THN Mock: With the 38th & 39th picks New York selects…

38th pick: Jarvis Varnado
[Scouting Reports: Draft Express, NBADraft.Net, HoopsAnalyst]

If Varnado is still on the board after New York is done with their second pick, I will throw something at my television screen. I, like other Knick fans, have suffered through years of opposing teams coming into the Garden and having an E-Z Pass to the hoop. Sure there were Mutombo and Balkman, and perhaps Jerome James had a moment or two. Last year Jared Jeffries led the team in blocked shots per game with 1.1. For Vornado to beat that, he’d just need 8 minutes of playing time per game (if he kept his senior year rate). The lack of a presence in the paint is just not cutting it, especially for Knick fans that grew up rooting for defensively dominating teams. Unlike some of the shot blockers the Knicks have brought in from the D-League, Varnado can contribute in a few areas. He’s not just a one trick pony and can rebound & score efficiently around the hoop.

Yes there is a problem fitting Varnado into D’Antoni’s offense, but taking guys to match a coach’s system is foolish. Since D’Antoni likes playing 6’9 forwards at center, then why not give him one that plays like a center? Varnado isn’t going to extend the defense by pulling the opposing center away from the basket with his jumper as coach likes, but he’s not going to take shots he can’t hit. Like in Lee’s early career, Varnado is going to stay near the hoop and be highly efficient with the shots he takes. Oh and if the Knicks sign a big name offensive player this summer, they’re going to need someone to play some defense.

39th pick: Jeremy Lin
[Scouting Reports: NBADraft.Net, DraftExpress, HoopsAnalyst]

Perhaps a reach here, especially with Willie Warren and Mikhail Torrance still available. I wouldn’t be upset with Torrance, but Warren’s indifference to defense is a real turnoff for me. Not that Jeremy Lin is a lock down defender, but his peripheral numbers are much better than either player’s and he more than held his own against some good teams (UConn, Boston College and Georgetown).

The two knocks on Lin are his ability to be a true point guard and his jump shot. The latter is something that a host of players have remedied, and seems to be one skill that a player can theoretically change. (When is the last time you heard about a player working on their steals or rebounding?) The former might be a problem with D’Antoni, but considering the team’s lack of a true shooting guard (Wilson Chandler should really be a small forward), it’s possible that he could see time with a smaller bench unit. Of course if the Knicks grab a free agent that can run the offense, then Lin becomes a good sized point guard who doesn’t have to handle the rock.

By taking Lin, I’d probably score a hit with the Knicks marketing department as well. The tri-state area has a sizable Asian population, and I’m sure that if Lin made the rotation, jersey sales might go up a fraction.

True Hoop Network Mock Draft:
1 Washington – John Wall
2 Philadelphia – Evan Turner
3 New Jersey – Derrick Favors
4 Minnesota – Wesley Johnson
5 Sacramento – DeMarcus Cousins
6 Golden St. – Greg Monroe
7 Detroit – Ekpe Udoh
8 LA Clippers – Al-Farouq Aminu
9 Utah – Xavier Henry
10 Indiana – Paul George
11 New Orleans – Cole Aldrich
12 Memphis – Ed Davis
13 Toronto – Avery Bradley
14 Houston – Patrick Patterson
15 Milwaukee – Gordon Hayward
16 Minnesota – Hassan Whiteside
17 Chicago – Luke Babbitt
18 Miami – Eric Bledsoe
19 Boston – James Anderson
20 San Antonio – Damion James
21 Oklahoma Cty – Daniel Orton
22 Portland – Solomon Alabi
23 Minnesota – Kevin Seraphin
24 Atlanta – Larry Sanders
25 Memphis – Dominique Jones
26 Oklahoma Cty – Tibor Pleiss
27 New Jersey – Jordon Crawford
28 Memphis – Elliot Williams
29 Orlando – Quincy Pondexter
30 Washington – Craig Brackins

31 New Jersey – Stanley Robinson
32 Oklahoma Cty – Trevor Booker
33 Sacramento – Ryan Richards
34 Portland – Armon Johnson
35 Washington – Darington Hobson
36 Detroit – Gani Lawal
37 Milwaukee – Lance Stephenson

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243 thoughts to “THN Mock: With the 38th & 39th picks New York selects…”

  1. Perhaps a reach? Lin is actually an interesting play… but don’t you think he can be had as an undrafted free agent?

    I’m excited by Varnado, but obviously it depends who else is on the board. In the above mock Ebanks, Warren, Terrico White, and Vasquez would all be tough talents to pass that late in the draft. I would really like to see Varnado with one of the picks if the draft unfolded that way, too, though.

    Mike, I think your showing in the mock was a good job of an inside the box and outside the box pick…

  2. i know seven-footer jeff foote just signed with maccabi tel aviv, but do the knicks still have any interest in him? … they did bring him in for two workouts

  3. Tiago Splitter says he’s going to the Spurs! That keeps them as a legit contender, IMO. Especially if the rumors of Lakers dumping Odom are true.

  4. Tiago Splitter says he’s going to the Spurs! That keeps them as a legit contender, IMO. Especially if the rumors of Lakers dumping Odom are true.

