Top 10 Ways the LeBron Special Goes Down

10. LeBron announces his decision 30 seconds into the special, then turns to stunned ESPN studio guy and says back to you.

9. James encourages viewing audience to play a drinking game with him. Every time an ESPN montage shows a dunk – drink!

8. LeBron reveals that we’re all in a sideways universe, and that we should be remembering soon that we are all friends. Except for Ben Linus.

7. James decides he’s going to remain in Cleveland, but instead of the Cavs selects to play for minor league baseball team the Akron Aeros. Says he needs to get out of Jordan’s shaddow & surpass his .202 batting average.

6. James announces he’s going to sign with Chicago. Newly signed free agent Carlos Boozer comes on stage with the contract. LeBron rips it up & throws it Boozer’s face yelling “SEE HOW IT FEELS?”

5. Citing too much pressure, LeBron decides to play in Miami as long as he’s considered the third wheel. Says he prefers to come of the bench and just be a regular NBA rotation player. Asks if anyone knows what kind of donuts Wade & Bosh like?

4. Steven A. Smith and LeBron James re-enact the infamous Piper’s Pit with Jimmy Snuka.

3. After 55 minutes of build-up including videos of James’ history, speculation of the future landscape of the NBA, and that cool touch screen ESPN uses for free agency LeBron says he’s staying in Cleveland. The result is 25,000 people tweet the same exact thing at the same exact time “WTF?”.

2. James announces that Akron is now an independent nation. A coronation ceremony follows, with James being crowned King to Devo performing “Whip-It.”

1. LeBron James says he’ll allow each team to give him one task. The first team that selects a task that he’s physically unable to do will be the team he chooses to sign with. The Cavs owner asks for a 720 slam dunk. LeBron takes the ball jumps in the air & spins twice before jamming it. The Bulls owner requests a blindfolded three point shot. LeBron covers his eyes & sinks it with ease. Miami owner challenges LeBron to score against their two best players, Bosh and Wade. LeBron beats Wade with a crossover and dunks on Bosh. The Knicks owner steps up and says “sign with the Clippers.” LeBron James says “New York it is!”

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193 thoughts to “Top 10 Ways the LeBron Special Goes Down”

  1. 11. James announces his retirement and goes and buys a car wash business in Beirut…

  2. 27. LeBron gives a five-minute lecture on the importance of “roots” and talks about how wonderfully-authentic the city of Cleveland is. An assistant then carries into the frame a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame relic and places it by the superstar’s side. LeBron places his hand on the item, a signed leather outfit worn by Britney Spears during the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, and tells the national audience that he too wishes to join the pantheon of celebrity in Cleveland. ESPN then shows a 10-minute montage of Cleveland, which primarily consists of sparsely-populated streets and the city’s hottest dining spot, the Cheesecake Factory on Crocker Park Blvd.

  3. I wish there was more “David Lee” news floating around today. What’s he been up to? Is he tied up, er, holed up in Owen’s basement? Is Owen making him his signature WaffLees every morning?

  4. Offtopic, but ESPN says we got Amare with a S&T: him for a trade exception+2nd rounder. What exactly is the point of that? Couldn’t the Knicks have just signed him outright anyway? I’m sure there has to be some benefit in a S&T but I can’t think of one right now.

  5. daaarn, I believe the Knicks got close to an extra million bucks in cap space this off-season by doing a S&T.

  6. THis is what I was asking about yesterday — it’s a win-win for the Suns and for us. We pay Amare the same, Amare gets the same, PHX gets a huge trade exception which will be very valuable next year, and we get cap space and a pick. Brilliant. We should’ve held out for a 1st rounder.

  7. So…did everyone decide to take a siesta? Or are you all burned out from staying up all night commenting?

  8. Haha, gotta say I just went to realgm and could have sworn it said “Bulls trade Jerome James to Knicks” and I was like NOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYY???
    until I checked it again and it said Bucks trade Jerome Jordan to Knicks.

    Cannot wait for this to be over.

