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The internet offers a place for many people to express their opinion. Gone are the days where only the opinion of people who get paid for writing are seen by the masses. Today anyone can state what they think on a subject publicly, for everyone to see. Below are some quotes taken directly from various web pages, so I can’t take credit for any of them. I’ve only added a lighthearted header (in bold) to enhance your reading pleasure.

Trade 5: Reality for Xbox 360?

4 trades that make the knicks champions next year…

Trade 1: Marbury and Rose to Cleveland for hughes, gooden, and damon jones

Trade 2: Knicks trade Frye, Lee, jeffries and 2008 2nd round pick to sacramento for Artest, Garcia, and 2007 #10 pick.

Trade 3: Knicks trade curry, nate and #10 pick to charlotte for okafor, brevin knight and #22 pick.

Trade 4: Knicks trade francis, crawford, #22 and #23. and 2009 1st round unprotected to indiana for o’neal and tinsley

I’m pretty sure he’s a Scorpio, but I’m really not into Astrology.

This is just a rumor, but according to Jonathan Givony from Draft Express, there’s talk that the Knicks may trade Jamal Crawford straight up for Ron Artest, or a package of Channing Frye and Malik Rose for Artest.

Listen to his podcast. This rumor comes up around the 11 minute mark.

Personally I wouldn’t do it. For all his talent, I think he’s a cancer.

But the old rookies come in well fed.

The young rookies come into the NBA hungry. They play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

If Isiah can draft a tough-minded kid who can score and defend, that would be priceless.

Does shooting 4 for 12 create a rift in the space-time continum creating a new dimension?

I think Jcraw has been one of our best players since the halfway mark of 2005/2006.
Jcraw is a notorious slow starter to sasons. I dont know why that is but I think Jcraws teammates and other teams players know what a dynamic dimension Jcraw brings to this team. I called our collaspe the day we learned about Jcraw being out because I realize how important his passing, ability to break down the defense and his clutch shooting late in games meant to us.

And from the same post:
It’s easy for us to overcome an injury, but it’s probably a bit harder for the person that’s injured.

The injuries to Dlee hurt as well but I felt we could over come Dlees injury not Jcraws.

Also my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate is a dating a writer of Lost, and he says that everyone is dead and the island is really purgatory.

Just letting yall know, lil inside info..

I know a girl from Seattle who dates Danny Fortson and they know Rashards brother – they went to his house recently (Rashard) and it was being prepared to be sold – she said its 100% hes leaving and so is Fortson if anyone cares LOL.

The right nut is reserved for a Frye/Oden package.

I would give Lee and my left NUT for Kobe.

So you would have passed on David Lee?

You never draft tall and white, never. Unless the kid can flush anything around the basket which he [Aaron Gray] can’t. He is dunk bait, travis knight was a better prospect and thats scary

I’m a pacifist, so I’ll go with ‘trade.’

This is just opinion. Save the negative noninformational bullshit for an Isiah thread.



Trade or kill

Mike Rowe’s not afraid either.

Colorado State?s Jason Smith, a finesse 7-footer moving up and into the first round on many draft boards of late, also does not lack in confidence. ?I bet I could come in and be a starter for the Knicks,? he said. ?Look, I?ve got the fight in me to get better. I work hard every day. I can face the basket or play down low. I?m not afraid to do the dirty jobs. I?ll do anything to help my team.?

?The Knicks are a rising organization and I think — no, I know — that I could help them win.?

I said this last summer, but then again the only person I beat in the TrueHoop smackdown was Henry’s mom.

Last year the Chicago Bulls finished 6th in the NBA on defense so Wallace doesn?t address a big need for them. However it doesn?t mean that the signing won?t make them better. One way Big Ben can help the Bulls is to make them the best defensive team in the league.

and from the same article:

On the other hand, the biggest winners in the Ben Wallace sweepstakes could be the Cleveland Cavaliers. During the regular season the Cavs finished second in their division behind the Pistons, and Cleveland?s postseason was ended in the second round of the playoffs by Detroit. LeBron James is already playing MVP caliber ball, and if Ilgauskas and Hughes stay healthy for the year (and maybe with a little off-season tweaking) dismantling the Pistons could be just the thing they need to reach the Conference Finals.