    Great news for the Spurs. It also probably takes Tony Parker off of the table, right?

  5. Damn the Spurs! Everything works out for them. Maybe we should go after Ian Mahinmi then? He should be expendable…
    I agree with the the lane-waltzing but I’m torn. I think someone like Booker could bring shot-blocking but also toughness around the basket with a better knack for boarding and getting junk points. But he is pretty short. Stanley Robinson would maybe be the best fit, but will likely be gone.
    I love the idea of Lin, but he could possibly be signed as an undrafted. Although I could see the Lakers jumping on him.

  6. Argh.

    “The Bulls have a trade in place that would send guard Kirk Hinrich and the No. 17 pick to the Wizards, sources told’s Ric Bucher.

    The move would free up enough cap space for Chicago to sign two max-level free agents this summer.

    The deal can’t be consummated until July 8, when Washington will have enough room under the cap to absorb Hinrich’s contract without having to send anything back in return.”

    Read more:

  7. Bulls agree to trade Hinrich to Wiz along with pick 17. This gives Bulls over $30 million in cap space, enough for 2 max players.

    Heat looking to buy out James Jones’ contract and create another $2.8 million in cap space, enough to retain Wade, sign a max and get another $10-11 million FA.

    This feels like the cold war – an arms race to the finish.

  8. The Wiz are getting the 17th pick (which could turn out to be a solid NBA player, maybe even an all-star player) and they are probably accumulating trade assets for the future. Lets face it, no FA is going there, and they don’t have any assets anybody wants. So if they want to trade for someone in the future, they can offer Hinrich.

  9. So if they want to trade for someone in the future, they can offer Hinrich.

    If Hinrich was an actual asset, he’d have been traded before now by Chicago. What a moronic trade by Washington.

  10. Rose

    Thank you Washington for having me call msg and cancel my season tickets for next year…

  11. This is “Pau Gasol to the Lakers” level dumb.

    This is “Danny Ainge helping the Pistons land Rasheed Wallace” level dumb.

  12. I guess the Miami pick and Beasley was off the table. They probably could’ve gotten Yi and the #27, or Minny’s 2nd pick for cash and a 2nd rounder… I guess they somewhat like Hinrich. Not looking good for NYC now, or Miami either since Chicago really does have the best “core” with Deng, Noah and Rose.
    Rudy Gay, here we come!

  13. Obviously a fantastic move by Chicago but a good one for Washington, too — adding the #17 pick and a decent player for nothing. Hinrich is ok, just overpaid. And he’s only got this year left.

    I wouldn’t get TOO depressed. Yet. The Knicks have basically the same cap space as the Bulls or Heat. True, they can offer playing with Wade or Rose/Noah… but a LeBron/Bosh or LeBron/Lee/tbd core would be better than either of those teams (without LeBron)… and in a 3- or 4- year time frame, it’s basically the same. Just depends what city you like. And which management you have faith in, to keep the team strong.

  14. Our only shot now is if he really objects to following jordan… however with that team he might be able to top 6 rings by 2017.

  15. Ill say this, nobody around the league likes the Knicks. The Wolves and Warriors fucked them in the draft last year, the Rockets rape them just too take Jeffries off their hands while all these other teams now are basically giving away their unwanted contracts for nothing.

    Knicks will never get a Pau Gasol/KG/Rasheed type trade to help them out. Conspiracy I say….

  16. If the Bulls dealt Deng, I could live with that.

    It would be like the Knicks trading Hill and their draft picks – a tough move but one you had to do to get the free agent you wanted.

    This, though, is like trading Chucky Atkins, Lindsey Hunter, Bobby Sura and Zeljko Rebraca for Rasheed Wallace.

  17. Really, though, this is such a great trade for Chicago because it works even if they don’t get either Lebron or Bosh. They can still sign Joe Johnson and Amare/Boozer and be a great team next year.

  18. Speaking of things that are annoying me about this, I’m irked that Windhorst doesn’t have anything on this yet.

  19. Funny how all these sportswriters were making fun of the Knicks when we were gutting our roster to make room for 2 maxes. Now Miami and Chicago are doing it, and all I read is praise and applause.

    And Garson, I don’t think they win 6 rings due to 2 reasons – the bulls management will probably mess this up somehow (the may get greedy and not pay the coach after a few successful seasons, unable or unwilling to keep spending to make the team better ala Cavs, Knicks, Orlando, etc.) and the level of the current competition (still have to get by Orlando in the East and Kobe, Gasol and Co. in the west for at least the next 2-3 seasons).

    So I’m betting they win 1 or 2, but not 6.

  20. The difference, Jafa, is that Chicago and Miami’s gutted rosters still have Rose/Noah and Wade, respectively, against the Knicks’ Gallo/Douglas/Chandler.

    When those other teams only had room for one Max Free Agent then the Knicks core didn’t look so bad. Now? They don’t shape up great, especially compared to Chicago.

    So that’s why Chicago and Miami are getting praised for their actions.

  21. I don’t know why people keep making a big deal about Wilson Chandler playing SG. He is built like a SF, but he has done quite well guarding SGs, and his offense really bloomed at that position. I have feeling that the size advantage on offense played some part in his offensive success.