  9. Oy vey: “FisolaNYDN: Now we now why Donnie thanked Isiah Thomas at press conference. Knicks sent Zeke to Akron to make one last pitch for LeBron”

  10. If Lee S&T goes ahead i think the real steal in this is Azubuike. His numbers are pretty outstanding on a weak team. Randolph is raw but obviously talented. Turiaf….. meh good partner for any of our bigd i suppose. With all these guys on one year contracts i don’t see it as a bad move. I think if this goes ahead it will be before Press conference so that they steal LeBrons thunder by letting it out.

  11. A) According to, Turiaf has a player option for 2011. I’d assume he’ll pick that up with a lockout looming —> ergo, not a 1 yr contract…

    B) Lee has agreed to a 13 mil per year deal if this trade goes down. Isn’t that below market value for him? Why don’t we retain him at that price?

  12. Are the knicks really going to send lee to GS?
    Is Lee really going to want to go to them?

    Don’t get me wrong, i like the pieces we receive but i just don’t buy it….

    Perhaps i don’t want to. Lee has been a great servant and if he doesn’t end up in a good situation then i think thats wrong.

    Complete turn around almost from the last post i know.

  13. 15. Wade, Bosh and Riley are sitting at a diner somewhere in New Jersey. Wade orders onion rings. Riley plays “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey on the jukebox. Meanwhile. An older gentleman curiously resembling Donnie Walsh in a Member’s Only jacket goes to the bathroom. LeBron’s Escalade drives up but he has trouble parking. LeBron enters the diner and sits down. Member’s Only exits the bathroom. LeBron says, “Guys. I know where I want to play next season. I’m signing with…”


  14. It seems the dollars for those three players don’t match that either….

  15. @21
    A) It’s not definitely a 1 year deal, but Turiaf is cheap, movable (if healthy), and it will likely be in his interest to opt-out if there isn’t a lockout. If there is a long enough lockout it might not matter.

    B) His market value is whatever he can get. There is so much money out there this offseason that if he’s not getting offers above $13 mill per his market value is not above $13 mill per.
    I also don’t feel like his value to the Knicks as a 2nd bigman who replicates a lot of what Amare does is $13 mill per. He may very well end up as a 3rd or at least 2.a. scoring option. His efficiency will go down if D’Antoni has him take more jumpers. His defense is bad.
    B)2. GS has plenty of other players they can use if more salary is required. Knicks could potentially net a Morrow or Wright out of this deal. Not good basketball wise, but Turiaf could be exchanged for Gadzuric. Maybe the Knicks can get Biedrins.

    Are you looking at his 2009-10 numbers? He only played 9 games, 231 minutes… His career numbers aren’t necessarily better than Randolph’s, though I agree he’d be a solid addition.

  16. The Mike Miller offer is bizarre.

    The only way they can afford him is if Wade, Bosh, LeBron all take WAY less than the max. And if that’s the case, why the ultimatum? Obviously, something is false about either that report, or the LeBron report.

    Here’s hoping it’s the latter…

  17. And yes, in that scenario, Wade = Tony Soprano (the big man), Riles = Carmela (The behind the scenes/true power) , LeBron = Meadow (the whiny, spoiled child), and Bosh = A.J. (The idiot man-child)

  18. If past Knicks experiences have taught us anything, reliable sources have gotten news wrong before. Anyone remember January 15th, 2004? The Knicks fired Don Chaney and scheduled an afternoon press conference to name his replacement. All media sources said it was going to be Mike Fratello. Isiah sat down at the mic and said the new coach is Lenny Wilkens.


  19. Gm Min PER TS eFG
    41 669 13.4 .572 .523
    205 5007 14.3 .557 .519
    Azubuike rookie year and career


    63 1129 16.9 .506 .462

    96 1878 17.6 .512 .455

    Youtube is good to randolph and he clearly is special but Azubuike is a very good addition.

  20. @22 taggart

    I don’t think GS is a particularly bad situation… David Lee will be paid over $10 million per year (yes, $10 million) to live in one of the nicest areas in the entire world, do a job he loves, play for a (drunken) coach who is going to love him, new ownership, in a system he’ll thrive in… if that’s a bad situation then my life is a lot worse than anything I can imagine hell being like…

    In order to s&t him, he has to sign off on the deal, so the Knicks are not forcing him to do something that’s not in his best interest. He’s the one deciding to sign with GS, but since they only have the MLE this is the only way to get it done.

