Three Or So Minutes With Mike Kurylo

Summoning my inner Andy Rooney, here are some things that I’m going to nitpick on.

John Krolik on where LeBron could go:

Say “screw it,” join Amar’e on the Knicks, run some great pick-and-rolls, make a lot of money, possibly become the A-Rod of basketball, win relatively few playoff games.

OK so it’s supposed to be a tongue in cheek remark primarily for humor, but there’s an ounce of truth to every joke. This swipe at D’Antoni’s playoff record riles me up, because under the surface it’s an extension of the cliche [only] defense wins championships. The common wisdom is that D’Antoni doesn’t care about defense, but according to Kevin Pelton, “D’Antoni’s teams have never been the defensive liabilities they were made out to be in the media.” Additionally implying that offensive minded coaches don’t win championships ignores the contrary. There are lots of defensive minded coaches that were unsuccessful in the playoffs: Mike Fratello, P.J. Carlesimo, Doug Collins. Larry Brown coached for 21 years until he finally won an NBA championship.

Every year there are 29 coaches that end the season without a new ring, so the inability to win a championship isn’t strictly a D’Antoni trait. The other LeBron-a-thon coaches have the same issues. Is Byron Scott a playoff risk because he was unable to win a title in New Jersey or couldn’t get out of the second round in New Orleans? Avery Johnson’s playoff record is worse than D’Antoni’s. In only 3 seasons, he managed to have back to back first round exits. One of those teams won an astonishing 67 games during the regular season.

Kelly Dwyer on Chris Duhon:

This is a good acquisition, for the Magic. A very, very good one, I’d say; and that’s coming from someone who has spent a good chunk of this decade ruing Duhon’s very presence and the strange hold he had on a very good (but very flawed) pro basketball coach and the resulting minutes allotment with a team located in the American Midwest. Chris can play, he can pick up plays very quickly, and he gives good effort.

To give Dwyer credit, the majority of his article is about how bad Duhon is. Nevertheless I could be convinced that Orlando signing him as a backup PG is a decent move. A solid move. A safe move. But a “very, very good one?” No way. If Nelson misses a chunk of time this year their fans are going to hate Duhon. If it happens deep in the playoffs, they’re screwed. The PG depth in free agency isn’t much, but compared to Felton & Ridnour, Duhon is awful. And let’s be blunt, Felton & Ridnour aren’t all that great themselves.

Playoff teams usually play it safe, instead of taking risks. Instead of choosing a PG that could win a playoff game, they went with one that they hope won’t lose one. They might not have landed one of the guys above, but maybe they could have gotten a player like Jordan Farmar. Compared to Duhon, Farmar is 4 years younger, a better defender, scores twice as many points with a sizable advantage in efficiency (TS% 53.5% to 50.1%).

[Note: I highly respect the work of Krolik and Dwyer. For instance Krolik’s most recent piece on LeBron James is stunningly beautiful and well thought out. It’s a prime example of what blogs do right, that newspapers get wrong. Newspapers have been focusing on the rumors, speculation, and hoopla. Krolik is quite reasonable and gets to the heart of the matter, in a profound manner. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read Ball Don’t Lie to get Dwyer’s keen opinion on any transaction or event in the league.]

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  1. Looks like the Knicks are doing an Amar’e s&t:

    Happy Waters, the agent for Stoudemire, told Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic of the sign-and-trades.

    The trade exception of $16.5 million is equal to Stoudemire’s first-year salary in New York and means that Phoenix would be landing a player like David Lee in return.

    The Knicks are expected to receive a second-round pick and an additional $800,000 in cap space in the deal as they will be able to start Amar’e’s contract at a lower price.

    Read more:

  2. Great piece Mike.

    “The seven seasons that made up the (1st act of?) the LeBron Era in Cleveland ultimately ended in disappointment, failure, heartbreak, misery, doubt, bitterness, and plenty of suffering for everyone who lived and died with LeBron and the team he led. Personally, I wouldn’t trade those seven years of watching LeBron play for anything in the world.”

