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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Jerome James

KnickerBlogger: At the time of Jerome James’ signing, I kept some quotes from RealGM’s Knick message board, because they were quite optimistic. Unfortunately RealGM has decided to scrub their message board of anything over a certain age, so I can’t link to these quotes, nor can I attribute them to the original author. I can’t take credit for the wisdom of the quotes, but I can take credit for the title in bold for each of them. There’s a Nazr Thomas? Certainly James is as good as Nazr and Kurt Thomas. Jerome James has a jump shot from 7 feet …continue reading

Does Curry’s Recent Play Mean He’s Turned the Corner?

The short answer is, “I don’t know and neither does anyone else, probably not even Curry.” But, since we here at KB don’t specialize in short answers I figured I’d dig a little deeper. I wanted to see how many times Curry has sustained a similar level of play for eight games. [Note: I finished a draft of this post just before tip vs. Milwaukee. I updated following Curry’s performance after the game. Curry came into the Milwaukee game with eight consecutive 20+ point performances, and three consecutive games with 10+ rebounds.] I went over to Curry’s page at …continue reading

Isiah Currys No Favor With Fans

Isiah’s Legacy:

zeke n. 1. The acquisition of a young player with a large contract who appears to have potential but plays little or no defense.

Usage: I hope my team doesn’t pull a zeke and get Kwame Brown.

KnickerBlogger 2005 First Round Playoff Trivia

A little statistical trivia, based on the first round. Feel free to submit your guesses in the comment section. 1. Which player had the highest PER in the first round?A. Ray AllenB. Tracy McGradyC. Yao MingD. Paul Pierce 2. Of the four, which Miami player had the highest PER?A. Keyon DoolingB. Alonzo MourningC. Shaquille O’NealD. Dwyane Wade 3. Of the four, which Miami player had the lowest PER?A. Keyon DoolingB. Alonzo MourningC. Shaquille O’NealD. Dwyane Wade 4. Which team had the best offensive efficiency?A. Dallas MavericksB. Miami HeatC. Phoenix SunsD. Seattle SuperSonics 5. Of the two, which team had the …continue reading

Round 1 – Still Going…

If you’re a long time reader, you know that I’m not big on the first round of the NBA playoffs. Especially now that the first round is a longer 7 games, I feel that the lower seeds have virtually no chance of knocking their opponent out. The two number one seeds have just swept their opponents into the record books, while two more series (Detroit & Seattle) have the quill dipped only awaiting the final formalities. Tonight if the Spurs and Bulls win there will only be two series that still have any type of uncertainty: Celtics/Pacers and Rocket/Mavs. Tonight …continue reading