    @25 taggart

    The things I’ve read are just speculating about who will be involved. Obviously the salaries will have to work to make a deal. GS has a lot of desirable pieces, though. Morrow is a name we haven’t even thrown out there. Biedrins. Expirings of Gadzuric and Radmonovic. Brandan Wright. Reggie Williams. Udoh and Curry I doubt they trade (if they’ve signed him can’t trade Udoh, actually, but doubt they have). There was talk of them moving out of the #6 pick (Udoh) before the draft, though, so maybe they don’t love him. There are a few ways the Knicks could get great value from GS in plausible deals. Can’t say that with many teams.

  21. @30 on a day like today can we please reserve the all caps, five exclamation point, message board posts for something more pertinent than news about backup point guards on other teams? my blood pressure thanks you.

  22. I totally agree. The S&T with GS is definately the way to go. But they would have to give up a lot to get Lee. That is great for the Knicks as they have pieces i would love to see play for D’Antoni, but from Lee’s standpoint you have to think its the Knicks with sunshine. I may be a little ignorant in my opinion of GS and i must admit that i was not aware of the new ownership.

  23. Douglas


    If you put a decent PG with that team i really think they would be extremely, extremely dangerous…

    D’Antoni’s rotation could afford to be longer as the depth is there. This may also mean that the seperate units could play flat out hard nose D and fast break for short bursts at a time.
    This roster would be a fantastic turn around for the knicks from the last decade plus they would have a further 5-7 mill to spend. Mike Miller….

  24. I actually think there’s a real high probability of #3 happening. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    I LOL’ed at #6.

    Whatever…I am liking the Lee S&T with GS. Still a lot of possibility left after it’s done too. I think we’re in a pretty good spot regardless of what happens tonight. If nothing else, both JJ and Boozer are off the table so we can’t screw up there. :)

  25. Bucher: FWIW: disparate opinions among gms, agents, league HQ officials today about where LeBron is going, but consensus on 1 thing: it’s not Mia.

  26. The more I look at it, I am loving the S&T with GS. Randolph, Azibuke and Turiaf were 3 of the top 4 in blocks on GS (granted, we’re not talking big numbers, but still better than any Knick) That lineup that taggart posted above could be pretty dynamic, and 3 players for 1 gives us immediate depth.

    Make it so!

  27. I agree about the Lee s&t. That would be a fun team to watch (not that Lebron wouldn’t be fun.)

    Barring the Lebronathon, this would be my dream lineup for next year:

    Toney Douglas
    Rudy Fernandez
    Danilo Gallinari
    Anthony Randolph
    Amar’e Stoudamire

    Fernandez would give us shooting and a great lead ball handler. The only thing really missing is an exceptional wing penetrator, but Randolph can do that a bit and Gallo’s not horrible at getting to the line (btw Stoudamire is excellent at getting to the ft line.)

    Fast, athletic, good shooting, average defense…

  28. Sadly, my sources are now getting leaky and telling me that it is indeed Miami. Worse yet, the announcement tonight includes a fourth player coming in, probably on a S&T for Beasley.

    I think I’ll start watching ball again in 2015, unless anyone has the summer’s EBC schedule handy. And there’s always my local streetball court in Brooklyn.

    F&%#ing Riley.

  29. Re Lee – he escaped my basement. Honestly, the reported trade of Randolph, Turiaf, and Azebuike seems alright. Obviously I would rather have kept Lee than sign Amare, but it’s possible I could get into watching those three guys…

  30. Nice to see you ’round these parts, Owen. Welcome to Thunderdome

  31. Are those three enough to make up Lee’s salary. I thought Lee was looking to start at 13 mil which is about 2 mil more than the Warriors can offer with that trade.

  32. A few interesting Bucher tweets…

    FWIW: disparate opinions among gms, agents, league HQ officials today about where LeBron is going, but consensus on 1 thing: it’s not Mia.

    Unofficial Bucher poll results of those I’ve spoken to today: 4 for Cle, 3 for NY. Not sure why Chi got no love but it didn’t.

