10 Greatest Knick All-Star Moments: #9

As you may know, on Sunday February 20th Amar’e Stoudemire will become the first Knick to start in the NBA All-Star Game since Patrick Ewing did so in 1992. In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to take a look back at the ten greatest moments in Knicks All-Star history, including a couple great moments from the larger All-Star Weekend. Some of these come from the recent past, while others date back to a time before I, and perhaps some of you, were alive. What all these moments have in common is that they show that Knicks players know how to step up for the Midseason Classic.

9. Patrick Ewing Throws a Block Party (1990)

In an All-Star Game filled with legends–Jordan, Isiah, Bird, Barkley, Magic, and Hakeem, just to name a few–Ewing managed to stand out as a defensive presence for the East, racking up five assertive blocks to go along with his 12 points and ten rebounds. Although Olajuwon would go on to taste greater glory when the Rockets defeated the Knicks in the 1994 Finals, for this one marvelous evening, Patrick made it known that he–not Hakeem or David Robinson–was the most dominant big man on the court. Check out a very no-nonsense rejection of Robinson at 7:18 in the above video, which features plenty of other amazing plays from a very entertaining game.

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5 thoughts to “10 Greatest Knick All-Star Moments: #9”

  1. that was when Ewing was a total beast, we should have won a championship under Gundy!

    on a side note: its proobably malarchy but if the rumors of Felton for Billups are true, how do you evaluate that trade?
    is it a good move?

    i love billups 3-pt range and leadership in the playoffs; i think its an upgrade. Felton doesnt seem to be the right leader for ny right now.

  2. on a side note: its proobably malarchy but if the rumors of Felton for Billups are true, how do you evaluate that trade?
    is it a good move?

    I would prefer not to, but if that’s the cost, I’d gladly pay that.

  3. Patric Ewing in the 1989-1990 season was the best Center in the NBA. It was the only season in his career he finished in the All-NBA 1st team. 28.6 ppg, 10.9 rebg and 4.0 blkg on 60% TS%. For WS lovers .205 WS/48.

    He was also almost just as good in his 10 playoff games that season too. That was the season the Knicks came back from down 0-2 to upset the Celtics before losing to the champion Pistons in 5 games but the only win in 5 games thanks was when Ewing scored his playoff career high of 45 I believe.

    Yeah I loved Patrick Ewing :-)

  4. On a side note, NBA All-Star games from the 80’s and 90’s were great compared to what they have turned into now. Now you pray after the boring 3 quarters that the game is close in the 4th quarter because then at least you get to see a real game down the stretch.

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