The New York Knicks Suck

It’s almost 9:20. Larry Brown has gotten ejected from the game. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to watch this game either.

The Knicks are down by 20 in the middle of the 3rd quarter. After tonight, they’ll only have won 1 of their last 10 games. Kobe Bryant is walking all over the court. I don’t blame the refs for not calling travelling. I don’t want this game to continue either.

This comes after an embarassing loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The last time the Hawks were good was 1998. In 1998, Iverson was only in his second year. Prior to the Hawks, the Knicks lost to the Sixers. Without Iverson.

It’s almost 9:40. They’re down by 30 points in the fourth. Tonight the Knicks have been unbearable to watch. In fact for over a month and a half, the Knicks have been unbearable to watch. It’s sad that the Knicks don’t even have some draft picks to make this season worthwhile.

I don’t know what else to write.

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Mike Kurylo

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43 thoughts to “The New York Knicks Suck”

  1. maybe steph should shut it down for a while. it’s pointless having him out there playing 3/4 healthy. not sure what zeke is waiting for in acquiring a backup PG. nate’s not going to be it, and neither is crawford. (the penny situation is pure comedy: $15M a year and he’s “rehabbing” in a warm climate to “strengthen his legs” so he can “return to the team.” please.)

    glad to hear LB acknowledge that young players should get more playing time, that NYK is not going to make the playoffs. you almost never hear that in sports, especially from a coach in new york.

    man, i posted a few weeks ago that NYK no longer sucks.

    they suck.

    the 07 draft is stacked. stacked! if NYK continues to suck, and chicago gets a bigtime player with that pick swap, not even zeke could survive that kind of calamity.

  2. If Larry starts playing the rookies big minutes and decides to start the rebuilding project himself, will he get fired for not doing as he’s told by upper management?

  3. Why would upper management tell him to play the likes of Malik Rose, Antonio Davis and Mo Taylor over the rookies? Not that I’d be suprised if that came out at some point with this organization.

  4. The fact that the Knick suck isn’t a new relevation. The Scott Layden era is the “True” cause of the dire situation the KNicks are in. The bad draft pick’s ( whatever happened to the French guy he picked over Artest?), The lousy trades, (Nene for a broken McDyess with a bum wheel). These are just a few things in the years of incompitence of the Layden era. Now steps in Zeke, with nothing to work with but draft picks. He has made some Layden-like moves; Mohammad for Rose Ugh!, one year wonder James, no Zeke hasn’t been the stafing genius we expected, but our future does look bright. But, the biggest mistake Zeke made was he brought the wrong type of coach in for this team. Lov’em or leave’m Larry inspires no one. The rules of the game have changed before his eyes, and he has not adjusted his coaching methods. Look at Detroit, do you think that team coached by LB would have a chance at 70 games? I don’t, this is a young team that would be more effective running and gunning, than trying to play a traditional style af 1/2 court b-ball. considering the lack of defense on the team you have to score more as opposed to trying to slow the game down. We have been hurt by our coaches for way to long. Riley recently admitted that he should have played Ro Blackman, over Stark’s in game 7. But, I could go on on on, but I feel we will be back on top. It will take 2 years to get to the playoffs, and 5 to win it all. But, I dont think we’ll have Zeke, or LB o get us there.

  5. I can’t explain why i get perverse pleasure watching the Knicks,Thomas and Brown flounder. I went from a rabid supporter to a Knick basher in three years.Ineptitude,greed and karmic retribution at the management level( from Dolan down)rivals what happened to the Clippers and Sterling situation.

  6. Rob, how can you compare the Knicks to the Clippers when it comes to upper-management? Sterling today looks like a genius not spending the money, while all this franchise has done, and will aways to is spend money.

    I’ve been a Knick fan for over 20 years, and will always be a Knick fan, win or lose. We know managment refuses to “rebuild”, and demand their GM’s to make a move. Why do you think Layden made so many retarded moves. He had good pick’s and you give them away year after year. Sterling has always had good pick’s and keep them, then underpaid their personal. But, today the clippers are 10 games ver .500.

    Remember Layden’s last year with the team? Well I do, we had the 7th pick which we traded to get McDyses. This move allowed the Suns to take Amare with the 9th pick. We have always had a pattern of taking older support players over youth.

    We are breaking that habit now in a way. I did not agree with letting Nazi go to get get Rose ( a shell of his former self).

    This is a storm we have to ride out, if we stand pat and let our talent develop we will be a serious threat in the east. we do need a legit scorer at the small forward position. David Lee is not the answer for that spot. I think if we now rely on draft picks we will be too young and inexperienced, and have a longer way to go to become competitive.

