a few summers ago he was up for raping a white girl lmao

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