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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Weekend Thread 11/2/2008 (or Mitch Lawrence May {Insert Anything You Want Here})

Don’t forget, New York plays tonight at 6pm. So make sure you change the Giants-Cowboys game at halftime to catch the Knicks and Bucks. Some news from the local papers… The Post’s Mike Vaccaro doing his Humpty Dumpty impersonation, staying on the fence on the Marbury/D’Antoni issue. Those who chanted for Marbury had every right to do it (despite what D’Antoni might really think) because as a basketball player Marbury has never been a bust, and at 31 should still have plenty of game left in his legs. But D’Antoni has every right to purge the very essence of Marbury, …continue reading

Prediction Time

My guess is that the Knicks won’t win more than 28 games. It’s not that I think the team hasn’t improved. I think Duhon pushing Marbury to the bench gives them depth at guard. With Duhon & Collins the Knicks have two able perimeter defenders – something they haven’t had since perhaps Sprewell & Ward. Maybe even Ward & Harper, since Latrell spent most of his time at small forward. I think replacing Curry in the starting lineup with David Lee is a considerable improvement. Lee is not only a better player, but a Lee/Randolph front court compliments D’Antoni’s coaching …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part IV

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. FRONTCOURT: During the summer it was assumed that both Stephon Marbury and Zach Randolph would be playing for other teams once the season started. Yet somehow both managed to stay on the New York roster. Randolph was twice mentioned in trade talks, but both times it seemed that the other party wanted too much to take his contract off New York’s hands. Unable to move Randolph, it was thought that the Knicks would play him only to keep his trade value high. But a funny thing happened on the way to …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part I

Just about every season preview begins with a wrap-up of the last year. I’m going to assume that if you’re here reading this, you don’t really need a review of last year. In fact, if you’re a Knick fan, you probably don’t want to review any recent history. So with that said let’s continue with what we might expect this year. GUARD: For 2009, the guard position should be the Knicks deepest. Duhon and Crawford will start, at least for now, while Marbury, Robinson, and Collins will provide ample depth. Even though D’Antoni says he likes to keep the rotation …continue reading


Although the season is still a month away, the Knicks preseason is almost upon us. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind until the season begins…

Breaking Down the Memphis Offer for Zach

According to multiple sources, the Memphis Grizzlies have put an offer on the table to the New York Knicks: Zach Randolph for Marko Jaric and Darko Milicic. From Memphis’ side, they would gain a scorer they sorely need since the departure of Pau Gasol. New York on the other hand would rid themselves of Randolph’s contract, and would be able to hand over the starting PF job to USA Select Team member David Lee. But how much does this help the Knicks in terms of future cap space? In 2010, the year of multiple big free agents (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, …continue reading

Who Do You Want Gone ? Who Do You Want Here?

Who Do I Want Gone? Eddy Curry. Bold choice I know. He is the primary symbol what we have become and how we got here. And he is a really bad basketball player, worse than Zach Randolph by a mile. Who Do I Want Here the Most? Chris Paul. He was the best player in the league this year. And I would like to see the best player in the league take the court in a Knicks jersey. Amazing that it’s never happened before.