    Mr. Dolan leave the team alone, we have already lost this season. Let’s play the youth and the guys you’d like to move. If we don’t play them nobody’s going to want them. think about it, if you can’t get minutes on this team, what team would want you.

    Blue and Orange to the bone.

  7. These damm Knicks! Never mind the poor draft history, horrible trades, greedy “self proclaimed” greatest point guard claims, sexual harassment lawsuits, NO team chemistry, and probably the worse two GM’s money can buy in the NBA history (expect for the loser who took SAM BOWIE over MICHEAL JORDAN! I?ll probably would have committed suicide) the Knicks are still 2/3 transactions away form being contenders. I mean i am being overzealous but 1) King James, 2 Yao Ming (maybe), 3) Ben Wallace 4) Amare (restricted but i can still dream) 5) Al Harrington 6) Peja 7)Chris ( give him and chance )Wilcox

    Now, Let me know if I’m dreaming because I think getting 2 or 3 of these guys will put us in contention…we have the money and the fame to attract any player.

  8. No players, no draft picks, no cap room, no chemistry, no heart, no hope. The Knicks are 5 years away from being any good at all.
    As far as I’m concerned, everyone – EVERYONE – is expendable, Isiah Thomas included. He’ll be tossed overboard of this sinking ship soon enough anyway – he has done absolutely nothing good for this team. As much as I respected him as a player, he is a complete failure as a GM. Let Larry Brown play the rookies for the rest of the season – they’re the only ones even pretending to play hard.
    In my opinion, what the Knicks should do is let expiring contracts expire, release the rest, then let Larry run a draft, pick his own players and make his own trades. Blow it up, start from scratch. I can live with rebuilding, as long as I see some evidence that it is a TOTAL rebuilding – from the ground up, all over again.
    Forget Theo Ratliff, forget Steve Francis, forget Kevin Garnett – forget any other trades for aging veterans and overrated role players (and NO, LeBron James is NEVER coming here – give it up). Field a team of 12 rookies, I don’t care – if they play hard and listen to Larry, I’ll watch.
    But for God’s sake, BUILD SOMETHING!!

  9. I’m not surprised with the job Isiah is doing. He almost ruined the raptors a few years back, destroyed the CBA and now he’s showing he truly has the midas touch with his work with the knicks.

  10. Raptor fan,
    With all due respect to your Raptor fan-dom, that’s a myth, at least the Raptor part. First of all, they were an expansion team so there wasn’t anything there to “ruin.” More important, when Isiah left, the Raps had a nucleus of draft picks Stoudamire, McGrady, and Camby, plus cheap trade pick up Doug Christie (plus the draft pick they would use to draft Vince Carter. Not a bad nucleus for an expansion team. Those guys all left or were traded after Isiah was gone (except maybe Stoudamire, not sure on that one). Too bad for Toronto that they couldn’t hang on to that talent.

  11. Larry gets 10 million a year to babysit. I don’t feel sorry for him? Look at Starberry and Sir Francis laughing while they are losing another game. Wouldn’t you if you were making 15 million a year to screw off? New York is a Godsend for overpaid primadonnas on their way down. Who is the owner of the Knicks? Shouldn’t he be pissed off at Isiah for squandering millions on these bozos?

  12. The Knicks should give Marbury, Rose and Francis away for anyone willing to take their salaries, or maybe some draft picks. New York has some decent hustle players in Quentin, Curry, Fry, Nate, Jamal, David, Malik. There’s a 500 team right there.