  22. Kirk Hinrich is a quality basketball player… His contract declines the next two years. They might have been able to get more value for their cap space, might not have. Hinrich is a big upgrade over Randy Foye as a 3rd guard (who probably wants $5+ mill per for 3-5 years). They are looking to move Arenas, we’ll see if they can. They probably like the idea of Hinrich sheparding Wall like he has been with Rose.

    If the other options were Beasley and Yi, which are the names mentioned above, can you blame Washington for choosing Hinrich?

  23. If those were the options, I’d chose none of them and just hold on to the cap room – a #17 pick just isn’t worth that much.

    That said, if I was Washington, I guess I wouldn’t mind trading for Beasley and trying him at power forward. You see the interesting piece yesterday about how perhaps the Heat have misused Beasely?

    Washington certainly would be able to feature him more.

  24. @26

    Defensively WC’s fine, more than fine. Offensively he can’t handle the ball and can’t shoot… He certainly can play the 2, but as your primary 2 he’s putting a lot of pressure on your PG and shooters at other positions. Luckily the Knicks have the likes of Danilo, Douglas, and Walker as shooters, but Douglas is not the guy you want to put extra distributing pressure on. Ideally you’d pair Douglas with a big combo-guard type or even a big PG. If the Knicks had Steve Nash or Jason Kidd at PG, then Chandler would be fine at the 2. I like Douglas, but there’s no indication he’ll ever see the floor like Kidd or Nash.

  25. With this trade, LeBron’s ticket to Chicago should be a given. As an only child, he’s never experienced being in the shadow of an older, though perhaps no-more-talented sibling, and that’s something that could be good for him as a person. If I were him, I know I’d want to go and win a championship in a city that will never get over the six won by the greatest basketball player of all-time.

  26. What in the world? According to RealGM:

    The Pacers and Nets are discussing a trade to send Danny Granger and the 10th pick for Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian and the No. 3 pick. Indiana would draft Derrick Favors if they owned the pick.

    Read more:

    I thought the Nets were in love with Favors and looking to be in the FA hunt? I guess they are deciding to build another way, giving up the #3 and Devin Harris for Danny Granger and the #10. Who is going to be their point guard? Oh, maybe they are getting CP3….if so, I am officially depressed.

  27. From the Knicks perspective it sucks Washington made that trade. But from their perspective it makes them a better basketball team. They might add two rotation players for no cost besides cap space. Hinrich might be a good complement to both Arenas and Wall. He can guard the 2, but run the offense. He’s a good jump shooter and a solid defender. He’s a smart player and known as a leader. He’s also insurance in case Arenas is hurt, suspended, traded, and/or ineffective.

    If the Wiz re-sign/replace Mike Miller and add a rotation player or two to the frontcourt via free agency and/or the draft… they should compete for the playoffs next season with some luck. Wall, Arenas, Hinrich, Miller, Blatche, McGee…

    The rumor is Damion James to Washington #17… I’m quite high on James. Outside the lottery I think he’s a great pick. Doesn’t have a ton of upside, but he’s a smart player who does several things well. I feel he has a high floor (worst-case should be decent) and should be a good “role player” in the NBA. Adding Hinrich and James for a combined 10 mill per the next two seasons may prove to be wise for Washington.

    The good news for the Knicks is that between Wall, Hinrich, and Arenas the Wiz have little use for Shaun Livingston.

  28. Excuse me Ted, but exactly what are we going to do with washed up, never lived up to the hype former top 5 pick like Shaun Livingston? What’s next, we get Kwame Brown? We already had Darko.

    If we are going to sign crappy players, at least lets sign crappy rookies who could maybe, one day, become solid contributors.

  29. @30

    This helps the Bulls a lot, but we all knew they were trying to dump Hinrich and/or Deng. I still like NYK’s chances about the same, since the potential deciding factors of coming to NY are still exactly the same: the city, the organization, LeBron realizing Derrick Rose is overrated and not the best complement, etc. If LeBron was going to come to NY before, I don’t think that’s changed. If he wasn’t going to, then who cares?


    “Who is going to be their point guard?”

    Who is going to be their SG, SF, or PF as of right now? The Nets lost 70 games last season, they’ve got plenty of holes. It’s just a rumor, though, no?

  30. The Nets rumor is ridiculous. Why would they basically trade the #3 for the #10?

    re: the Wiz, Hinrich only has a year left (I think) and I doubt they could convince anyone better to come, this season. They have plenty of cap space and could still take Beasley, if Miami wants to give him away.

    I agree the Bulls news is depressing but you really never know how it will shake out. Personally I think Derrick Rose is the second coming of Stephon Marbury* so we may still see some disappointed Bulls fans in the years to come.

    *minus the crazy, which helps, at least.

  31. Nobody likes New York. Chicago gets to dump Hinrich’s contract, Miami gets to push for 3 max guys, what’s next? Chris Paul gets sent to Jersey for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors without having to take back Okafor? I really don’t like our chances with Eddy Curry’s giant contract on the roster. We need to make a HUGE move now, or we can kiss LeBron/Bosh goodbye.

