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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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NBA News and Notes for May 16th

The Spurs have forced the first Game 7 of the second round, beating the New Orleans Hornets 99-80. The home team now has won a staggering 20 out of 21 games in the second round. Last year, the home team was 13-10.

Ah… The Bittersweet Taste of Ambivalence

As you are no doubt aware by now, the Knicks have hired former Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D’Antoni to be their new head coach (4 years/$6 million per). Opinions are flying in from pundits, bloggers, fans, and onlookers. Opinions, it should come as no surprise, cover the spectrum. Some are excited. Others are disappointed. Personally, I am ambivalent about the hire. I both love it and hate it. Love. I’ve been begging the Knicks to run for quite some time. Although the current roster is missing Steve Nash the Knicks could increase their pace from a middle-of-the-pack 13th into …continue reading

NBA News and Notes for April 30

Wow, a lot of big news in the NBA today! The biggest is that both Mike D’Antoni and Avery Johnson are going to be on the coaching market. This makes Donnie Walsh look pretty good for not making a coaching decision already, as it’s not every year that two former Coaches of the Year fall into your lap.

Coach of the Year Needs a Do Over

Coach of the Year is my least favorite NBA award. I tend not to get terribly upset by MVP balloting, as most of the time the choice is among numerous deserving candidates. Although I am firmly in the camp that believes MVP awards by definition should go to the “Most Outstanding Player”, I cannot begrudge sports fans their impulse to “award” it to the individual they deem most important to a team’s accomplishments. In fact, the back-and-forth about ‘what is value?’ and ‘who is more important to his team?’ is actually what makes the MVP race interesting. By sharp contrast, …continue reading

The Worst Article Of 2007

Folks it’s about that time of year again, to announce the worst article of 2007. While there were many fine candidates throughout the year there’s one article that was published just 2 days ago that has surpassed all others. I’m proud to say that this work is right up there with previous winners such as Charlie Rosen’s most overrated list, and Frank Hughes 2004 piece. The winner for KnickerBlogger’s worst article of 2007 is brought to us by Lou V. of paperbacknovel titled “Why the Knicks Don’t Suck.. Anymore, But the NY Post and NY Daily News Do (Suck).” I …continue reading

Where would you rank Steve Nash among the NBA’s best players?

So I was discussing the Garnett trade with a friend, and part of the discussion was how KG coming to the East helps change the dynamics a bit of the Top NBA players, most of whom play out West. So we did a quick run through of who we thought WERE the top NBA players, and we differed dramatically over Steve Nash. I happen to think Nash is awesome, one of the best players in the league – but I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s one of the top five players in the league, which was what …continue reading