Draft Wraps Up Quasi-Eventful Week for Knicks

The draft marked the symbolic end of a week so blah that Indiana and Golden State saw more drama. In truth though, it has been an important week for New York if a boring one. Nothing really happened, but the stage is set for some potentially good outcomes.

Amid a chorus of boos, face palms and Scooby-Doo faces, the Knicks selected Kostas Papanikolaou, a forward in Greece’s top pro league. I suspect that fan reaction was just animosity toward an unfamiliar name. Odds are that Papanikolaou will take his place in the annals of European would-be 2nd round steals, right alongside Maciej Lampe, Slavko Vranes, and Milos Vujanic, assuming he ever makes it to New York. I cannot speak intelligently about young Mr. Papanikolaou’s upside, but this seemed like the perfect draft-and-stash opportunity so Grunwald didn’t overthink it. Good for him. Little point in adding more specialists or limited upside/undersized guys to this roster.

In what is perhaps an under-reported story, Amare Stoudamire (evidently when he’s not tweeting) will be enlisting in Camp Olajuwon this summer. My initial impression is to say that this sort of thing only matters at the margins, if at all. But Stoudemire’s decision to consult Olajuwon is encouraging on its face. For many aging/injured stars, an unwillingness to make concessions new limitations is a bigger problem than the actual limitations. Stoudemire may no longer be a cloud-piercing athlete, but he’s plenty athletic enough to be a hugely important piece of a top four seed in the East. I just hope that 75% of his time with Olajuwon is spent on defensive footwork.

Of course, the big story is the settlement between the league and NBA Player’s Association on “Bird Rights” for waived players. The settlement likely allows NY to return last season’s roster in tact and add some much-needed backcourt depth without exceeding the tax threshold. NY is likely to concentrate on re-signing its own players, and perhaps bring in a backup guard in trade/free agency. OJ Mayo hitting the unrestricted market may benefit NY by pushing another guy down into the mini-MLE/veteran minimum range.

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15 thoughts to “Draft Wraps Up Quasi-Eventful Week for Knicks”

  1. I think an unheralded non-move for Grunwald is the (so far) non-trades of Toney Douglas and Amare Stoudemire. Not that he could get much for them now, but that’s the point. Selling either of those two now would be selling very low. Both of these guys almost have to play better than they did last year.

    In fact – maybe the most optimistic thing we can say about next year is that we were a pretty good team even though Amare, Melo, TD, JR, and Baron basically had the worst seasons of their careers. Lin obviously came out of nowhere, but otherwise only Novak and Chandler had good years. If Amare/Melo/TD/JR can even have average seasons, we could really make a lot of noise.

  2. Do you guys think any of the recently released players like Rashard Lewis, Michael Beasley or Anthony Randolph would be of any use here for the knicks?

  3. Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin have been made available as well. Lowry seems to be a serviceable back-up PG and Martins always been a hell of a player..

  4. Yahoo reporting Nets are in discussions with the Hawks on a Joe Johnson trade. LOL

  5. I’d love Kyle lowrey as the back up point guard. If for no other reason, I could say his name as pronounced by Martin Lawrence, circa bad boys.

  6. Dwight Howard says the Magic blackmailed him into opting-in for this season?? WTF??

    I know many here hate Melo and now Amar’e for being dumb or whatever but they aint got nothing on D12 lol

  7. @8 no kidding.

    Nets haveade so many idiotic moves the last few years, they really have zero to trade. Most times, if Howard is determined to go there, Orlando would just have to suck it up and do the deal – better than losing him for nothing. In this case, they can probably get a better trade offer from some team that just wants him for a one-year rental. Best the Nets could do is an S&T with Kris Humphries, and sometihng like 2015 and 2017 draft picks. Anyone with a draft pick next year can make Orlando a better offer, and there are probably 5 or 6 teams he turns into a title contender, even if it’s just for a year.

    Of course if the Nets can be patient, D-Ho could still come to Brooklyn in 2013. Him and D-Will would be a tough team.

    @6 Nets are probably talking about Josh Smith because everyone thinks he wants to play with Howard and vice-versa.

  8. Bulleya1:
    Do you guys think any of the recently released players like Rashard Lewis, Michael Beasley or Anthony Randolph would be of any use here for the knicks?

    I like AR no doubt..I would live for him to back up Amare..but rite now with Stat bein kinda fragile..I’d rather scoop Beasley up as insurance due to his offensive prowess. But man..replacing JJ with AR would be awesome…heartbreaking but awesome becuz the kid still can handle the rock, block shots and rebound. Plus he has twice the offense…but half the bball IQ. Also..if Hickson didn’t get a QO..it would also be great if he agree to 3 mil..I like him backing Stat up as well

  9. Marc Spears ranked the available free agents. I agree that D-Will is #1 and I guess I can see Duncan #2 and Nash #3, but Chauncey Billups (returning from an injury at age 64) over Ersan Ilyasova and Jeremy Lin? I don’t buy that at all.

  10. And it says a lot about JR Smith’s state in the world that he was in the “other” section, after ten-twelve other guys, including CJ freakin’ Miles.

    Or maybe it says that Spears is way off base, as he also left Novak off of his list completely.

  11. RFAs and UFAs should be on separate lists, for starters.

    thankfully for us, Smith’s value should be at an alltime low currently.

  12. I’m pretty fascinated by the Nets these days.
    With just a reasonable level of competence by Billy King and Dwight Howard’s agent, the Nets could easily be going into this season with a line-up of Deron, Ray Allen/Mayo, Harrison Barnes, Brook Lopez and Dwight.

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