  32. We could give the Wizards Gallo, Chandler, Curry and $3 million. Or we could give that to the Clippers.

    Isn’t our Houston pick protected if it’s #1?

  33. re: the Wiz, Hinrich only has a year left (I think) and I doubt they could convince anyone better to come, this season.

    Hinrich is signed for two more years.

  34. Excuse me Ted, but exactly what are we going to do with washed up, never lived up to the hype former top 5 pick like Shaun Livingston?

    Never lived up to the hype?

    The guy had two major and terrible knee injuries!

    He was living up to the hype before that.

    And when he finally looked healthy last season he played very well. If he’s available, the Knicks could certainly use him.

  35. @33

    Ummmm…. No one is calling Livingston a franchise savior. The guy can probably be had for a minimum salary or a bit more. If the do sign 2 max guys the can ONLY sign guys at the minimum. They’d have to fill a bunch of roster spots with minimum guys. If they got LeBron and Bosh, they’d be looking to contend for a title and fill a bunch of roster spots with min guys. If they don’t get 2 max guys, they still have to piece a team together.

    Livingston had a strong season in Washington last year. The reason he never lived up to the hype was in large part because he had a devastating injury. He was an NBA average type of player last season. He’d be a good complement to Toney Douglas.

    Livingston might be one of the best free agent bargains out there this offseason. There’s a big health risk, but he’s proven that if healthy he can play at the NBA level. How many undrafted FAs stick in the NBA? Do the Knicks really need to sign 7 or 8 undrafted rookies from one draft class? We’ve been talking about Livingston for months on this site. So, to answer your question, he’s not a crappy player and the Knicks can do a lot with him.

  36. I am a Livingston fan. Unfortunately he’s starting to look like our big FA signing!

  37. @35

    Hinrich has two years left. 9 mill and 8 mill. They’re apparently targeting Damion James @17.

  38. On a somewhat related note, I was looking through the best undrafted players of the past 20 years (as there really weren’t any in the 80s) and it’s amazing to see such a clear pattern – all of the best players are defensive players – Wallace, Bowen and Raja Bell.

    I guess defense really is underrated!

  39. Nobody is against NY any more than any other team. Other teams are operating in their own best interest, the idea that they’re trying to screw the Knicks is ridiculous.

  40. “On a somewhat related note, I was looking through the best undrafted players of the past 20 years (as there really weren’t any in the 80s) and it’s amazing to see such a clear pattern – all of the best players are defensive players – Wallace, Bowen and Raja Bell.”

    Jose Calderon went undrafted, :P

  41. Nobody is against NY any more than any other team. Other teams are operating in their own best interest, the idea that they’re trying to screw the Knicks is ridiculous.


    I think the trade is dumb, but I don’t think it’s dumb to hurt the Knicks or whatever. Other GMs just aren’t as good as Morey.

  42. @42

    The signing of Livingston will be Hiroshima and it will follow with the much heralded Nagasaki of signings, Ian Mahimni (sp?)

  43. Jose Calderon went undrafted, :P


    True, I actually meant to add “point guards” to the pattern. It seems like it is defensive specialists and point guards (usually short ones) that go undrafted and later make it in the NBA.

  44. @44

    Defense definitely is underrated/harder to isolate, but Brad Miller and Jose Calderon were undrafted FAs who are not defenders. Carlos Arroyo, Charlie Bell, Jannero Pargo, Will Bynum, Jose Juan Barea were undrafted guys also not known only for D.

  45. Brad Miller just plain ol’ doesn’t make sense.

    Why wasn’t he drafted?

  46. Here’s a fun question – who is the best undrafted point guard of the past 20 years?

    Darrell Armstrong or Jose Calderon?

    Or if you wish to argue for Boykins, I guess you can.

  47. @47 A couple of other posts (from other posters) have specifically said that teams are out to screw NY/no one likes NY… Maybe there was some sarcasm in there I missed.

    I also don’t see the trade as dumb for Washington. If they are targeting Damion James (who I like), they saw an opportunity to add two rotation players that fit what they’re trying to do at an average of around $5-6 mill each for the next two years. Both are solid defenders. Both are smart players. Both can shoot well for their positions. It might not have the potential to be a grand slam, but two above average rotation players at $5-6 mill each for a team with playoff aspirations would be a solid extra base hit with men on.

  48. A couple of other posts (from other posters) have specifically said that teams are out to screw NY/no one likes NY… Maybe there was some sarcasm in there I missed.

    No, I think you’re right that folks are saying that. I’m agreeing with you that it is foolish to make that argument.

    And as for Wizards, for the level of desperation Chicago is at to get the space, it doesn’t sound like an impressive haul. Especially since Hinrich is signed for two years for big money both years.

  49. Had they picked up Deng instead for the same deal, that I could get behind.

  50. Does seem like they might have gotten more, but an above-average rotation player and a mid-first for nothing but space is solid. Hinrich is not Jared Jeffries. A 2nd rounder would have been nice, but it’s sort of a marginal improvement to the trade.