    Profound and true. LeBron really is reminding me of A-Rod at this point. Really, on balance, more pain than joy for a Yankee fan. Last year he finally really became a Yankee and not because he finally won a world series or because he hit in the clutch in that series. What he did, was stop swinging at pitches out of the strike zone. That’s what the Yankees do. They work pitch counts and pass the baton. Rodriguez let other players around him get the strike down the middle and swing at it. The Cavs last year, after a great season, looked, in the playoffs, like a team where everyone was scared to fail. LeBron failed to give his team mates confidence by simply making fundamental plays. Wherever he goes he needs to be one of five players on a team. A-Rods famous contract is a thing of the past and now the Yanks have a different hero every night. Alex should be very proud of that.

  3. Z

    If LeBron signs elsewhere, and if this realgm story is true, I wonder if that means that Lee is “forcing” Walsh’s hand to work something out with PHO instead of GS?

  4. A-Rod became a Yankee the day he put on the uniform. Please stop with the revisionist deifying of anyone who happens to be on a World Series winning team.

  5. The thing that bugs me about Wade/ Bosh / James is that it sets a dangerous precedent. Larry and Magic, wanted to test themselves against each other. Even in pickup games, players are divided up by size, or skill, etc. Some guys in my area show up on Sunday nights at the gym and rig it so all the better players (the x high school stars, etc.) play together and they win but everybody knows they’re chumps. Now, those three are in a position to do anything they want. They’ve put in their time, but it’s just not sporting, and Im afraid that, now, every generation of superstars are going to act this way going forward.

  6. Are there any stats on how many total fans there are of various teams? NYK probably comes out on to there, no?

  7. I would take “becoming a Yankee” to mean “becoming accepted by the NY fanbase, which is often contrite and bitter even with a team whose payroll is $200M.” And I would argue that A-Rod “became” a Yankee last season by giving the overprivileged whiners the championship to which they believe they’re entitled (and with the NYC tax rate, they might not be too far off).

    A friend of mine, also a lifelong Giants fan and occasional poster here, recently told me that he hopes that the Knicks completely strike out on the big free agents, because that would detract from the value of winning a championship. You Giants fans out there: remember 2007? Beside Burress (and Pierce?), all of the Giants talent was homegrown and the win was both dramatic and unexpected. After the week 17 loss to the Patriots, very few expected the team to win three consecutive road playoff games against the NFC’s top talent, only to squeak out a nail-biter against the greatest offense in league history with a series of unforgettable plays in the final minutes. It was the dramatic nature of the postseason that created the experience, not the acquisition of talent due to earning potential and media revenues. That’s not why we love sports.

    So yes, Jon Abbey, I rescind my earlier post. Joining Wade and Bosh in Miami would not be akin to Kareem and Magic joining up by draft-day selection. It wouldn’t be the end of LeBron’s already-gaining legacy as the greatest player of the modern era not named Jordan. But it would be another step away from the competitive nature of sport that makes it worth watching. And honestly, I couldn’t care less about how much he makes off the court. I just want to see someone win the the passion that Kevin Garnett wins with. I don’t know if I’ll get that from LeBron.

  8. Man – a few weeks ago Lebron was on top of the world. Now there is venom coming from every angle. I can hardly believe he and his “team” so badly misread how people would react to this charade. He’s a guy that everyone loved, cavs fan or not — but now it’s like he’s public enemy #1, and will be for a while to everyone who is not a fan of whatever team he goes to.

  9. Donnie Walsh said that LeBron’s camp will call every team that loses out on him simultaneously to break the news. Could that be why Travis Outlaw is a New Jersey Net?

  10. “Donnie Walsh said that LeBron’s camp will call every team that loses out on him simultaneously to break the news. Could that be why Travis Outlaw is a New Jersey Net?”

    That would sorta take the drama out of his special wouldn’t it? unless he told them like 5 min before he actually revealed his decision on TV, b/c any sooner and it would probably leak fast and wide.

  11. #10
    All I said was that “becoming a Yankee” to me meant taking pitches, because that’s how the team wants to play the sport.

    Jordan won because he was great but also because he had Tex Winter and the triangle offense, Pippen, and perfect role players. He was great and part of a great team that wanted to play the game a certain way.

  12. So LeBron goes to a team that already has a proven crunch-time performer. He’ll never have to worry about being that guy. Just rack up stats, collect rings and take it easy. He could win ten rings in Miami and would never inspire people the way Jordan did. Let’s be 100% honest– he’s a coward.