  13. THe kicks suck, so what else is new? They have been sucking for couple of years now. Steph has to go, yet another overpaid and underperforming athlete. He had the pefect opprtunity to win with KG but he siad “i dont think I can play when he is making all that money”. its not like he was not making his millions. He is just another mediocre PG. He has not done anything to make any of the teams he has been in any better. For example PHX suns: he didnt do shit over there, J Kidd comes in and makes a difference. NJ Nets: didnt do squat over there, JKidd comes in and Boom championship contenders. Steve Nash goes to Phx boom one the elite teams in NBA. Steph goes to NY: worst record in the NBA. He wants to question the coaches teaching methods, dude just shut up and play and listen to what a championship winning coach has to tell you. Word of advise to the knicks: Get rid of Steph, Fransis, QRichardson and 1st and foremost ISAH THOMAS. He is crazy. No management skill what so ever. Brings in Penny( another overpaid player) and his huge contract, trades the 1st pick for EDDIE CURRY? are you serious? What has Eddie done that you throw you 1st pick away on a washout HS player? you bring in Steve Fransis(another overpaid athlete) and along with him yet another Huge contract. What has Fransis aka. The FRANCHISE done in Houston all those years? and in Orlando? and he had a better squad than the hopeless Knicks. Exactly he did do squat? Just coz a player can jump high and make the ocasional ESPN top 10 plays that dont mean you pick him up. Isiah has destroyed his team or whatever was left of it. They shouldnt have Nazir Mohammed go. Where is he now? an NBA championship winner and being productive for the SPURS. Then the Knicks bring in Jerome James and give him a contract (way overpaid) WHY? just because he has 2-3 good games in the playoffs with seatle? but look at his overall #s, THEY SUCKS. Who the F*#K hired Isiah and gave him such a high poition. He is a freaking IDIOT. HE was booted outta Pistions and sure enough he is hired by the knicks org, good job. Fire Isiah Thomas, get rid of Steph, Fransis and Q richardson and try to get KG, mike james (toronto), C BOsh, try to lure Lebron James, Kirck Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Borris Diaw, Carlos Boozer, Kevin Martin, Darius Miles, Correy Mcgetty, good player not overpaid, once in a bluemoon 25pt a night guys with egos bigger than shaqs foot.
    Think about it.

  14. Ok so the Knicks suck. The main reason in Upper management. Knicks owner DOLAN, has lost his freaking MIND, that he hired ISIAH THOMAS as a GM of the New York Knicks-arguably the NBA’s largest market. Lets magnify why I made such a firm comment. Lets have a look back at GM ISIAH THOMAS,s greatest achivements(not as a player).
    After running the Continental Basketball Association into extinction, Thomas was hired to coach the NBA’s Indiana Pacers in 2000.

    (Side note: I’m not counting the Toronto Raptors experience because he was just part of the ownership group that convinced the NBA to expand in Toronto. He had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations.)

    His first year his Pacer team finished .500 at 41-41, followed by barely surpassing that in 2001 at 42-40. Overall, he had a winning percentage of 53% (131-115), and the Pacers did manage to make the playoffs all three of his years at the helm-even though his career playoff record is 5-10. So for the winning percentage and the playoff trips, we’ll rank this job performance mediocre, as opposed to horrible-or terrible.
    (Side note- Isiah had some elite NBA player playing under him)

    So what is Thomas’ reward for turning in this mediocre performance? He gets a freaking promotion. He’s hired to be a General Manager. And not just any GM, but GM of the New York Knicks-arguably the NBA’s largest market.

    Since arriving in the Big Apple, he’s fired two coaches, made nine trades, made numerous crappy free-agent acquisitions, and raised the payroll by $40 million. The Knicks have not had a winning season since Thomas was hired, and even sniffing the playoffs for them is a complete joke. They will not finish with a winning record this season either.

    New York is approximately $80 million dollars over the allowable salary cap. So not only does Thomas not have room to fix the mess he created through free agency, the Knicks are going to owe some serious luxury fees to the NBA at the end of the season. That’s an amount that would impress even George Steinbrenner.

    And Thomas topped it off recently with a ridiculous trade of Steve Francis for Anfernee Hardaway and Trevor Ariza. Francis, paired with Stephon Marbury, gives the Knicks the highest paid backcourt in the league. Add those two to recently acquired Jalen Rose, and you have three ball hogging, shoot first-pass later, players. How exactly does that help a team game?

    But the worst offense in this latest trade is that Hardaway and Ariza’s contracts were set to expire at the end of the season, which would have provided the Knicks with much needed salary cap room. But instead, Francis’ signing now locks that inflexibility up, not just for next year, but for 3 seasons to come.

    So, let’s review. A mediocre job performance that he parlayed into a General Manager’s position with the largest market team in the league. Three straight losing seasons. No playoff appearances. Two coaches fired. $80 million dollars over budget. Terribly unhelpful trades. And oh, by the way, he was accused of sexual harassment.(which im preety sure he is guilty of)

    With a job performance like that, what’s next? Commissioner?

  15. Isiah is the main reason for the mess in NY. Why didn’t Dolan make a play for Brian Conigliaro? He took a chance on Steve Nash, gets rid of Quentin and Joe Jackson, both good players, but gets 2 first round draft picks, Diaw and Bell who are having career years. Phoenix is leading their division even with critical injuries to Amare and Kurt Thomas. A good GM creates the Suns, a poor GM gets you the New York Knicks.