    Reason for skepticism: LBJ wd be 3rd-highest paid, it’s Wade’s town, brand unquestionably tarnished, still at least a yr away from title.

    In other words: no decision would inspire more head-scratching than the Heat. And Riley goes to straight into hypnotists Hall of Fame.

    But again, none of this is based on sources close to Lebron, just what other league executives think.

  33. Also, just when we (and more importantly, I) find a sign and trade for Lee that actually looks like a good value, we get from Chad Ford…

    Mark Bartelstein: “We are still talking to 5 different teams … David [Lee] hasn’t made up his mind and nothing has been agreed to.”

  34. @46 Ben

    I’ve seen 13 mill PER, which could start at well below 13. Where’d you see starting at 13?

  35. Damn you Bartelsteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn

    (falling off cliff)

  36. it’s 10.5 in the first year for Lee (which is why the Randolph/Turiaf/Azubuike package works w/the cap) and peaks at 16 or so in the 6th year of the deal — hence the 13 million average. Can’t find the link where I read that

  37. “it is indeed Miami. Worse yet, the announcement tonight includes a fourth player coming in, probably on a S&T for Beasley. ”

    If Pat Riley manages to do what he seems to be doing, how can heads not roll at the Garden?

    These guys are willing to take less money to play together and it’s NOT in New York?! It’s to play for Pat the Rat?!

    If reports are true, this could be the most disastrous day in NY sports history. Tomorrow could be Black Friday… the day after the Heat land LeBron, Bosh, Wade, and Miller and we land Ronnie Turiaf.


  38. My bad I was confusing the two. Do you think Lee will take that much less than Boozer or Amare? I can see Amare being worth more but Lee put up almost identical stats to Boozer this year, is younger, less injury prone, and has a better attitude.

    Boozer got what 16 per, how is Lee worth 3 mil less than Boozer?

  39. Brian,

    If you’re looking at ESPN, right underneath that is an “Update” which has two Bay Area news outlets saying the deal has been agreed to should LeBron not choose the Knicks… So it seems the latest info is it’s a done deal should LeBron make the wrong decision.

  40. And that’s an agent trying to get the best deal for his client. Too much smoke there for Lee to GS not to be true.

    We should all be experts in misinformation/obfuscation at this point

  41. If you’re looking at ESPN, right underneath that is an “Update” which has two Bay Area news outlets saying the deal has been agreed to should LeBron not choose the Knicks… So it seems the latest info is it’s a done deal should LeBron make the wrong decision.

    I believe the Bartelstein quote is the latest info. His was Update #2, right?

    I believe ESPN has the latest updates on top always.

  42. @ 53

    Because Boozer has been to the playoffs. Lee hasn’t, which means he’s not “a winner.”

  43. Supposedly we’re going to try to outbid Miami for Miller. Does that seem like it would work?

  44. “Boozer got what 16 per, how is Lee worth 3 mil less than Boozer?”

    How is Bargnani worth so much? Or Hedo or Ben Gordon or Jerome James or Jared Jeffries or Brian Cardinal… it’s a crazy world.

    If Lee can’t get more than that this offseason, though, he’s never getting more than that. If the Nets aren’t offering more, who else has the space? Wizards… Playing with Wall would be nice, but otherwise that’s not ideal and I’ve heard no rumors they’re interested. Lee was left without a chair when the music stopped. He’s gotten more than the 12 mill he was hoping for last offseson, which the mainstream thought was pretty ludicrous at the time if I’m not mistaken.

  45. Re: Miller, again, misinformation. That’s Miller’s agent trying to get a bidding war on for his client. Travis Outlaw got 35 million fer chrissakes.

  46. Two things:

    1. I was really hoping Lee would go to a winner so we could see him in the playoffs (OKC or PHX would have been perfect). But him + Curry could be fun to watch, and maybe they’ll get there in a couple of years. Lee transitioning to point forward in Nellie’s system makes a lot of sense. Also, we’ll get to see him next to a defensive C in Biedrins (assuming he stays).

    2. I get that Randolph has upside, but how is trading All-Star David Lee for a kid-with-upside-but-also-questions, a marginal NBA starter (in Azubuike), and a career backup (Turiaf) good value? I guess we lack leverage?

