Tournament Open Thread – Weekend 1

Discuss the NCAA and NIT post-season tournaments on this thread. We will open a new thread next Thursday for the following weekend’s games and so on.

Enjoy, but this isn’t all fun and games. We, the Knickerblogger staff, want to put you armchair scouts to work. Keep your clipboards handy as you watch the games and post reports on players you think might help the Knicks on draft day. Pay special attention to players likely to come off the board anywhere from the late lottery area on down.

Here’s the schedule of opening weekend games (all times EDT). Click on the day to get score updates.

Thursday, March 15

Maryland/Davidson 12:20; Texas Tech/Boston College 12:25; Stanford/Louisville 12:30

ORU/WSU. 2:40; ODU/Butler 2:40; Belmont/Georgetown 2:45; Penn/Texas A&M 3:00; G. Wash/Vanderbilt 5:00

VCU/Duke 7:10; CC St./Ohio St. 7:10; Mich. St./Marquette 7:20; Weber St./UCLA 7:25

NIT: Michigan/Florida State 7:00; UMass/WVU 9:00

Wright State/Pittsburgh 9:30; Xavier/BYU 9:30; E. Kentucky/UNC 9:40; Gonzaga/Indiana 9:45

Friday, March 16

Albany/Virginia 12:15; Georgia Tech/UNLV 12:25; North Texas/Memphis 12:30

LBSU/Tennessee 2:35; Winthrop/Notre Dame 2:35; TX A&M-CC/Wisconsin 2:45; Creighton/Nevada 2:50; Miami (OH)/Oregon 4:55;

Niagara/Kansas 7:10; Illinois/Virginia Tech 7:10; Purdue/Arizona 7:20; NMSU/Texas 7:25

Villanova/Kentucky 9:30; Holy Cross/Southern Illinois 9:30; Jackson State/Florida 9:40;
Arkansas/USC 9:45

NIT: Marist/NC St. 9:30

And here is a list of players that might be around when we select. Of course you’re not limited to these, I just scoured sites like to get a quick list. They’re sorted alphabetically by school name.

Mustafa Shakur 6-3 183 PG Arizona / Senior
Marcus Williams 6-7 207 SG Arizona / Sophomore
Jared Dudley 6-7 SF Boston College / Senior
D. Alexander 6-5 215 SG Charlotte / Senior
Jason Smith 7-0 240 PF Colorado St. / Junior
Rodney Stuckey 6-4 PG Eastern Washington / Sophomore
Dominic McGuire 6-9 PF Fresno State / Junior
Brandon Rush 6-7 SF Kansas / Sophomore
Stephane Lasme 6-8 225 PF Mass / Senior
Nick Fazekas 6-11 240 PF Nevada / Senior
Daequan Cook 6-5 210 SG Ohio St. / Freshman
Ron Lewis 6-4 195 SG Ohio St. / Senior
Aaron Gray 7-1 280 C Pittsburgh / Senior
Morris Almond 6-6 214 SG Rice / Senior
Brandon Heath 6-3 183 PG SD St. / Senior
Nick Young 6-6 SG USC / Junior
Derrick Byars 6-7 225 SG/SF Vand. / Senior
Curtis Sumpter 6-7 223 SF Villanova / Senior
JR Reynolds 6-3 180 PG/SG Virginia / Senior
Kyle Visser 6-11 250 C Wake Forest / Senior
Alando Tucker 6-5 SF Wisconsin / Senior

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39 thoughts to “Tournament Open Thread – Weekend 1”

  1. Jon, I’m with ya… Marbury and Francis aren’t going anywhere at least until their contracts run out in two years, so we’re in perfect position to get something who may not be ready to contribute right away, but has a lot of potential.

    I don’t watch a lot of college hoops but Ty Lawson really impressed me in parts of games I caught earlier this year… don’t know if he’s coming out but it looks like a possibility.

  2. Jon, I’m with ya…

    Marbury and Francis will be holding down the fort at least until their contracts run out in two years, so we’re in perfect position to get someone who may not be ready to contribute right away, but has a lot of potential.

    I don’t watch a lot of college hoops but Ty Lawson really impressed me in parts of games I caught earlier this year… don’t know if he’s coming out but it looks like a possibility.

  3. I like those guys a lot better as shooting guards — and even then, I think we’d be better off with Marbury at shooting guard.

    If long-term planning were up to me I’d see how Nate develops and use Crawford as a trading chip. Not that you give anyone away, but Crawford and Frye are virtually the only players with any trade value (that we can afford to give away).

    By next year, when his contract is expiring, you could add Malik Rose to that list.

    With some combination of those guys, we might be able to get pretty high in the draft either this year or next… essentially trading some quantity (depth) for quality.

