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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Wednesday Night’s Player of the Game: Robinson or Lee?

Here’s an interesting article from TrueHoop’s on yesterday’s Knick game. Henry attended yesterday’s game, and watched it without the aid of a live box score. Every once in a while I’ll attend a game as a regular person. Sitting in the stands, buying overpriced ice cream and the like. It was fun. But I wan’t online, and wasn’t watching any kind of fancy statistics. But everyone in the building knew that the Knicks, with Nate Robinson on the floor, were a wholly different team than when he was on the bench. … So, if you’re the coach of a team …continue reading

KnickerBlogger Joins the TrueHoop Network

I just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ve decided to join ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. You should notice only two changes from this venture. The first being the ESPN links & advertisement that are on the top and sides of the blog. The second is a host of new faces looking for the best in NBA/Knicks coverage. KnickerBlogger will remain an independently owned and operated entity. From the perspective of site content, nothing will change. I’m honored that Henry Abbott chose KnickerBlogger to be a part of this network, and I’m excited at the opportunity this will give the site. …continue reading

Odds & Ends

Via TrueHoop, Childress talks about how things other than scoring matter over in Europe. Mainly how scoring is less important. Henry Abbott sums up the matter nicely: If it really is true — that little things that win games are more valued in Europe — then that confirms just about every negative stereotype of American basketball development. And it fits perfectly with the message from just about every new-breed statistical expert: That scoring is overvalued here, at the expense of other things that are hugely important but less obvious. We’ll see how true this is, but the Post is talking …continue reading

Euro Trip

What’s the best course of action for America’s best 18 year old basketball player? The answer depends on what year it is…

Celtics or Lakers?

So the 2008 NBA boils down to two teams: the Lakers and Celtics. Even though they represent the league’s most storied rivalry… [Read the article & choose your 2008 NBA Finals pick.]

Henry Abbott on Steph Marbury Here’s a snippet: My best guess is that Stephon Marbury never really got a chance to grow up properly. Like a lot of athletes, he was certainly undereducated. Given his active mind, he probably would have done well to have gone through some phases unnoticed on some college campus somewhere. Instead he went from star treatment at high school in Coney Island to star treatment at Georgia Tech for a year to star treatment in the NBA. The spotlight and its multi-faceted demands were always on him, and he never really got to try on different personalities for size. …continue reading

They Said It

The internet offers a place for many people to express their opinion. Gone are the days where only the opinion of people who get paid for writing are seen by the masses. Today anyone can state what they think on a subject publicly, for everyone to see. Below are some quotes taken directly from various web pages, so I can’t take credit for any of them. I’ve only added a lighthearted header (in bold) to enhance your reading pleasure. Trade 5: Reality for Xbox 360? Link 4 trades that make the knicks champions next year… Trade 1: Marbury and Rose …continue reading