    How do I find the cap numbers for these guys? It sounds like we’re taking back a lot less salary, which is nice, and we do need to flesh out the roster some, but I can’t say I’m pumped up.

  47. @56

    You’re right. My bad. I guess Lee is hoping for more than that.


    That and also he’s played on teams that at least try on D. I have no idea if he’s a better defender than Lee, but he certainly looks like it. And Boozer has done it for years, while Lee has a decent chance at regressing a bit in a new situation in terms of scoring volume.


    Could be that the two teams have agreed, but Lee hasn’t.

  48. I wanted Lee to go to Phoenix so he could play with Nash. But I suppose this nets the Knicks better stuff, so I’m cool with it.

  49. I get that Randolph has upside, but how is trading All-Star David Lee for a kid-with-upside-but-also-questions, a marginal NBA starter (in Azubuike), and a career backup (Turiaf) good value?

    He’s expensive, they’re not, while Randolph might soon be if not as good as Lee, perhaps a better compliment to Amar’e.

    So what’s better in 2011-12? 28-year-old Lee at $13 million or 22-year-old Randolph at $3 million?

  50. “2. I get that Randolph has upside, but how is trading All-Star David Lee for a kid-with-upside-but-also-questions, a marginal NBA starter (in Azubuike), and a career backup (Turiaf) good value? I guess we lack leverage?”

    Personally I think it’s a great value. As you say, it’s a s&t which are inherently lopsided. However, what’s the Knicks’ alternative? A: Pay David Lee $13 mill to be a 3rd or 4th scoring option, play a role he’s not entirely comfortable in (shooting too many Js), take away some productivity from their other big signing, and be part of a bad defensive team… To me getting a better theoretical fit in Randolph with a good chance to be as good as Lee overall (he’s got great upside, but he’s already been productive) plus a couple of solid guys to round out the rotation.
    Knicks can’t take back a lot less salary per year because GS is at the cap. They will be taking back short-term salaries that gives them flexibility.

  51. As for Miller’s deal, it seems like they’re saying the Knicks are offering $8 mil as opposed to $5.5.

    Miller at $8 million is not terrible. He fits a need.

  52. The numbers and vids i’ve seen of Azubuike seem like he’s a decent player. His numbers seem good. I don’t see why he wouldn’t fit in great in a D’Antoni system.

  53. “I wanted Lee to go to Phoenix so he could play with Nash. But I suppose this nets the Knicks better stuff, so I’m cool with it.”

    I’ll take Randolph over Earl Clark.

  54. I think I’ve figured it all out. LeBron is coming to NY. Here is why:

    LeBron wants to play in NY with Amare but knows the media backlash will be huge. Leaving his hometown to come to NY, what could be worse? Coming to the big apple chasing fame and money what a loser, right?

    But… Then he realized that going to Miami would be even more unpopular. So in order to soften his landing in NY he floats that Miami is his choice everyone goes crazy; “what a coward”, “ruins the NBA”, “exactly whats wrong with superstars today”, “anywhere would be better”, etc. Hell even Bulls fans and Nets fans are rooting for NY over Miami at this point.

    He will now look like a hero rising to the challenge in NY rather than the ego driven superstar chasing fame and money.

    Wishful thinking? Probably, but you never know.

  55. Yeah that’s probably what will happen, but then Jacks going to put out the light in the cave and the sideways world will disappear…

  56. @ 72

    I thought Desmond put it out. Jack is the one who replugged the cork or whatever.

  57. Actually, on that same point, wouldn’t him returning to Cleveland practically be a victory for the Knicks at this point?

  58. Over the days I’ve lost this week reading Twitter feeds and message boards, I recall seeing news that Arison and Riley were headed to NYC. Any chance they’re going to show up at this suckfest in Greenwich?

  59. Thats true Brian, but choosing Cleveland would always have been the good story, you only need to spin unpopular choices.

  60. How about Isola going nuts on Twitter saying Isiah will be back running the Knicks in 2 years. Really hope he was being his stupid, sarcastic self.

  61. BBA, don’t worry dawg, he is joking.

    Alot of activity now suggesting Lebron is not going to Miami.

