Zeke Finished With His Free Spending Ways?

Today’s New York Times has an article entitled “The Warmth Thomas Is Feeling Is Likely the Hot Seat” about Isiah Thomas feeling the pressure to succeed as the New York Knicks coach. While Thomas won’t get a warm feeling reading that article, there was one passage that warmed the cockles of my heart:

Thomas obtained his priciest players ? Marbury, Rose, Francis, Crawford and Curry ? by trading expiring contracts. But Thomas said he was done doing so, which is why he could afford to cut Taylor and keep Rose.

“We?re not in the same situation that we were two years ago, when that?s what you needed, to use expiring contracts and everything else to build a team,” he said. “But now we have a young nucleus that?s pretty exciting, and we like our future.”

Now granted often times what a coach or GM says to the press and what they do are two entirely different things. Especially during preseason, that time of year where lip service buds blossom. Before the games matter, hope is everywhere and the possibilities are endless. However should Zeke stand by his words, it would be a positive step forward for the New York Knicks organization. Just last week the addition of another impulsive shopper in Grunwald gave Knick fans agita over the possibility of expanding on their league leading payroll. But if Grunwald is aboard with this mentality as well, then he and Isiah could make a nice tandem grabbing cheap young talent from places like the NBDL and other team’s summer league cuts.

This news won’t allow me to envision the Knicks as the NBA’s version of the Oakland A’s. Nor does instill me with notions that New York will do everything they can to trim off the useless fat off their payroll (Jerome James I’m looking at you). However this news should prevent me from having those Marbury, Frye, and Crawford for Webber and Dalembert nightmares that have been plaguing me all summer.

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Mike Kurylo

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8 thoughts to “Zeke Finished With His Free Spending Ways?”

  1. In today’s Chicago paper there is a mention of Sweetney’s poor conditioning. While I’m no Zeke fan, if Curry steps up just a little this year the deal was a good one for the Knicks (barring next year’s draft which I’ve tweeked this board about…but who the hell knows) and potentially very good.

    Concern for Knicks is two-fold. First is that Thomas has always thought that he has swami powers and can get through to knuckle heads that no one else can reach. That means he’s going to play bad eggs over good eggs like Crawford and Richardson turning the couple of good eggs into bad (at least they’ll all be the same). Second issue is that the President and Coach/GM know they only have seven months (probably less) and are fully capable of doing something monumentally dumb (as they’ve done seperately and collectively in the past).

    Good news is that they’ll likely both be gone by summer.

  2. I figured this was the case when they didn’t offer Portland expiring contracts for Miles or Philadelphia expiring ones for Webber.

    It is good news and it is a sea change.
    This alone won’t get the Knicks a title, but it is a step in the right direction.


  3. With all the young athletic Players the Knicks have from Collins, Balkman, Nate, Lee, Frye, Curry, Crawford, and Jefferies, the Knick team has become a FUTURE-TEAM.

    Somehow Isiah Thomas eye for young players made up double for his lousy look at veteran players. Although, letting young players like Trevor Ariza, Jackie Butler, and Woods get away is not a good thing.

  4. So, the pre-season opener is tomorrow. I’m excited that Zeke will be on the bench so we can openly boo him. Why is it that NBA fans never come up with chants and songs like they do in soccer? Anyone have any creative (yet easy and concise) anti-Isiah chants?

  5. The only reason that the Knicks were forced to part with Butler, Ariza, and Woods is that they didn’t have roster spots.

    Butler could have been had if Jerome James wasn’t on the roster.

    Woods could have replaced someone like Malik Rose.

    Ariza could have been on the roster instead of Francis.

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