  13. If the Miami deal goes down, we really have to start referring to the new big three as “The Golden Girls”

    And humm that damn “Thank you for being a friend” theme song they had

    FYI – Dorothy = Wade
    Rose = Bosh
    Blanche = LeBron
    Sophia = Riley

  14. Lets not lose sight of the fact that they actively want to re-sign Udonis Haslem. The three of them would have to take serious, serious paycuts to have a contending team. I do not think theyd be able to acquire enough, or the right pieces to be a dominant team if the three of them sign. I also think its funny that Bosh outwardly exclaimed (several times) that he wanted to play his “natural position” at the 4, and it looks like he’ll be forced into the 5 spot where he will get pushed out to the perimeter.

  15. @1 Z- When I checked out that link you posted I also saw the deal they offered Mike Miller. I find this to be a bit curious… If those figures are true on his offer then I am starting to wonder if the LeBron to Miami really is a smoke screen. That would start to put the Heat in the over the cap $10 mil range or MORE depending on who they sign. That just doesn’t seem very likely.

    Perhaps that is just my Knick optimistic side, but who knows…

  16. If the Heat manage to dump Beasley, they can sign Miller to that contract.

  17. #17, great idea!

    Playing in Florida for the grannies. Way to go guys!

    Yesterday I was salivating over the potentially great NYK/CHI/MIA rivalries that were looming.

    The league has suffered in recent years (in my humble opinion) due to a lack of great rivalries, and the dominance of a few teams (the Lakers and the Spurs before them, mostly). When was the last *truly* great recurring playoff matchup? Kings vs Lakers in the early 00s? Maybe Suns vs Spurs more recently, though that was always one-sided when it really counted (none were true contenders this year).

    I will have no problem rooting for my scrappy underdog Knicks against the ridiculously loaded and forever hated Heat, but it has the potential to make for some boring basketball. The narrative just isn’t sexy.

    Today feels like a bad day.

  18. My friend from Dallas likes to think Mavs/Suns and Mavs/Spurs made for good basketball.

  19. @25 – I don’t see how it would matter with Beasly gone. They will still be over by a large amount with MM and others unless the “big three” take a pretty significant pay cut and I just don’t see that.

    If you factor in Florida’s no state tax I could see where the three of them say hey, if we take a bit of a pay cut it would be like getting paid x amount for this team. I highly doubt their ego’s though would let them take too big of a pay cut. Again, I just don’t see it…

  20. 6 yrs-55 mil for Haywood???? Apparently he will be getting paid 11 million in the final year when he will be 36 yo???? Pass.

  21. Lebron’s “people” will be telling all the contending teams literally at 8:55 if he didn’t choose them. Jeez, much of a control freak, Lebron? Typical Capricorn…

  22. I know I’ve been an O’Neal semi-supporter but that seems like overpaying… I suggested the Knicks overpay O’Neal on a one-year deal if we are filling out a non-LeBron team, but you’d think that to get with a contender he would sign for the minimum, or close to it.

    For the full mid-level, Jermaine over Shaq?

  23. The Haywood deal is going to look bad in a few years, but you could see it coming, in this market. As smart as Mark Cuban is, you’d think he could be more patient. What hope does he have of making that team into a contender? Haywood’s deal will just be another lead weight to drag around.

    At least Cuban is a better businessman than Marcus Camby..

  24. @33
    Jeez, much of a control freak, Lebron? Typical Capricorn…

    LOL. Line of the morning so far.

  25. If you haven’t peeped Pelton’s latest up over at Basketball Prospectus, he’s got nice stuff up on FA PGs, SGs, and SFs updated as of yesterday (7 July).

    Here’s a link to FA PGs:

    Folks have been hammering Raymond Felton here, and although the price certainly matters, people have acted like he can’t play. Whether LeBron signs or not, a reasonable deal for Felton would give Amar’e something he never had with Nash, Marbury, or the immortal Howard Eisley — a PG who isn’t a sieve.

  26. I want to keep track of who “hates LeBron” and thinks he’s “a coward,” so that if he signs with the Knicks and those same people ride his jock I can laugh at them.