    And agreeing with Cronin, yes anywhere other than Miami is a victory for the entire league….

  62. Now is the time for an gm/owner in the NBA to really do something stupid or crooked – make a lopsided trade, cut someone you don’t like, resign, change your uniforms to black and pink, beat up a ref, double the price of sodas, whatever – in 2 hours no one will even think about it and it will never be heard of again!

  63. if we spend $8M per year on Mike Miller, that might be the final straw for me.

  64. Oh yeah, those are some friendly contracts.

    #75, LeBron going anywhere but MIA or CHI is a victory for the Knicks. I think LeBron going to CHI is better from a fan’s perspective.

    I haven’t totally given up hope. 2 more hours left for dreamin’.

  65. I was almost done with the NBA. ESPN said that LeBron had hotel reservations in Miami this weekend…but then I remembered he will be at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding this weekend. *sigh of relief*

  66. Considering Travis Outlaw just signed a contract for 7 mil per year, 8 mil per year for Miller doesnt seem that bad.

  67. Should the GState trade go down as reported, and the Knicks wise up and send their extra money to Ridenour and Barron on nice one year deals, instead of Mike Miller, here’s your 2010-11 Knicks lineup:

    PG – Ridenour, Douglas
    SG – Chandler, Azebuike, Rautin
    SF – Randolph, Walker, Fields
    PF – Gallo, Turiaf
    C – Stoudemire, Barron, Jordan, $11MM Expiring Cheeseburger

    That’s a full line-up, with depth at every position and shockingly good D. Gives D’Antoni a lot to work with. Upside looking at 45 wins, downside shouldn’t lose more than 40. Meaning, the best finish they’ve had in a decade. Gives them good expirings/trade assets. Sets them up nice to further improve in the future. Could contend for a low-level playoff spot. Might be dangerous if the 3 6’10” guys in the frontcourt gel.

    Frankly after all this primadona stuff with LeBron, I’d almost more be looking forward to this than what they’d have with the King. That might be sour grapes talking however. Ask me again in 2 hours.

  68. If Oakland doesn’t riot over the Mehserle trial, then they’re gonna riot over losing Anthony Randolph.

  69. So if lebron goes to Miami it seems likely they’ll be stuck with just veterans minimum guys right? How’s this for heating up a rivalry. Call all 135 free agents and tell them we’ll beat any offer that Miami gives them. We can price Miami out by just offering $1 more than the minimum. Or overpay them by 100k just to make it worth their while.

  70. Someone in Chris Sheridan’s chat had a great line – Lebron will open his press conference by stating, “I have decided that I need another week to make my decision. Join me next Thursday on ESPN.”

  71. I hope we still get the trade done with GS regardless if LBJ6 signs with us or not. A. Randolph is a good asset with a high upside. He reminds me of Lamar Odom a lot. Even though having him, Nilo, Ill Will, and Walker is overkill at the 3 we can always trade away some not named Gallinari.

  72. AP has learned LBJ’s announcement will take place “late in show.”


  73. And you expected anything different?

    First fifty five mins will be LeBron talking about what kinds of cheeses he likes and why ketchup is better than mustard on a hot dog.

  74. Ive become so numb and tired of this I dont care where he goes. If he picks the Knicks I will of course be beyond thrilled, but Im so tired of this I wont even be mad or frustrated anymore if he goes to Miami.

    Of course only problem will be me having to deal with all these new Heat “fans” who I will start encountering on a daily basis. Seriously Ive lived here since 1990 and I maybe have known 3 real Heat fans my whole life. No different than when the Marlins won their 2 WS (obviously as a well-known Yankee fan to everyone who knows me down here 2003 was really bad) all of a sudden during the playoffs everyone was a huge Marlins fan. Only teams down here that has what I would call real fans are the Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes football team.

    Oh well, like I have said it is what it is….

