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Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Some Plays Count: December 12th, Part 1

I found four interesting plays from the December 12th game against Denver, and decided to break down film on them to gain a better understanding of the Knicks. Originally I had them as one big video, but it got a bit long, so I decided to give each play its own video. Here is part 1, which documents how a few different players combine for an open shot. Image of the play created with FastDraw.

Some Plays Count: Landry Fields (10/29/10)

In the last installment of Some Plays Count, I looked at Knick rookie starter Timofey Mozgov. Although Mozgov’s arrival was much ballyhooed, Landry Fields has made a bigger contribution to the team thus far. Fields, who has the knack for flying under the radar, is starting at shooting guard and is 4th on the team in minutes averaging 29.7 per game. I thought I’d take a look at his game against the Celtics, and see how he contributes to the team. For those that are YouTube-ally challenged, Fields has a great ability finding an opening in the defense, cut to …continue reading

Some Plays Count: Timofey Mozgov (10/13/10)

With 10 new players, there are a lot of unknowns for the 2011 Knicks. However the biggest uncertainty in every sense of the word is Timofey Mozgov. D’Antoni chose to start him against the Celtics on October 13th, which provided a good first look at the youngster. Here is a design of the first play. Image of the play created with FastDraw. Background track to video is none other than Still Flyin’.

Some Plays Count: Who Gets the Assist?

According to Wikipedia, “In basketball, an assist is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field goal, meaning that he or she was ‘assisting’ in the basket… Only the pass directly before the score may be counted as an assist.” So check out this video from the Knicks/Heat game, and tell me who should get the assist.

Some Plays Count: Gallo & Lee

In the Knicks win against the Hornets, Danilo Gallinari & David Lee had some nice chemistry going. The pair hooked up 3 times for easy buckets, and to the naked eye they appeared to be veterans that had played together for years. Although Gallo had an off-night with regards to shooting (2-9, pts) he racked up 5 assists, and helped the team’s spacing on the floor. The below video shows the three plays in which Gallo fed Lee. In the first, Gallo’s hot outside shooting allows him to head fake his defender on the perimeter. He drives to the hoop, …continue reading

Some Plays Count: Knicks Defense, Good and Bad

Here are two video clips on the Knicks defense in their home opener. Both show the Knicks switching on every pick. The first one is of the technique working, as Miami struggles to find an open man. The other is two possessions showing different ways the Heat took advantage of this strategy. [Note: There’s no audio on these clips for those at work. I’d like to say that’s by design, but as you can see I’m no Gian.]