  27. Sheridan, the only guy who a) has given NY any shot at LeBron all along, and b) uses logic instead of “sources”, puts the chances of the Knicks winning tonight at “50%-ish”…

  28. @39 If LeBron signs anywhere but the Heat, I rescind my “coward”
    comment. If he needs D-Wade to hold his hand for the next 5+ years, I stand by it.

  29. JO had a good season last year and is still a good defender. He was the 2nd best player on a playoff team for Miami… but, I know, Wade was the only player on that team and played with 4 traffic cones… I know, no one else on that team could possibly have been good and Wade made them the 6th best defense in the NBA by himself. Makes sense. Probably none of the other guys were good defenders and Wade’s perimeter D on wing players catapulted them to #6 in the league. I would call JO an upgrade over Sheed at this point. JO will also only be 32 and 33 the next two seasons. Shaq is old and it’s not apparent he’s a flexible to put his ego aside.

    @30 ess-dog

    Nando was a teammate Roddy in France and was hailed as the more refined prospect going into the 2009 draft. Roddy was considered more of a raw athlete, Nando more of a basketball player.

    Last season Nando went to Valencia, a good Spanish club that’s come on in the last few years (4th last season in regular season). Played with Portland 1st rounder Victor Claver as well as Kosta Perovic and Florent Pietrus (brother of Orlando’s Pietrus).
    Nando was the leading scorer, tied in ppg with Rafa Martinez. I would say Nando was surprisingly good against ACB competition (more impressive than Claver last season). I wouldn’t put Nando’s upside all that high (doubt he’s Manu, for example), but he has good basketball skills (like the pre-draft hype). Good shot, good scorer, solid rebounding guard, gets steals, solid passer… However, not amazing shooter, doesn’t get to the line that much, lots of TOs, and his assist numbers aren’t good (neither were Calderon’s in Europe, though).

    At this rate he’ll probably make it to the NBA and might succeed. Not sure if I would trade Chandler to take that chance, unless I knew he was coming over and had scouted him pretty well. SA also can’t take WC’s contract without giving anything out (maybe they could s&t de Colo). Definitely an idea at PG.

  30. I’m not trashing LeBron so much as I’m saying I would rather build my team with a fluke #1 pick due to injury (Duncan) and then late draft picks who turned out to be All-Star quality (the rest of the Spurs, these days).

    I’m sure I’ll be happy if LeBron’s going to be a Knick for the next 5+ years, but it sure feels more like a business transaction than a basketball one. As a fan of the game, that sucks.

  31. OOF.

    From Hahn:

    “Hearing Miami is close to completing a three-team deal to move Michael Beasley and get a trade exception back to open up more cap space.”

  32. You know for a network so down on the Knicks chances, ESPN sure do show LeBron in blue and orange a lot. And the national media has quickly turned on him, making him out into an asshole. Sure seems like an NY treatment.

  33. It’s amazing. After seeing this all play out for the past two weeks, I should believe that this LeBron to Miami rumor is just LRMR pulling one last misdirection over us. I mean, that’s been their MO, right? They’re smart and savvy, albeit young. And they know enough, and have enough smart people around them to advise them, to do that sort of testing before a major decision like this.

    I should believe that they spread this rumor out to see how everyone reacts to it. If it met with approval, well Miami it is If it gets killed, then he stays with Cleveland.

    No matter what, at 6 PM, sources say that he’s changing his mind and is undecisive.

    All this to add drama to tonight’s telecast.

    And then, tonight, based on what they’ve learned, LeBron shocks the world with his true decision – Cleveland.

    And yet, I still feel that, despite all of that, all this is wrong and he’s already made up his mind to be gutless and head to Miami.

  34. @46 THCJ

    Not sure if that’s sarcastic, but since I don’t think it is: is the draft lottery any less arbitrary or any less “dirty” (some teams actively *try* to be bad to game the system) as free agency??? Is free agency really “worse,” “less pure,” “less fair,” or “dirtier” than how last year’s finalists built with insider trades from former employees gift wrapping HOF level talent at 50 cents or less on the dollar? I mean to me your comment reads like a reason not to be upset about building through free agency.

    The only difference to me is that free agency is the one and only manner of player acquisition in which the players themselves have a choice.

    Show me one serious contender that didn’t at some point benefit from free agency or a lopsided trade or lottery luck…

  35. @47,

    Why on Earth would anybody want to help Miami out? This makes NO sense.