    It does surprise me a little they brought him in to play the 2-guard, since he’s been worse at that spot than at the 1. This is also a team that thought Randy Foye was going to be a great addition and gave up the #5 pick for Foye and Mike Miller………..

    Because he can shoot, run an offense, and defend Hinrich does everything they’ll need next to Wall and Arenas (assuming they can’t trade Arenas, which maybe they know they can…). If they’re crazy about Damion James (or whoever else) this might have been their only shot at him.

  51. Scale of 1-10 on how bad the last 24 hours have been for the knicks?

    I’m thinking about an 8…

  52. The rumor on (think it was there) was Damion James. A bunch of bigmen, Whiteside, Orton, Alabi, Sanders, Seraphin, Brackins, Pleiss… might actually be the apple of their eye.

  53. @30 – “If I were him, I know I’d want to go and win a championship in a city that will never get over the six won by the greatest basketball player of all-time.”

    Was this meant to be sarcastic? I think that may be one of the only reasons the Knicks may be able to attract him instead of CHI or MIA. He’ll never be known as “THE guy” in either of those towns.

    I have faith that Donnie will get it done.

  54. Again, whether this gets Chicago Lebron or not, it’s still a fantastic trade for them because it allows them to bring in two other max free agents, Lebron or not. And all they have to give up to dump Hinrich is the #17 pick?!? That’s way light for a guy that they could not give away last season.

  55. Also, Brian, for examples of dumb trades I’d use one word: McHale. To not get Rondo or Perkins for KG was dumb. Jaric was dumb. At least Memphis got Marc and cap spacem

  56. Windhorst finally posted something on it (I dig Windhorst’s insights) and he came through with a great bit – the cap space Washington is using here was acquired by…wait for it….trading Jamison to Cleveland! Hilarious.

  57. Also, Brian, for examples of dumb trades I’d use one word: McHale. To not get Rondo or Perkins for KG was dumb. Jaric was dumb. At least Memphis got Marc and cap spacem

    Yeah, I remember here on the site when the news was coming out and we were all “Okay, if they lose Rondo as well, it’s not so bad” and, of course, they did not.

    As for Gasol – it certainly worked out pretty well, all said and done (Gasol for Randolph and Gasol, basically), but do you really think that they were that confident that they were getting a good player in Gasol? Sounds more like dumb luck.

  58. @60

    I don’t put too much stock in not being “the man.” Where ever LeBron goes he’ll be “the man.” He’s the kind of guy who I’d think would relish the opportunity to compete with MJ: a true competitor. I think NYC is a better place to live and work than Chicago or Miami (which are nice places to live, but not THE global Mecca of culture) and that the Knicks can make just about as good a basketball case as those teams, so I’m not too worried.


    I don’t know if Hinrich was untradable so much as there were no good trades out there.

    Washington clearly wants a combo-guard next to Arenas (hence Foye) and I guess Wall too.

    #17 pick isn’t nothing…

    If the 2 maxes they sign are johnson/gay/boozer/amare… They might live to regret the trade. Most don’t want the Knicks maxing those guys, so I don’t see that as a good thing for Chicago necessarily

  59. I think Johnson and Rose would compliment each other well and Amare (or Lee or Boozer) would be served well playing next to a defensive 5 like Noah.

    I think their pieces make the consolation prize free agents make more sense for them than they would for the Knicks.

  60. Under normal circumstances Mike, I would agree that passing on a player due to his percieved inability to fit into the coach’s style of play is foolish. Having said that, this is D’Antoni we are talking about. You said it both in the D’Antoni rules and the report card: D’Antoni plays who he likes and good or bad he sticks with it.

    Taking a player that you know the coach won’t give a fair shot to, is the foolish thing. We saw it over the last two seasons and we know it is not going to change. Not Walsh or Dolan is going to force D’Antoni to play a guy he does not like. So we might as well stop banging our head against the wall on this subject. As long as MD is coach, we are stuck with his player rotation and minute allocation. Having Varnado pull 71 dnp (CD)s does this team as much good as never drafting him at all. We ended up trading Jordan last year before we even knew what we had. A defensive player who is an offensive liability and a rookie won’t get minutes.

    Even if we sign some top flight offensive talent free agents, I doubt Varnados 2 minutes per game are going to do us much good if the top flight offensive players are made to play solid team defense.

  61. @65

    Yeah, I think they were high on Marc Gasol. He was one of the best players in Europe. They came out and said when they made the trade that was a big reason why. Some luck was involved: Marc has basically hit his ceiling. He was a guy they probably knew well from his HS days in Memphis, hanging around with Pau probably. Even today I’m surprised they couldn’t get more, but I think Marc was the prize there in their eyes.

  62. To clarify, Marc was having a break out seaon after being drafted. Establishing himself as an elite player in Europe. So he probably would have gone first round, maybe even lottery, were the draft re-picked at the time of the trade. His upside was always limited by lack of athleticism, so that’s why I say he’s hit his ceiling as a young player.

  63. If Donnie will take Monta Ellis (he’s probably too smart) with some of our space, we can get our hands on the #6 pick. Maybe we can trade them Eddy Curry, they took Gadzuric and Bell for Maggette, maybe we can fool them into taking Eddy FatSacks, and land Greg Monroe and Monta Ellis. Better than Curry, and if Melo signs an extension, everything works out.

