2006 Preseason – Mavs 104 Knicks 102

Although the Knicks played the Nets in Connecticut on Saturday night, yesterday’s game against the Mavs in the Garden was their first televised preseason game of 2006. I could do a statistical analysis of the Net game, but as preseason games go it’s hard to determine what was accomplished against the starters and what was done against New Jersey’s end of the bench. So I’ll give my impressions of some of the Knicks from Sunday’s game instead.

David Lee
With all the hoopla over Frye and Robinson, Lee has been the lost Knicks rookie. Sunday evening he was the most impressive of the bunch. The initial reports of Lee are a blue collar type, and I really didn’t see it. The Knicks power forward seemed more polished than scrappy. Lee didn’t impress me with either his rebounding or his defense. Although on defense his assignment for most of the night was Nowitzki.

Where Lee did impress was with his ability around the hoop especially driving inside. He has a nice handle for a big man, and seems to be able to finish with either hand. Although he didn’t finish as often as I would have liked (5-12), he led all players with 11 free throw attempts. In the early fourth quarter, Lee was nimble enough to keep up with Robinson on the break & finish with a resounding dunk.

Nate Robinson
I saw a handful of Nate’s games both in the Final Four and in Summer League, and that player was absent tonight. It might have just been an off night for Robinson, but the Mavericks were able to neutralize Nate in the paint. Most of Robinson’s forays to the hoop ended up with a shot block or a turnover. In the first half he looked totally outmatched, but he did pick it up in the second half. Nate used his speed to earn a few steals and push the ball upcourt for some transition buckets. One thing to watch for will be if he will be able to use his leaping ability at this level.

Channing Frye
On one play Frye did a Marcus Camby impersonation trying to put back a missed shot, but he’s not as athletic as the former Knicks’ center. Channing only played for 19 minutes, and the only other thing that I recall is that he had a nice stroke from outside.

Eddy Curry
At times Curry looked impressive on the offensive end, but other times he seemed to be sleepwalking. He scored on a nice pass from Penny Hardaway, and looks to have extremely soft hands. On the other hand he turned the ball over 4 times, and a few were offensive fouls. It would have been nice to see a full effort from Curry, but it’s still only preseason.

Jamal Crawford
Crawford looked good very early in the game as the Knicks point guard. Unfortunately a few of his bad habits crept back as he jacked up a few shots that the chucker who plays at your neighborhood park would have passed up on. Forcing Jamal to run the point and distribute the ball may curb his wild shooting habits.

Larry Brown
How intense is this guy? He got T’d up on a non-shooting defensive foul against David Lee.

Jackie Butler
Butler had a quiet first half. He didn’t do anything to overly impress, but he didn’t do anything stupid that you would expect from a 20 year old out of high school with 5 minutes of NBA experience. That in it of itself is a big accomplishment. I remember Butler blocking a shot, and looking at the stat sheet it was the only one the Knicks had all night.

Penny Hardaway
When Penny started the game, my jaw almost hit the floor. Could it be that last year’s prodigal son will find a role as Brown’s perimeter defender?

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Mike Kurylo

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5 thoughts to “2006 Preseason – Mavs 104 Knicks 102”

  1. I agree with your conclusions, I thought the team played hard and I liked the energy that the young guys were bringing.

    Brown was T-d up not for yelling about the foul on Lee, but that he was called for the foul after Nowitzki threw and elbow into Lee’s neck. On replay it looked like a pretty blatent cheap shot from a veteran to a rookie, yet another reason to despise the Dirk.

  2. Allan Houston is retiring. knickerblogger i’m a big fan of yours and i know youre into the numbers and stats but with all that aside who was your favorite knick from the good old miami-whipping days. whats your favoirte moment, the 4 point play, houston’s one hand runner, the fights? Houston provided memories none of us will ever forget even though they cost roughly 100 million dollars

  3. Think any of the rooks find their way off the bench this season or will LB stick to his history and let them learn from there?

  4. First time poster here….just picked this site up a few weeks ago. KB–great job with the content..keep it coming. I assume a piece on Houston’s retirement is forthcoming, but what cap implications does this have? It appears we made the correct move in cutting J. Williams instead of AH. Also, with Penny coming off the books as well as Antonio Davis, does this free up some 30-40 million in cap room? These questions need to be answered. Also, I too have been more impressed with David Lee than Channing Frye, and I could definitely see Lee playing 10-15 minutes a game because of his intelligent all around game. Frye wont crack the rotation; he’s too soft.

  5. Another reason to hate the dirk? How weak has NY gone? Can’t tell the you amount of times I watched your players beat the living hell out of the Mavericks physically in the past.

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