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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Half Price Knick Tickets?

I occasionally get stuff in my mailbox about Knick promotions. Usually I can smell from a mile away whether or not they are spam. This one, from a few folks at, looks legit. In addition to half price off Knick tickets for certain seats at select games, they gave me a handful of links to video sites. I watched the youtube version and it’s highlight/clips of the current season. Much like you’d see on MSG. Here’s the body of their email: 50% Off Knicks Tickets – code MARBURY Use promo code MARBURY at for 50% off $60 and …continue reading

Klosterman & The “New” vs. “Old” Media

If this is the only blog you read and you find little reason to head over to these days (like Aaron Gleeman), you might not have heard about the little discussion Bill Simmons & Chuck Klosterman had the other day. The two wrote a “column” on a sports centered site that happens to discuss everything but sports. In between talking about (I kid you not) the movie Face Off and which was Pearl Jam’s greatest album, they take time out to bash blogs and the young generation. Klosterman: …What will be interesting about the coming generation of people (at …continue reading

Four Players That Need More Time

In today’s article, I’ll identify 4 guys who were productive last year, but didn’t see enough minutes from their team. All of them are big men, and two have been playing well for two or more seasons now.

Jerome James, Good & Bad

Earlier today, the Knicks announced the signing of Jerome James, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the deal. It’s like watching a dramatic movie. If the ending is happy, you rail against it because they took the easy way out. If the movie ends tragically, you’re upset that things didn’t end up the way you optimistically hoped. The first thing Knicks fans are going to wonder is what James will bring to New York this year? He’ll give the Knicks their first defensive minded center under the age of 50 since Marcus Camby. Opposing guards who get …continue reading

Changing Of The Guard

Going into the offseason, 2005 looks to be the year of the guard. Nearly every big free agent this year just happens to be a shooting guard. At the head of the free agent class was Ray Allen. The 30 year old scorer might have led the SuperSonics to the Finals last year, if not for the key injuries his Seattle teammates suffered before their matchup with the Spurs. However, before teams could pry him away, Ray chose to stay in Seattle for 5 more years. Allen’s early signing opened the door for the other shooting guards looking to improve …continue reading