The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episode One: Howard Beck

[Editor’s Note: Hi everybody! Instead of fretting about Melo, why not take a listen to the first installment of the Knickerblogger Podcast. Bryan Gibberman‘s our host with the most, and our official representative for all ‘Bocker backers from the state of Arizona. He also describes himself, as, “An unabashed lover of J.R. Smith.” Let’s assume he doesn’t mean that literally. Take it away, Bry!)

With the Knicks slowly morphing into the Lakers East, there isn’t a better person to chat with than the great Howard Beck. For those that aren’t familiar (and you really, really should be), Beck covered Phil’s teams for the LA Daily News as well as our beloved Knicks for the New York Times before moving on to a National NBA beat over at Bleacher Report.

Howard was kind enough to chat with me about Fisher’s transition to head coach, and his relationship with Phil, the conflicting reports on Dolan’s role since Jackson has taken over and how Melo’s contract negotiations could bey a key to determining if our fave despot really has given up the reigns of power.

In our interview, Howard says:

“There have been reports out there that he’d interfered with some personnel and there was another report that specifically said medical personnel. I have investigated that rumor and I’ve heard from somebody very close to the situation say ‘no absolutely not, not true, no interference yet, hoping there won’t be, not guaranteeing there won’t be, but no not on that one’ and then somebody else told me ‘no absolutely that’s already happened.’ Hard to know what to believe when it’s regarding the Garden.”

Furthermore, there’s been a ton of chatter about the Kerr negotiations. Howard explains:

“Regarding Steve Kerr and that whole contract issue, they never really got to that point. If Steve Kerr really wanted to come to the Knicks and he would have only done it for X years or X dollar amount, I’ve been told definitively, absolutely, they would have found a way to come to an agreement there. There wasn’t some massive gap between what the Knicks were willing to offer verse what Steve Kerr could get.”

There’s tons more great stuff, so hunker down and feast your ears upon all the Beck-ian goodness. And welcome to the Knickerblogger Podcast!

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  1. How Phil and Fish put the staff together has me really intrigued. I find myself wondering to what extent they will seek to emphasize player development relative to strategy development.

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