  16. The Knicks need to pull their heads out of their asses. Its a laughing DISS grace to be a Knick fan. I’ve been a fan for 21 years now, and they still have not won a championship. What a joke. They otta be giving the tickets away to charity. The only time I even like to watch the Knicks play, is when I get out my old VHS tapes from the 90’s. That was a ,real, basketball team. Ewing, Starks, Mason, Oakley, LJ, Anthony. I hope the present team feels as bad as the fans do. How can they even consider themselves a pro team? I’m done, I need to go throw up now.

  17. The only reason the knicks suck is becuase 5 people are on the bence. At the time of our 6 game winning streak, every player was active. Also sometimes the knicks giveup and dont compete. Next year they should pick up their defense becuase their offense is pretty good. Also the amount of T.O is ridiculous.

  18. The kncks suck cuz of their thug like attitude or angry new york attitude…

    grow up …lighten up…. enjoy the game and then good things will start to happen..

    oh yeah…..and change those gd awful colors!

  19. The Knicks are spending way to much money on older players that are on the downside of their careers. They make too many trades instead of trying to develope young players through the draft. Also, they have not had a good GM since Ernie Grunfield. The head coaching job should have stayed with Herb Williams who is the best man for the job. Dolan should move Isiah to the TV booth where he belongs.

  20. Can you see it (UpTempo Knicks) Marbury, Francis and Crawford, J. Rose, Nate Robinson raining up missed 40 ft 3pt?s because no one every wants to pass the ball because they never will get it back.
    The Big Post men (Curry,Frye) will never get the ball. Isaiah will not be able to displine, because its not in his previous coaching/GM experience. But still the players will collect their big pay checks and wear big diamond ear rings and wear starBury suits for the durations of their MEGA contracts.

    This team will only be happy during Team shoot-around before a game when they have 12 basketballs to shoot at the basket.

    No-one will ever get back on defense and yet they will still blame Larry Brown…(he killed my joy?)

    Remember Marbury calls himself ?starBURY?, yet he has never won or produced a winning team at the point. Remember ?Francis? is the guy who said ?chicago will regret drafting Elton Brand before him? go figure!

    Too many Mega EGOs
    High Lottery Pick to chicago 2007

    So you can see ?Marbury, Francis, J. Rose? are not Chicago proto-typical players. Chicago fans appreciate Hard Work and hustle (?dennis rodman?) (Jordan, Pippin NBA all defensive 1st team many years).

    Look at the guy ?Nocini? Now that?s a Chicago type stud. He probably gave the Miami Heat the toughest time (a single player) during this year’s 2006 playoff, averaging 22 pts/gm (6 game series) and tough defense.

    Knicks haven?t appreciate defense, by trading ?trevor ariza? this young guy with the right mentoring will be in the class of ?nocini? or miami?s ?posey?.. You need this type of guy on your team (everybody can?t be ?the? scorer).

    I believe Isaiah recognize the need to beef-up defense and prematurely took ?Balkman?. Think Isaiah is re-thinking his playing days and the importance of ?Rodman?? Hopefully this kid pans out as a Rodman type!!!

    The light bulb is finally going off in Coach’s head.. on Isaiah’s Detriot’s championship teams Rodman, and Dumar were defensive specialist, (throw in Lambeer), shot Blocking John Sally and Isaiah only roamed on defense
    , yet he was an decent playmaker and excellent scorer. He was initially getting players that were images of himself.

  21. Thanks Isaiah, for taking Steph off of our hands! That freed up cash for us (Suns) get Nash, and the rest is history! Unfortunately you are now stuck with him and doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The new york knicks suck because they, somewhere along the line, “LOST THEIR IDENTITY”.

    1. team should be representitive of NEW YORK CITY,….. TOUGH, CLASSY, SAVY, INTELLIGENT SOPHISTICATED, TEAM ORIENTED, STYLIZED, and once again, INTELLIGENT!!!!!!!!


    3. “D-E-F-E-N-C-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. EDUCATED! no high schoolers please!

    5. LEADERSHIP means “MATURITY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When the coach is trying to be cool and hang out with his players, uhh, errrr….. we may have a problem!!!!!!!


    CHECK OUT the good stuff!

    1.Chauncy Billips
    2. Tim Dunkin
    3. Steve Nash
    4. Dirk nowitsky
    5. grant Hill
    6. Amare Stadamire
    7. Ray Allen
    8. baron Davis
    9. Jason Kidd

    STEPHON MARBURY????????? C’MON!!!!!!!!! MAR-BABY more like it!







  23. WOW, would you fans ever think about being as ARROGANT as ISIAH THOMAS with the SALERY HE GETS???????????

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