2006 Stat Page

Some interesting tidbits from the 2006 stat page (all stats as of Sunday morning):

* The best offense in the league is Flip Saunders’ new team, the Detroit Pistons. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the 6-0 Pistons have had four 100+ point outbursts. They are still playing at snail’s pace, as Detroit is the 3rd slowest team in the league. It’s slightly odd, because they don’t lead the league in any of the four factors, but right now the Pistons have 6 players sporting a PER of 20 or higher.

* The best defensive team in the league is Flip Saunders old team, the Minnesota Timberwolves. Like the Pistons, the T-Wolves don’t lead the league in any of the four factors. Peering at their 82games.com page, so far they’ve done an excellent job at shutting down point guards and centers.

* The biggest surprise might be the PER leader. Speedy Claxton has a half point edge over LeBron. He is averaging 27.1 points per 40 minutes, fueled by a 56.6% eFG and 53 free throws made per 100 shot attempts. The Hornet’s other point guard, Chris Paul, is faring well as well. The rookie has a PER of 22.3, good enough for 35th in the league.

* The top 10 in PER:

1	NOR	Speedy Claxton	PG
2	CLE	LeBron James	SF
3	SAS	Tim Duncan	FC
4	HOU	Yao Ming	C
5	LAC	Elton Brand	PF
6	MIN	Kevin Garnett	F
7	BOS	Paul Pierce	SG
8	DAL	Dirk Nowitzki	PF
9	WAS	Gilbert Arenas	PG
10	MIA	Dwyane Wade	G

* Not surprisingly, the Knicks are last in the league in offense, but are a respectable 9th on defense. Of the Knick rookies, Robinson (6.2 PER) is faring poorly, Lee (31.8) played well in the 2 games he has appeared, and Frye (18.1) is playing well enough to be starting at either power forward or center.

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13 thoughts to “2006 Stat Page”

  1. 2 in a row!

    Ugly win against only half their starters or not, this calls for at least a little enthusiasm.

    – Ben

  2. Dig the Magic. Last year they were one of the lig’s fastest teams; now they’re the slowest. with a lousy offense, too.

  3. While I’m for stats, I wonder if you’re moving a bit too far in the other direction; David Lee should be starting? Based on his impressive first game? Jackie Butler is the best rebounder on the Knicks? Based on preseason play? Butler’s pulled one down in his seven minutes this season…I think we need a larger stat total before we move Lee ahead of Frye in the depth chart — which doesn’t mean that Lee shouldn’t be getting more minutes…as for Butler, he looks like a nice find, but let’s wait until he even has 40 minutes in the NBA to judge how good an NBA rebounder he is!

  4. I’m glad the stats page is back!! I’ve been looking for it since the season started. But please check Kwame Brown PER, because it seems a bit weird. A PER of 2.7 looks too low for a starter.

  5. Hey knickerblogger, thanks a ton for the stats! Really appreciate thework.

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful since you’re already doing alot of work for us, but do you think you could add a column to sort teams by points per possession differential?

  6. FYI, the stats for the Clippers don’t seem to be updating, it still shows them at 9 games. Haven’t checked other teams.

  7. There seems to be some problem with the Team Player stats. Even though the player stats in League Leaders update normally, the stats in the Team Player page don’t.

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