  64. That’s straight from ESPN, they reported that if you wanted the #6 pick, you’ll have to take back Ellis. A move like this is something Donnie should consider. Its just Monta Ellis is a black hole, kinda sucks.

  65. BTW I was being sarcastic about everyone hating/screwing the Knicks on purpose, hence me ending my comment with saying its a conspiracy which obviously there isnt.

  66. @69 Perhaps. But Van Gundy didn’t want Marcus Camby, and that worked out fine in the end. Trust is a two-way street, and I think Walsh has stood up for the coach enough times to earn some respect. If Donnie told Mike “trust me on this one & give the kid a chance – we need some defense” D’Antoni would eventually play the guy.

  67. DraftExpress must have updated it’s mock right before the draft. They now have the knicks taking Willie Warren and Zoubek. It had 2 different players a few hours ago.

  68. TDM you know ESPN is streaming this online if you are still looking for a feed.

  69. Hornets ship Aldrich to the Thunder for the 18 and 21 picks.
    Wolves ship Babbitt to Portland.

  70. Wow…deals flying in all over the place, but Aldrich stays a Thunder…good news for the Knicks.

    Also, I don’t think the Bulls’ trade is a bad thing necessarily for the Knicks…same thing with the Heat…didn’t LeBron say he would make a decision quickly? Seems to me all this wheelin’ and dealin’ is too little too late.

  71. N.O. trading Aldrich could mean they are looking for pg depth because they have a deal in place for cp3.

  72. Well, with Collison and Bledsoe in place, Paul ain’t going to NJ, right? So who do we offer?

  73. Goodbye Brackins. We hardly knew ye. MIL looks to be tough but will probably average 64 pts a game.
    And hello Kahn? He gets a straight up F so far.

  74. I think it may be time to nominate David Kahn in the Worst GM category. Most deals you can at least imagine the fantasy someone had, thinking it might work. Babbitt for Webster is one of those rare ones – like signing Jerome James – where even before it goes down, you couldn’t come up with a defense if you were the guy’s lawyer. And I think Wes Johnson will be the most high-profile flop of 2010. (I mean, I think he’ll have an ok career, but in 3 years we will laugh that he was taken ahead of DeMarcus Cousins).

  75. Nice pick by the ATLiens though. And I like what the Wizz are doing.
    Seriously though, Golden State and ‘Sota need to become D-League teams stat. For the good of the league.

  76. Ha, this is a funny quote on the Knicks blog:

    “Selecting Trevor Booker ahead of Hassan Whiteside is like choosing Khloe Kardashian over Kim Kardashian.”

  77. I’m not sure what OKC is up to… they seem to be giving up an awful lot for Aldrich. Bledsoe was a good move for the Clips but I can see why the Thunder did it.

  78. Sounds like “Airplane.” Crawford, Crawford. Crawford, Crawford. Crawford in for Crawford

  79. I’m actually relieved… don’t think much of Vasquez as a long-term prospect… although I know he has fans.

  80. Stu Skizzle just said GV was 6-11. Well maybe in shoes, Bootsie Collins platform shoes that is.

  81. “Grievous” error by Memphis…

    Oh and Mike K. popping up on espn chat. Salut!

  82. Why would Memphis select Vasquez – doesn’t make sense. Two SGs and another PG when they have Conley and Mayo. Another trade coming up?

  83. @107 I agree. Every bad pick ahead of 38 means a good player stays on the board for us.

  84. I think teams are getting smarter… except for David Kahn and maybe Presti, they’re picking the best available, not worrying about position..

  85. Probably only 2 picks ‘could have’ gone after ours though – Vasquez and Booker.

  86. Aw man – just read this on realgm:

    “The Grizzlies will select Greivis Vasquez and the pick might be bought by the Knicks.”

  87. “might” now that’s a strong word!

    I dunno, not the end of the world, but we’re a team that needs to swing for the fences. THat’s not General Grievous.

  88. “might” is enough to scare the bejeezus out of me. And Lazer is gone to the Wolves. That’s 3 small forwards for Krazy Kahn. Gotta love him.

  89. Varnado, Whiteside, Alabi, Armon Johnson, Terrico White, Stanley Robinson… maybe Hobson or Lin… looks like some good prospects will still be on the board..

  90. A lot of bigs dropped to the second round – alabi, whiteside, pleiss, zoubek, prestes . . .

  91. what’s up with showing these 5’10 drunk guys each time they announce a pick? Like that’s Tibor Pleiss?

  92. Game over, LeBron can’t pass up a chance to play with Dexter Pittman. :: sobbing in my beer

  93. What does “NBA body” mean? Isnt everybody in the NBA in possession of an NBA body?

  94. There might actually be TOO MANY CHOICES left. Whiteside, T. White, Warren, Alabi, Hobson…

    Oops, scratch Whitey. Good for Sacto.

  95. But where does all this leave Jason Thompson? Would San Antonio give up Hill, for Thompson?

  96. Its amazing, the wingspan on these guys!
    They are just so long!
    Glad there was no Dickie V this year, can you imagine that overgrown child moaning about the lack of seniors drafted? Fire Jay Bilas!