  4. I think the Knicks should be looking best player regardless of position. Most importantly, Thomas must look for versatility. As the past couple weeks have shown, we can use depth virtually everywhere. Also, we could use the roster flexibility to be able to entertain offers for just about any combination of players this off-season.

    The best player I’ve seen so far today has been Stephen Curry. But he’s only a frosh and totally not ready for the league. He’s got his daddy’s quick release though.

    Georgetown’s Jeff Green was solid vs Belmont, 15 points on 6 for 9. If he comes out he’s a possible lottery pick.

  5. Dave is right – we are okay at every position, but not great anywhere (maaaybe David Lee in a year or two).

    I saw the Georgetown game, too. Green is probably out of our league, but Roy Hibbert might not be, especially if we can trade our way up 5 or 6 slots.

  6. his butt would have to be the size of Texas, I didn’t notice.

    Mark Jackson is among my least favorite players of all time, he drove me nuts on the Knicks, especially in his second stint. I’ve never seen a NBA PG get the ball taken away from him while bringing it up as often as he did.

  7. Of the players I’ve seen Shakur seems to fill the need which is what I think knicks will go for at the 20 slot. He is a pass first pg that penetrates at will and can finish. only 6’3″ but long arms. Gray IS a stiff, Acie Law would be a great choice but he won’t be around, Tye L. probably wont come out. Haven’t seen S. Curry and is it likely to have 2 Curry’s on the team?
    Something about Duke players turns me off, maybe its just me. So look for Isiah to draft some one you never heard of.

  8. Yeah, I hated Mark Jackson too (I’m not a Knicks fan though). He might have had the most aesthetically unpleasing game of any point guard ever.

  9. Chad Ford has Acie Law 17th right now on his top 100, although that’s if everyone above him declares. he is 22, while guys like Lawson, Conley and Augustin are only 19. Shakur is 71st.

  10. How can you hate Mark “Action” Jackson? Riley’s biggest blunder was insisting that he be traded for Charles Smith and letting Xavier McDaniel go after the ’92 season!

    Acie Law IV would be a nice pickup, but won’t be there when the Knicks pick. Sean Williams (PF Boston College) would be a good selection. Averaged 5 blocks/game this year. Some disciplinary problems will make him available

  11. “How can you hate Mark ?Action? Jackson? Riley?s biggest blunder was insisting that he be traded for Charles Smith and letting Xavier McDaniel go after the ?92 season!”

    he was a sieve on D, the opposing PG beat him constantly, forcing others to cover for him and giving the other team easier shots. we won 60 and 57 games the two years after he was traded, up from 51 his last year here. Doc Rivers and Derek Harper were both decided upgrades.

  12. Not saying he DIDN’T, but did Riley “let” McDaniel go?

    I thought Boston just blew him away with a really nice offer, more than he probably should have gotten.

  13. As an Arizona alum I have thought a LOT about Shakur (once again, I wish we had a 2nd round pick). After loathing him initially I’ve come to like him, precisely because he is a true PG, but his career has been very up and down. He has two major drawbacks. To his credit he has improved both: his jump shot and his strength.

    He’s been inconsistent largely because the Pac-10 is LOADED with PGs who are just as quick or nearly as quick but stronger. (Darren Collison and Aaron Brooks get a lot of ink, but Ubaka at Cal and Denman at U-Dub are really good too.) Shakur really got exposed against N. Carolina when Ty Lawson kept flying past him. Though Lawson isn’t necessarily quicker, he’s about as quick and he’s built like a young Marbury. Shakur was helpless against the combination of quickness and upper body strength.

  14. it’s hard to judge those Arizona guys this year, because they seem to have absolutely no on-court chemistry. they all seem to be better in the pros, though, for instance Iguodala was basically a role player in college.

  15. i see our biggest need as a true 3 that can defend the wing AND shoot. sort of like a combo of jeffries and richardson (when he’s not horribly off or hurt), or shane battier or matt barnes this season. anyone above fit those characteristics?

    i’d like a true pg also, but maybe not until we get rid of some of our pseudo-point guards.

  16. Yeah, it’s pretty clear that even Lute has no feel for what works with this team. I don’t recall a season where he had to try so many different little ploys to get consistent play.

    From a basketball standpoint it’s pretty clear. We haven’t found a consistent deep threat since Salim Stoudemire graduated. This year, like last, Arizona doesn’t shoot the three ball well. We have a bunch of guys that all need the ball in the 15-18 foot range to be effective (e.g., Marcus Williams, Ivan Radenovic, and now Buddinger) so the floor is never spaced well. On defense, unlike classic Arizona teams, this one really doesn’t force turnovers and punish you on the break. It’s more of mid-tempo kind of team, much more comfortable in a half-court game.