  36. @51 massive

    No one is trying to “help Miami out.” GMs are trying to make their team better and keep their jobs… you know, get paid and put food on the table.

    If someone wants to give you a former #2 pick with very good potential (or whatever the trade equivalent is in a 3-way deal) for only $100,000 and you have a crappy team with cap space… why not? If you have a crappy team is especially when your job is on the line. When you’re pulling your kids out of private school and collecting unemployment you could really care less if Miami or another team is winning NBA Championships… it’s little consolation to watch the Lakers win another title when you’re out of work and say “haha I really screwed Miami over good!!!”

  37. I have become more and more ambivalent about LeBron. Maybe a defensive emotional reaction. If he goes to Miami, we all will love to hate that team.

  38. @52

    By that logic England should have negotiated a Belgium trade with Hitler instead of fighting that silly war…..

  39. Thanks for the link to the Krolik piece, Mike. Really well-written (except someone should tell him it’s “populace”).

    I heard from an actual basketball source today that it is in fact the Heat. Which I still didn’t 100% accept, because he could be being played, and he’s not actually inside LBJ’s camp. But he’s an actual NBA exec, so I was pretty bummed.

    That said,

    1) if LBJ goes to the Heat, life is not over for the Knicks. I’d prefer to use Lee in a sign-and-trade for Randoph and whatever combination of players also brings us Azubuike, but either way, we do have cap space, some good young players, and could indeed build a deeper TEAM in the next 18 months…which might still lose to the Heat in the playoffs every year, but if they won, what pure joy that would be! Anyway, point being that it’s impossible to know that future and the Heat would be something to contend with, but no sure thing.

    2) if LBJ comes here, yeah, I’ll be happy, but he’s handled this so poorly, I agree with Krolik that it won’t be possible to feel anything close to pure joy for his success. It will be a relief to have a good Knicks team after so many years of crap, but…LBJ’s really made me dislike him with this whole special bs.

  40. @54 People doing their job to the best of their ability is in any way comparable to conspiring with the Nazi’s?

    @56 rama
    It’s not just how he’s handled it, though, it’s how the media’s handled it. What is he supposed to do if every single sports journalist in the country is using “inside sources” to publish articles that claim to know definitively where LBJ is going based on info from an “inside source” who may or may not even know LeBron James. (Then that moron from Yahoo gets all pissy when he realizes that maybe his “inside sources” were just speculating the Bulls were a good fit and should not have been taken so seriously in his articles and starts calling LeBron names…) Do you want LeBron James to personally call every newspaper in the country and tell them to stop writing articles speculating on where he’s going? Do you think even that would work?
    I haven’t heard much of anything coming from the man himself… everything I’ve heard has come from anonymous “inside sources” who may in fact be the Cavs towel boy or entirely fictional.

    There were going to be people pissed no matter what. The only way there wouldn’t have been is had he just decided right off the bat where he was going… but why should he be held to the standard of not getting a chance to weigh his options when no other FA is held to that standard? Fans in the other cities were going to be pissed no matter what.

    As far as the special: this is the biggest story in US sports right now with or without the special. ESPN would basically turn into a special about LeBron for the hour after he made the announcement anyway (their website has had an entire section devoted to LeBron for weeks… that’s not LeBron’s doing, don’t blame him blame ESPN if you need to blame someone). Who would benefit from that? ESPN. Now, LeBron will have control over how he is portrayed, put a lid on some of the misinformation about his motives and decision making that will surely circulate, and most importantly the Boys and Girls Club will take the revenue that otherwise would have gone to ESPN. Just because some media “bigwigs” are pissed off they had the story wrong all along doesn’t mean everyone has to be so cynical about LeBron or his intentions.

  41. @57

    YES, very much so, because you are no longer playing to win if you enable another team to build a team you have no chance of ever beating…

    Look it’s hard to not look a gift horse in the mouth, but dude, you cannot facilitate a team to be able to setup an empire just so that it allows you to be a marginal team instead of a bad one. It is stupid. Your moves should not always be about simply improving your team, they should also be about not advancing your enemy.