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13 thoughts to “They Said It”

  1. pretty funny idea, but the sad thing is that paid columnists are just about as bad. John Hollinger on his own could fill a page like this just from this season.

    and the Cavs are mostly lucky that Chicago blew that late regular season game to NJ. if the Bulls win that one, it’s quite possible that the Cavs lose in the first round to Miami.

  2. Knickerblogger just clowns himself by thinking making a website makes him any more knowledgable than any other lame punk hater on the net.

    There is a reason Marbury cried when Jcraw got hurt. He knew how it would effect our team.

    There is a reason Isiah has Jcraw make all the toughest passes from Dlees tips to out of bound alley oops. He knows Jcraw is our best passer.

    There is a reason our teams record collasped without Jcraw

    Lastly Jcraw doesnt shoot 33% so that fool needs to get a clue

  3. There definitely is a reason the teams record collapsed after Crawford went down: the injury to Lee a week earlier.

  4. Who in the heck calls players (every player, at that) by their first initial/last name and expects to be taken seriously? Really. Oh, and ‘JCraw’ shot 40%, not 33%. 41% for his career. He’s not improving. Big difference. Who cares? If he doesn’t learn what a good shot is, he’s worthless.

  5. Does anyone have a sense on how serious Lee’s injury really is/was. The reports I read say he’s not even pushing it yet and that seems a little suspicious. It would suck if cause of bad medical advice we lose Lee for an extended period this year.

  6. What’s going on here, has a fight broken out at Knickerblogger Central over Eddy Curry’s grade?

  7. I hope Curry’s people hunt you down and kill you before next season, just so we don’t have to hear a whole ‘nother season of this. he’s not going anywhere, deal with it or go root for another team.

  8. The Curry piece hasn’t gone up yet? Weird.

    It’s totally written.

    KB just must have it being posted a little later in the day than usual.

  9. I think the knicks can do several things to help improve our current roster without completely destroying our future which we all know we are capable of doing.

    Ig I am correct the Knicks will be under the cap and have the resources to go out and sign a free agent 2 summers from now. With that being said why not try and aquire a player that has a similiar contract, via Rasheed Wallace or Ron Artest (who would both LOVE to come to NY). If that happens we become an instant playoff team, maybe not a contender, but who knows in the eat and leaves room to sign any player we want in free agency 2 years from now bc we all know if we have the can everyone from kobe to grandmama would love to suite up the blue, white and orange.

    On the other hand I wouldnt be totaly upset with NO move at all. I see us as a playoff team right now. Maybe not competing for a title, but atleast I can enjoy Bball in JUNE.

    What do u guys thnk?????

  10. In the big picture, Rasheed is no superstar and would not turn us into a title contender… BUT there are several advantages to the trade that was thrown out there earlier.

    – Crawford shouldn’t even be in the rotation, and unless Frye bounces back, he shouldn’t either. So adding Rasheed would be a significant upgrade.

    – Like David Lee, Rasheed doesn’t need the ball in his hands to make an impact. His usage rate is only 17.6, 64th in the league, i.e. he has a low “usage rate.” (17.6, 64th in the league). That’s important on a team with Curry, Marbury & Francis, who need the ball ALL THE TIME. They ain’t in there for defense.

    – The personality thing is overrated. Teams that do well/exceed expectations become happy teams, not vice-versa. Based on all the trade rumors that have been floated over the years, it looks like Rashweed would love to play in New York – so he wouldn’t grumble, at least for a while.

    – Worst-case, the deal is up in two years and we could re-assess.

    – From Detroit’s perspective, it’s not an overwhelming deal, but it’s not a lowball offer either. It dpends how highly you think of Frye, or if a player you like is available at 23. Plus, Crawford would be an upgrade as a backup, for a team that wants to make a title run. On a team that’s treading water, like NYK – he’s just taking minutes from Nate (or this year’s pick), who might develop into a real player.

    – Most important, the deal would put us in shouting range of being able to sign David Lee to an extension and still be under the cap at the end of 2009. As of now, Curry/Crawford/Richardson/James/Jeffries eat up about $50 million… another few million for Balkman/Colins and this year’s draft pick… and we’re already pushing it. Any deal that dumps one of the above contracts, for a deal expiring in 2009 or 2008, would be a fantastic move. To get a player like Rasheed in the bargain…

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