  97. So the Knicks allegedly bought a 1st round pick and didn’t take Whiteside? Lame.

  98. So uh..who are we going to take now?

    I feel like we’re gonna end up with Tiny Gallon or something. Dallas just bought Memphis’ 25th pick for cash. I was hoping we’d be able to do something like that.

  99. Kings are gonna be a bunch of headcases, no? Tyreke, Cousins and Whiteside? They could be fun to watch.

  100. Alabi & Varnado – one of ’em’s gotta know how to play!

    I kinda like Stanley R… I know Warren is the kind of guy I go for, a totally wacko hail mary pass, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way..

  101. Andy Rautins? Really? c’mon!!!!! we better take Alabi, if we pass on him, I’ll shoot my TV.

  102. Are you kidding me? They had to take the one and only college player I disliked enough to root against last year? I hate Andy Rautins.

  103. I’m sure LeBron got a shiver up his leg hearing Rautins and Fields being picked. Who the F()(#$&* is Landry Fields, Donnie???

  104. oh my…there go the Free Agents. Nobody is coming. I can’t believe this…with all the centers on the board???

  105. Our team looks more and more like the Whoopi Goldberg coached fake Knicks in Eddie EVERY DAY

  106. WTF???!!! I finally come out from my self-imposed Knicks exile and they draft those 2 guys? WTF!

  107. geez..just when u think DW was doin some smart drafting…he gets us ANOTHER SF…Alabi was there!!! Alabi was there!!!!

  108. Easy Ess… there’s probably a trade in the works… and if not… Brooklyn Nets in 2012…

  109. So I can only assume someone in the war room just decided to pull out the dartboard for these 2 picks knowing we wouldn’t sign anyone anyway?

  110. Real GM Andy Rautins ranking NOT SELECTED

    Real GM Landry Fields ranking NOT SELECTED

  111. All the guys we have been talking about on this blog were still on the board – Stephenson, Alabi, Ebanks, Gallon, Varnado, Lawal, etc. This is so frustrating. Two blown drafts in a row!!! I’m seriously thinking of switching to a Nets fan.

  112. I dunno, we’re talking #38 and #39 here – I tend to give the front office a lot more leeway at this point in the draft.

  113. Well, at least I still got the Thunder, who’ve made more moves than a drunk guy at Ladies’ night.

  114. I don’t like Chad Ford’s “Fields wasn’t even in my Top 100” as if that means something definitive.

  115. Mrs. B just asked “why draft 2 guys that would have otherwise gone undrafted? You could sign them in the summer if they were so important to you.”

    And she’s cute too. :)

  116. I am going to be a contrarian and say this Fields thing might be smart.
    Rautins over Varnado and Alabi, or almost anyone, on the other hand..

  117. Well the Heat got two long, athletic, explosive player. Good for them (punches self in face)

  118. Do you remember the machine in the Princess bride that steals a year of your life? Donnie just did that to me…again.

  119. I do think that either Chandler or the rights to Fields will me moved very soon though…problee Chandler becuz he can fetch us more and Fields almost replicates Chandler but is a better shooter..I still don’t like him for the Knicks tho..especially with the shotblockers available. But i’m diggin the Rautins pick. Listen..I’m a Georgetown Hoya at heart so I don’t like Rautins as a college player b/c he went 2 Syracuse. But, he’s a smart player, and is more athletic and defensive than he’s been given credit for. He can play both guard spots and hit shots almost with his eyes closed. Not dynamic, but solid. We won’t regret pickin this kid. We REALLY need a PG who can penetrate now tho…and Alabi

  120. Ugh, despite them only being 2nd round picks, I’m getting a flashback to the ’96 Draft.

  121. Is it possible that Alabi, Jerome Jordan, and willie warren go undrafted?

    Another SF, my ass is officially chapped.

    Here’s the challenge, $10 to the first person that can find ANY mock draft having either of these guys getting drafted by the Knicks.

  122. Pitiful. It just hurts when the picks likely would have been available as non-draftees.

  123. All I’m saying is that the stats are there, and the PAC-10 isn’t that bad. It’s not like drafting a “project” in the early 2nd round who shoots 39% from the field and has a high turnover rate. The kid projects to be a quality starter in the NBA, and perhaps it’s that he doesn’t have the John Wall-like ESPN-constructed narrative that made him fall under the radar.

  124. I’m gonna play optimist here, just because that my nature and I don’t know how else to approach this.

    Andy Rautins is actually an excellent role player to put around LeBron. In the second round, you’re hopefully drafting role players with one usable skill, and we all know that you might as well put shooters around LeBron. So here’s a shooter – in fact, probably the best pure shooter in the draft.

    As for Landry Fields, well, maybe Donnie looked at Hollinger’s PER and Berri’s PAWS and saw a prospect that analytically was too tantalizing to pass up – which is a sign that he’s trusting less with his guts and more with numbers.

    So he took a deep shooter and a player that the numbers say is gonna be productive in the league.

    Is that good? Did I at least give one of you a little glimmer of light?

