2005 KnickerBlogger NBA Playoff Brackets Contest: The Winner

Back in April, the second annual KnickerBlogger NBA Playoff Brackets Contest began. Expanding on 8 participants from the year before, 15 pundits from assorted walks of life decided to roll up their sleeves and dared to predict the future. With San Antonio taking the series in 7, the final results are in, and we are proud to present them to you today.

In last place was Jeff from CelticsBlog.com. Jeff went with his heart and selected Boston which hurt him greatly when Indiana took them in 7. Of course this just goes to prove that heart doesn’t exist, and in fact is detremental to team chemistry & bracketology. Following him in next to next to last place was fellow green wearing Brian who writes about the New York Jets. Brian self admittedly doesn’t know much about hoops, and we can use him as our “control group.” Third to last is Martin Johnson, representing all of the print writers in the world. I have it on good word that Martin didn’t have on his Darrin Erstad “balance necklace” that day.

And then a whole bunch of people were in the middle (myself included).

In third place overall is Kevin, who is from so many places I can’t count them all. How about we just put a link to the APBRmetric forum, and move on. In his first ever appearance is Kelly Dwyer, who landed in second place. The SportsIllustrated writer plans to model himself after Nikole Danner. In case you don’t keep up with the world news, Danner stepped in when the winner, Stevi Nichole White, was unable to fulfill her duties as Miss Marion Popcorn Festival. It’s rumored that rigors of standing around & being judged on your beauty took too much out of White, rendering her unable to complete her reign which would include standing around being admired for your beauty.

Finally, I present to you the winner of the 2005 KnickerBlogger NBA Playoff Brackets Contest: Kevin Broom. The RealGMer predicted every team except the Heat making the Finals, and the Kings over the SuperSonics. While runner-up Dwyer also only missed two series as well, Broom swept away the competition by correctly guessing the length of 6 of the 15 series to Dwyer’s 4.

I’d like to thank everyone for competing & wish everyone good luck next year. On a last note, the top 3 all had names that began with a K, and 4 of the top 5 if you include KnickerBlogger. In preparation for next year, Matt the Bulls blogger has decided to change his name to Katt Kernhardt. That move alone could push him into the top 3 next year.

Rank Name URL Finals Score
1 Kevin Broom http://www.RealGM.com 7 77
2 Kelly Dwyer http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com 5 73
3 Kevin http://www.supersonics.com 5 71
4 Matt Bernhardt http://bulls.blogspot.com 5 70
5 KnickerBlogger http://www.knickerblogger.net 5 69
6.5 Mr.BB http://www.basketblogger.com 0 65
6.5 Ron Hitley http://www.hornets247.com 0 65
8 Roland http://82games.com 0 64
9 Kurt http://www.forumblueandgold.com 7 61
10 Aaron Schatz http://www.footballoutsiders.com 0 57
11.5 Larry Fleisher http://knicks.mostvaluablenetwork.com 0 56
11.5 Justin Kubatko http://www.basketball-reference.com 0 56
13 Martin Johnson http://www.nysun.com 0 54
14 Brian Bassett http://www.thejetsblog.com 0 53
15 Jeff http://www.CelticsBlog.com 5 51
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Mike Kurylo

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