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Monday, March 18, 2019

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Knicks’ Week in Advance 12/22/08

Thank goodness we can put the nastiness that was last week behind us. The Knicks went 0-4 last week, and with the exception of Milwaukee each of the teams the Knicks played are much better than the Knicks. While the Knicks did not play well in every game, I don’t think the team has quit as I have seen in years past. I am encouraged by the effort – if not the execution. At any rate, I think the Knicks have reached the low water mark on the season. The past ten games were arguably the toughest stretch of the …continue reading

Knicks’ Week in Advance 12/15/08

Our heroes are 2-1 on the current five game road trip, none too shabby so far. Things get tougher as the road trip wraps up with the Phoenix Suns and L.A. Lakers. The rest of the week brings the Knicks home for their third game with Milwaukee (0-2), then another trip to Boston (0-1). Monday, December 15 @ Phoenix [First meeting of the teams this year.] TEAM POSS EFF eFG TO OREB% FT/FG New York Knicks-Offense 98.4 106.2 50.4 15.7 23.6 19.6 Rank 1 19 12 17 27 29 Phoenix Suns-Defense 92.4 110 49.5 13.8 28.2 22.5 Rank 12 26 …continue reading

“Knicks will be good on D–dammit!” Oh, and glad to be back

The fishwrap is reporting that D’Antoni went on an “unsolicited diatribe” about defense prior to last night’s 110-104 win over Philly. The new coach is, perhaps understandably, a bit bristly over his Marbury-like reputation for defensive indifference. His Suns teams were more average than bad defensively, and at least some of the criticism levied at those teams came because more than a few commentators–ex-players among them–don’t know enough to adjust for pace. Still, I’d be a bit surprised to see the Knicks end the season above the median in defensive efficiency. Duhon’s addition will certainly help but really, unless Mardy …continue reading


Although the season is still a month away, the Knicks preseason is almost upon us. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind until the season begins…

2008 Dog Days of Summer – The Rise of the East?

So it appears the dog days of the offseason are upon us. While there’s a possibility of some roster movement before the Knicks preseason starts, it’s likely that on most days there will be no changes. So until there’s serious NBA news, each week I’d like to come up with a topic for everyone to discuss. This week I’ll stick with the NBA, but as the summer moves on, I promise nothing. The rise of the East? It seems that since Jordan’s second retirement, the NBA has been dominated by the West. For years the NBA’s biggest matchups involved the …continue reading

The Death Knell of David Lee as a Knick?

Beyond the early rumors leading into the draft that the Knicks were willing to move David Lee for a top-five pick, a few things happened later Thursday night (into Friday morning) that made it appear as though David Lee is not long for the Knicks.