  75. @ 85

    I’m with you, hyperpick. I feel like I’ve emotionally moved on from the whole LBJ thing, and it hasn’t even happened yet. Mabe it’s all a smokescreen, and we end up with him after all, but I do believe my source who told me today, unasked, for the first time with any comment whatsoever, that he’s going to the Heat. OK, fine. Good luck to you. Meanwhile, I look at our Knicks, and I think…

    PG – Ridenour, Douglas
    SG – Chandler, Azebuike, Rautin
    SF – Randolph, Walker, Fields
    PF – Gallo, Turiaf
    C – Stoudemire, Barron, Jordan, $11MM Expiring Cheeseburger

    Not so bad! I’m a big fan of Azebuike – liked his game for years, and am even more excited about his potential than Randolph, who I also like. They’re all on short contracts we can move or keep to add depth around whoever we sign to a max deal next year – because we’ll still have the space and flexibility, as Donnie promised. (He isn’t even close to being like Zeke, Ted.) Stat is a stud; we all expect/hope Gallo becomes a stud as well. I think that could be a really good team. I would continue to root for them, averting my eyes only as needed from the Miami apocalypse.

    …that would still lose to the Heat in the playoffs, but hey, it’s a step forward. Or two.

  76. @92,

    Its just because if he announces it early, too many disappointed fans will change the channel. Its better for business that way.

  77. @94

    Robert – my sources tell me LBJ is more of a mustard guy. ESPN is saying ketchup, but don’t believe them!

  78. Unbelievable! Just riveting really. This could be a great day for the Knicks or just horrible. I don’t think anyone really pictured the top three FA’s all going to the same team. Just a nightmare, especially since it’s Riley, who has been out maneuvering us since we let him walk all those years ago. On the other hand it could be the best day since we won the Ewing lottery.

    Nothing more to say. 56 minutes to go.

  79. Oh we’ve known about the anti-mustard bias for decades now.

    Fancy NY’ers with their dijon. Elitists!

  80. Ian O’Connor just tweeted:

    “Dolan turned to Isiah right after the draft, after being unhappy w/ Walsh’s 2nd rd picks, or at least criticism of those picks”

    First Isola and now O’Connor talking about Dolan still loving Isiah, why do I have a bad feeling if the Knicks miss the playoffs this season Dolan may actually bring Isiah back and fire DW and D’Antoni. That would be worse than LeBron not signing with the Knicks.

  81. No way would Dolan bring Isiah back – but I could definitely see him leaning on him for advice (which is also stupid, of course, but not as stupid – I mean, he is still paying the guy after all).

  82. @ 103,

    Funny, because 2 of the 3 picks were, according to advanced metrics, serious #%^&ing value in the second round.

    Note to Dolan: owning a basketball franchise doesn’t make you a good basketball talent evaluator. Neither does being a successful basketball player.

    You own a restaurant? Cool. Doesn’t mean you’re a good cook.

  83. Ok i’m heading to a bar, if you guys are on twitter follow so I can add you bc idk how much i’ll be able to get on here and I’m prolly gonna wanna hear some stuff.

    Hit me up. Good luck to us all!!!

  84. If LeBron somehow chooses the Knicks, Dolan is gonna think it was because he sent Isiah to Akron last night and re-hire Isiah on the spot!!!!

  85. I couldn’t bear the ESPN run-up… had to switch over to MSG’s Amar’e fest. Sometimes “the bubble” is just so much more comforting…

  86. I was more nervous in the 2009 draft when Golden St was drafting ahead of the Knicks and I was praying they didnt draft Steph Curry. lmao

  87. Dude, these video packages are KILLING me. I mean this guy is going to be hated. It is unbelievable how he screwed the PR up on this. Oh well. To be 25.

  88. I will say this, after the decision I am unfollowing a bunch of NBA writers that is for sure.

  89. @stephenasmith Uh Oh……hearing some last minute things are unfolding. Holy #@$*. Stay Tuned!!!

  90. sorry. let me rephrase that.


    that sounds more like him.

  91. Wish this was on TNT. The ESPN commentators are generally pretty dull, esp. Barry

  92. This is a real basketball transcending event… My wife and all 7 of my kids are glued to the television. It could be a generation defining moment: “Where were you when LeBron James announced he was going to the Knicks?”

  93. I thought he said we would know in the first 10 minutes? Now we have to wait until 9:59PM to find out?

  94. Maybe the’ll have the Nix, Bulls, Cavs, and Heat owners wrestle for MeBron. In the nude. Slathered in oil.

    Now that’d be quality programming. Better than listening to Dr. Evil…I mean Jon Barry drone on.