  125. Is it me or does it feel like DW is playing it way too conservative and not trying to make something happen? I can’t comment much on the picks because I don’t know much about the players. I do know we need a defensive big though. Seems like Donnie is sorta the anti-Isiah. Isiah would make deals just to make a splash, Donnie just does nothing but cut payroll.

  126. Damn, a nice pick for the Wolves finally. I feel queasy. Any chance we grab one of these leftover bigs or is D’Antoni going to ride into the fall with Wilson playing center?

  127. Well between NY/Chicago/Miami one of them is gonna flop hard in free agency, and I just have a really shitty feeling it’s gonna be us…

  128. From the Fields article:

    “But not in the case of Fields. He was the best player in the Pac-10, and the only reason he was not named conference player of the year was because his team finished last. That, of course, is one of the issues hurting his draft status. NBA scouts figure that if Fields were pro material he would have lifted his team out of last place in a conference that was not very good.

    However, no player had less surrounding talent, and virtually all of the Cardinal’s success resulted from Fields’ presence. He manufactured nearly all of Stanford’s offense, whether it was to create a scoring opportunity for himself or for a teammate. The Cardinal’s best offensive set was to give Fields the ball on the wing or at the top of the key and let him try to create something, which he usually did. He led the conference in scoring by a wide margin, and was second in rebounding. Fields scored at least 14 points in every game, an indicator of remarkable consistency.”

    I don’t care about per game totals, nor rebound totals, but there’s evidence (ugh, I sound like a follower of the Cult of Berri) that team success translates to a higher draft spot, so, of course, the inverse should also follow. I don’t like Rautins because he looks like an _______, but seriously– what’s there not to like about Fields at #39?

  129. I live in Stanford and got to watch Fields play a bunch of times. The rest of our team was crap but Fields definitely stepped his game up this year. I think he’ll be a solid player, but he is a lot like Chandler…

  130. And Dallas takes Alabi…I see why we passed on him. 6rpg? By no means is that acceptable for a 7 footer.

  131. Fine! I’ll try to like the overeducated douchebag. But Rautins has ‘ballboy’ written all over him. His ceiling looks to be somewhere between Forrest Gump and Powder…

  132. Just hypothetical: If Fields turns out to be some sort of replica for Chandler, then Chandler is redudant, so we can trade him for Rudy, who becomes our starting 2-guard, which we all dig, yes, and Rautins serves only as a deep-shooting specialist, then what did we lose here?

    I’m grasping for straws.

  133. Ha… these picks are getting more humorous. “With the #22 in round 2 the Keltics select, muscular leprechaun, Luke Harangody from our Lady of Notre Dame. Much Guinness is spilt.”

  134. Although I’m holding out hope for this draft, it makes me so sad that we’re pinning the future of our beloved franchise on two picks in the late-thirties without any sure-fire impact players left on the board. Dejuan Blairs only come around every few years. I still hate Walshtoni for passing him up last year. And Ty Lawson. ****ing D’antoni and his stupid ****ing player preferences.

  135. So as it stands, we look like Rautins/Douglas/Chandler/Gallo/Fields/Walker/Curry. Donnie has tons of work to do.

  136. My god, Donald Sterling, or whoever is running the Clips’ draft is an evil effing genius…Willie Warren shined when playing alongside Blake Griffin, who is supposed to get healthy next season…craps the Clips are gonna be badass…why WOULDN’T LeBron wanna go there? This time, I’m being serious…plug him in with that lineup and the bench and GAWD….

  137. Once we trade half our cap space for Baron Davis, they’ll be all set… mwah ha ha haaaaa…

  138. try sending Baron to the Wolves for Rubio.

    but am I right, or did we buy both Jerome Jordan and Grevais Vazquez?

  139. but am I right, or did we buy both Jerome Jordan and Grevais Vazquez?

    The former appears to be confirmed, the latter sounds like a rumor.

  140. Was out all night.

    It’s 2nd round picks, so honestly it’s a serious crapshoot. But why Rautins over Jon Scheyer. Berri and Hoopsanalyst both love Landry Fields/Jerome Jordan (assuming it’s true)

    Effing Bucks. Jobbing the Nix out of Hobson.

  141. Where’s everyone hearing about this Jerome Jordan trade from?

    Hahn is reporting it.

  142. And that’s all she wrote. Lotta teams did alright. Miami, NJ, Wash, Bucks, Kings, Blazers…
    Now we can focus on whether LBJ will have steak tartar or trout almondine when he visits NYC and what that might mean.

  143. Zoubek went undrafted – you could do worse than him on the end of the bench.

  144. Jon Scheyer, Manny Harris, Sylven Landesberg – some interesting undrafted players out there.

  145. anyone have a link to the Vasquez rumor?

    Does it seem to anyone else that when Hobson was taken, Donnie panicked?

  146. Stephenson and Varnado seemed pretty obvious there, another shitty draft by Walsh.

    there’s a good chance this summer will mark the end of my 30 years as a Knicks fan, at least until Dolan sells the team, but I’ll see how it plays out and stay optimistic about LeBron until he actually signs elsewhere. which, as much as I love NY, I would if I were him, because this organization is awful.

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