  42. We have officially entered the backlash stage of the summer of LeBron.

    Media types often hate it when players are perceived to have too much control over the process. This is especially true when said control appears to come at their expense. (I’m looking at you Wojo.) In this case, there will be lots of high profile journalists with egg on their respective faces.

  43. “YES, very much so, because you are no longer playing to win if you enable another team to build a team you have no chance of ever beating…”

    You are not playing to win if you don’t make a deal that makes your team better. You’re being irrational and your comparison was honestly offensive.
    Again, these are people’s jobs and livelihoods we are talking about. They can’t irrationally root against other teams, they have to take care of their own business. Some people still believe Beasley can reach his pre-draft potential out there and if a GM is anywhere close to one he’d be stupid not to take a low risk shot.

    “Your moves should not always be about simply improving your team, they should also be about not advancing your enemy.”

    If you’re, say, Minnesota–the worst team in the Western Conference–Miami is not your enemy. You wouldn’t even face them in the playoffs until the Finals and you are light-years from making the Finals. In fact, you’ve never made the Finals in franchise history and just making the Finals would be a huge victory.
    And if you’re Minnesota’s GM David Kahn you’re already the laughing stock of the league and better step up to protect your job and feed your family. And if you don’t then the Nets will. And if they don’t then the Clippers will…

  44. @61

    Don’t really care if you are offended by it. Every single year some team is looking for someone to take their baggage to put themselves in a better situation. I don’t care what team it is, spotting them a five year dynasty is foolish because no NBA teams really use a 5 year plan.

    You can’t possibly tell me that there isn’t another move out there that they could make that betters them without delivering the league to another team.

    Since you are delicate though and disapprove of my analogy heres one.

    If we are playing monopoly and I’m about to go bankrupt because I landed on your property. I can sell all of my property to your opponent for a dollar and then go bankrupt. But that’s not very sporting is it? I made a buck though right?

  45. You don’t care if I’m offended by your making light of the slaughter of millions of innocent people?

    No one is spotting the Heat anything. They would be a contender, but there are teams that would compete with them. If a team trades for Beasley it is not because they want to suck up to Pat Riley, it’s because they think it’s in their best interest. The teams rumored to be involved are Houston and Charlotte. Houston plays in the West, won’t see Miami unless they make the finals. They would reportedly get Tyson Chandler in return for Jared Jeffries. Considering the price the Knicks just paid to get rid of Jeffries, that’s an amazing deal. Charlotte is a playoff team without much hope of finding a real impact player. A team with plenty of D that really needs some O. Beasley has great offensive potential. More that Bobs’ FA Tyrus Thomas, who they’d probably have to seriously overpay to keep. And in case you missed AI’s career, Larry Brown isn’t big on scoring efficiency. He should love Beasley.

    “You can’t possibly tell me that there isn’t another move out there that they could make that betters them without delivering the league to another team.”

    Is there another team giving away a player with Beasley’s potential for literally nothing? Not that I know of.
    Again, if those teams wouldn’t do it… someone else probably would.

    “Since you are delicate though”

    Being offended by making light of a genocide makes you a human being, not delicate ASSHOLE. That’s honestly the most fucked up shit I’ve seen on this site ever. This is ridiculous.

    “If we are playing monopoly and I’m about to go bankrupt because I landed on your property. I can sell all of my property to your opponent for a dollar and then go bankrupt. But that’s not very sporting is it? I made a buck though right?”

    This is not a game, that’s the other extreme from a genocide. These are people’s livelihoods. Their careers. If they see an opportunity to make their team better why shouldn’t they.
    In your ridiculous analogy, it would not be the equivalent of getting $1, it would be the equivalent of getting enough $ to stay in the game.

  46. Allegedly we are sending DLee to the Warriors for Azabuike, Turiaf, A. Randolph and some more if the LeBacle doesnt go our way. All three of them are on a 1 year deal and are from London, France, and Germany respectively. Like that matters but I think if we kept Rodriguez we would have the most European team in the league. DLee would be getting a 5yr/80million pesos similar to Boozers deal.

  47. All three of them are on a 1 year deal

    Turiaf has a player option for a second year.

  48. I love the guys from Cleveland comparing LeBron leaving to a nuclear bomb being dropped on the city. Real people making real hyperbole happen. Look out! LBJ’s going to melt our skin off, just to prove his power to the Russian! Ack!

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