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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Tyson Chandler

I may be slow to the party, but there’s a great post on Tyson Chandler at Hornets247. Ryan Schwan compares the perception on Chandler to reality, namely that Chandler is a poor defender because he doesn’t have a high block shot rate and that the half court offensive is 4 vs 5 with him on the floor. Schwan finds Chandler to be an “excellent defender” because of his agility & length to alter shots, and a valuable contributor on offense due to his excellent pick & roll game and strong rebounding. Definitely worth the read.

Who Will Win the West?

Unlike the East, picking the winner of the West is a daunting task. There is much less variance between the top 7 teams in the West than the East. If given a thousand chances, I can see…

NBA 3 Way Deal Good For Most

Cleveland Receives: Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Joe Smith Loses: Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Cedric Simmons, Shannon Brown, Ira Newble, Donyell Marshall Sure it’s a sore point that the Cavs aren’t getting the point guard that they’ve been looking for, especially considering Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Devin Harris, and even Mike James have all changed teams this year. But looking at who they gave up, it’s addition by subtraction. Consider the league average for TS% is typically around 54% (53.7% at this moment), and look at who’s heading out of Cleveland: Drew Gooden (48.7%), Larry Hughes (46.7%), Donyell Marshall …continue reading

Why The 2008 Knicks Can’t Win (Some Plays Count)

The other day I was on the train and overheard two Knick fans talking about the state of the team. The first man asked the other what was wrong with the team to which the second replied: “Isiah has to go. They have a good team on paper.” It seems that there’s the idea floating around Knick-nation that with a coaching change and a few tweaks the Knicks could have a good team. However, watching last Wednesday’s loss to the depleted Kings gave me a clear picture of why the Knicks just can’t win with this current roster. In reality …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): David Lee

KnickerBlogger Despite standing only 6’9″, David Lee’s main strength is his rebounding. He combines excellent positioning, exceptional timing, good leaping ability, and a desire to capture missed shots on both ends of the floor. Not only is Lee the best rebounder on his team, but he’s one of the best in the NBA. Among players that logged 1000 or more minutes in 2007, Lee finished 5th in per minute rebounding. Compared to the other hyalophiles, Lee committed the fewest fouls and scored the most points. Per 40 Minutes Height Tm OREB DREB TREB PF PTS Reggie Evans 6’8″ DEN 5.5 …continue reading

Free David Lee?

Mike Lupica must have hit his head before he wrote this week’s column, because he had a good point in the beginning of the column, where he points out that David Lee is eighth in the NBA in rebounds per game, while playing the fewest minutes out of all the eight. Kevin Garnett MIN 39.0 12.6 Dwight Howard ORL 36.0 12.6 Marcus Camby DEN 32.5 12.1 Carlos Boozer UTA 37.0 11.8 Tyson Chandler NOK 32.7 11.3 Emeka Okafor CHA 35.5 11.0 Jermaine O’Neal IND 35.8 10.5 David Lee NY 30.0 10.4 And in the Knicks’ last loss, Lee barely played …continue reading

Wallace Signing Shakes Up Central

At their highest level of success the Pistons relied on their defense to carry them, and at the centerpiece of that stalwart defense was center Ben Wallace. Unfortunately for Detroit, Ben Wallace recently agreed to a 4 year deal with divisional rival Chicago. The move struck a serious blow to the Pistons as 4 time defensive players of the year don’t come along that easily. The team attempted to minimize the damage by signing center Nazr Mohammed. The ex-Spur, ex-Knick, ex-Hawk, ex-Sixer will try to replace the rebounding void left by Ben, and add a scoring punch that Wallace never …continue reading