  17. I’m not excited about Shakur.

    In general, I would be looking at guys with huge upside, sorry fort he clich?. We aren’t trying to fill a few obvious holes; we still need to upgrade the overall talent level ? especially since we?re capped out and won?t be adding big-time free agents for many years.

    So… I?m mostly interested in trying to compare the young point guards or defensive-minded bigs who might fall in the 15-25 range (Lawson, Augustin, Conley, some big guys). Agree that a shooter would be great, but might be easier to pick up a vet who’s a specialist. Seems like young guys, except Salim Stoudamire, take a while to get their stroke together.

    That said, you have to trust your scouting. Not many people said ?David Lee? and ?upside? in the same sentence. It was more like, ?senior, hard worker, solid…? Fill in the blanks.

    But he?s an exception. I?d only go for a Balkman if ? like last year ? you don?t see anyone whose potential is really exciting. btw I think Balkman?s terrific; I’m just not counting on him to ever be a star.

  18. Didn’t really show it today, but Thaddeus Young from Georgia Tech was great every now and then this season. There was a lot of hype when he showed up in the fall (I’m in ATL so I heard it all) but he’s been inconsistent enough that he probably won’t make the lottery, if he decides to come out.

  19. Caleb-

    didn’t think Young played consistently enough this year to seriously consider coming out; maybe I’m wrong though.

  20. I would love for Acie Law IV to be there. He makes an effort to get everyone around him the ball for the first thirty minutes of every game, then he just takes over in the clutch. That helps the Knicks because we have all shoot-first pgs. He’ll probably be gone though.

    I’d like Jared Dudley from BC. He fills up a stat sheet. He can drive, hit threes, crash the boards, find the open man and lead a team. Total package.

  21. I haven’t seen anything about which way he might be leaning, but it’s a just a hunch that he’s coming out. When he showed up here, everyone assumed one-and-done…. just didn’t seem to be a guy with a lot of interest in school.

    His year wasn’t that bad – averaged almost 15 a game, 41-percent on 3-pointers – and he had a few games where he showed you what the hype was about. He definitely had a disappointing year but if he DID come out, he’d be a first-rounder for sure – maybe hit lottery if he’s a workout wonder.

    Javaris Crittenden was probably a better Tech freshman, but I don’t see him as a Knick (again, if he came out – which I doubt). He’s one of those big point guards – versatile, but not super quick, not great shooter… he’ll make it in the pros but not as anything special, I predict.

  22. Dudley’s a great glue guy. I saw him live at Duke earlier this season and got a much better appreciation for what he brings. He’s kind of a bigger version of Quentin Richardson in terms of versatility and toughness. He doesn’t play in the backcourt like Q-Rich, but he can step out and hit a three, he’ll rebound, and defend.

    As for his ranking at 73rd, glue guys tend to be underrated because they don’t necessarily fit every team. Dudley is a bit of a SF/PF ‘tweener. That works on some teams, not so much on others.

  23. I’m not sure how well he fits the Knicks needs, but Alando Tucker out of Wisconsin is pretty amazing. A little small at 6′ 5″, but he’s a good guy with tons of potential. He may be available when the Knicks choose.

  24. Tucker’s not a guy I like much. He’s athletic, but nothing special. He’s not especially efficient, and got less so with more responsibility at Wisconsin.

    year eFG
    02-03 56.7
    04-05 51.9
    05-06 47.0
    06-07 50.8

  25. Has anyone seen a lot of Ron Lewis? He saved Ohio State today… looks like he can shoot, and has decent size to play the 3. Couldn’t tell much else.

    Not one for this year – but I like watching xxx Sosa, the freshman point for Louisville.

    And Dave – what’s the deal with Marcus WIlliams?

  26. Caleb-

    I love Williams’ potential. He’s a bit of a do it all. He has two main drawbacks, neither of which I think are fatal. (I hope he stays in school another year.) One, he didn’t develop at all physically this year. Two, he must add a three point shot.

    A lot of college kids don’t have any game in the mid-range area. Williams already has that. He’s very good in the 15-18 foot area, as well as running the baseline. He’s not a skywalking slasher athletically, but he’s good in tight spaces. He has Balkman-like long arms that allow him to always get his shot off. He can pass, handle, and he’s unselfish. When he decides to defend he’s apt. Think Danny Granger, but lacking in some strength and toughness.

    Unlike Granger, who was also kind of gangly when he got to New Mexico, Williams didn’t developed his body at all this year. I was very disappointed by that. He gets pushed around by stronger guys, many of whom should not be stronger. The thing is, it was obvious last year he needed to get stronger and he didn’t. I don’t think that’s a fatal flaw when considering college kids. (If anything it may say something about Arizona’s current staff.) What you have to ferret out is their commitment to improving. From N.Y.’s standpoint–if Williams does come out he’d probably be there for the Knicks–he’d be worth it, obviously depending on who else is there.

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