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Monday, May 21, 2018

The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episdode Two: Robert Silverman and Kevin McElroy

[Editor’s Note: Once again, here’s Bryan Gibberman with the second installment of the Knickerblogger Podcast. Take it away, Bryan!]

Some familiar faces, or more accurately, vocal tones make an appearance. KB’s own Robert Silverman and Kevin McEIroy hop on to discuss everything going on in the weird world that is the New York Knicks. I swear, I tried to avoid talking about Carmelo Anthony …um…some guy, but at a certain point it became unavoidable. That said, we also talked about signing Patty Mills, the dynamics of Phil Jackson being in charge and the rumors that David Lee might once again end up in the Orange and Blue.

4 comments on “The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episdode Two: Robert Silverman and Kevin McElroy

  1. ephus

    Kevin (I think) makes the mistaken assertion that Miami holds a team option on Wade in the summer of 2015 and could choose to swap him out for Melo.

    Wade holds a PLAYER option for the 2015-16 season. He is not leaving before 2016 unless he wants to.

    Biggest reason for Melo to opt in. Knicks could lure Lebron in 2015 because Wade would be an Amare-like salary hole.

  2. max fisher-cohen

    That was fun. I Will say as far as the eat being open goes, that’s been true for more than a decade.

    To me, the most important thing about team building is variance…. If your goal is a title. I think of it like dice. I roll a 6 sided with a range of, say, 50-55 and you roll a 100 sided with a range of 1-100, I have the odds, but if I’m competing against 29 others, the odds that all 29 roll below 55 – giving me a chance of winning – are a tiny fraction of a percent.

    That means for a rebuilding team, it’s not just the guys who are potential seventh men on title teams, as Kevin called Shumpert, that are near meaningless. It’s any low variance player who can be traded for a near equal value of higher variance players.

  3. ephus

    Forgot to say it. I enjoyed the podcast tremendously. Technical point. Need to adjust the mix so all three voices come in at approximately the same level.

  4. Mr. Jowles, who commands your respect

    I can’t believe that this GSW-MIN trade could be held up over Klay Thompson. Ugh.

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