  95. Just helped the wife put our 2 year old daughter to sleep. She has decided to go with… the Curious George jammies. All you monkey fans can start the celebration. I hope the riots in Disney world are limited to property damage.

  96. I’m hoping this goes all Sopranos and just cuts to black before he announces something. The mayhem would be something to behold.

  97. There is no way ESPN lets their “reporters” sit on their channel for their show and be made to look like idiots w no credibility. This was rigged and ESPN was in on it. Wow. Is this across the line?

  98. Jim Gray.


    And it looks like I was right about Lebron’s mustard musings

  99. This is what I need to know. How MeBron FEELS about all this.

    Gripping, gripping stuff

    I feel dirty

  100. who has had the biggest influence? now that’s a punk-ass question at this point. time to let it fly.

  101. This is the lousiest, meanest, most shamelessly egotistical thing an athlete has ever done.

    As much as I loathe Jordan, he’d never pull a stunt like this.

  102. wow, I really am surprised. Stunned, actually. Props to Chris Broussard.

    ah well, I’m not as down as you’d think. Future is bright.

    But not much more to say right now. I’m out.

    See y’all tomorrow.

  103. @152

    Rob. Really? Isn’t this just a beefed up version of high school football recruiting? Is it really that different than Reggie White when he became a free agent.

  104. So we lose out on Lebron, and now we’ll lose Lee. I question why I’m still a Knicks fan sometimes…

  105. Jim Gray: Eric Spoelstra is the coach, will be the coach.

    Rest of the NBA: Yeah. Right. Don’t believe the gel LeBron. The gel lies.

  106. It’s just classless. And now he’s “apologizing” to Cleveland. It’s like beating the crap out of someone and then explaining how you had to beat them up b/c it was best for you and your personal feelings.

    Now I can go back to hating him

  107. STeven A. broke it last week.

    Even if it was a wild guess he pretended he knew.

  108. I like the move. More playing time for Landry Fields and Jerome Jordan.

  109. I’m glad we got Amar’e: a man who actually stood up to the challenge. He is going to be great, and he is gonna help the franchise rid itself of the stigma it has carried recently.

    And thank God we didn’t whiff like the Nets or Clips.

  110. I suddenly feel ill, like days of adrenaline being released.

    At least I have you guys! *sniff*

  111. At least now we can stop pining over this egomaniac and get down to hating him.

  112. we got our Warriors RT @chadfordinsider: David Lee has agreed to a 6 year, $80 mil deal w/Warriors via sign-and-trade with Knicks. Link is coming

  113. “anthony and stephen, that is”

    Ha. I was about to say: “you mean Randolph and Crawford”

  114. They’re burning his jersey in Cleveland. Good for them!

    And Lebron says (In the effing THIRD PERSON). “I can’t get involved in that. I’ve gotta do what’s best for LeBron”

  115. I can’t blame LeBron. I’m surprised that he didn’t make a different choice.

    What I hate most is that Pat friggin’ Riley is the major beneficiary of all this. Ugh.

  116. I dont blame a guy for playing where he wants to, and it’s a great situation for a pro basketball player. But he’s always made himself out to be more — to be a global icon. This is either a change of heart or a screwup on that front.

  117. “The Decision” is officially the worst TV show I have ever watched; cheesiness, Jim Gray, and gut wrenching pain. Also, weren’t most of the kids in that audience Knicks fans? That’s just mean.

    I mean, LeBron is not a prick. He’s just an immature 25 w/ the world in his hands who had a stupid idea that latching on to the Heat to win as many rings as he can would take pressure off him or that it will make him happy. If he likes being in the same city and ruling the NBA with his buddies (who wouldn’t want that at 25?), then fine. But he’s also squandering an opportunity that one person on the planet gets every 50 – 100 years which is to be the greatest ever. He doesn’t get a seat at the Ruth, Ali, Gretzky, Jordan, Tiger table. LeBron will have to take a seat in the Larry Bird and Rickey Henderson section.

    It hurts that he’s w/ the Heat but it’s disappointing that at 25 he’s already backed down from being the greatest of all-time.

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