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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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2008 Season Preview: Conclusion

With a tip of the hat to Stephen Colbert (and Tom Ziller), I present my thoughts of the 2008 season divided between the optimist and pessimist in me. Optimist: Ready for a new season to begin? Pessimist: Ready for a new season to end? Optimist: Awww c’mon. You can’t tell me you’re not excited about 2008? Pessimist: What’s to be excited about? Optimist: Oh where to start? Another year of improvement for Lee, Balkman, and Nate. Yet another Isiah Thomas rookie find in Wilson Chandler. And ummm… Zach Randolph! Pessimist: You’re kidding right? Optimist: This is easily a playoff team. …continue reading

2008 Season Preview: The Frontcourt

The Frontcourt This year the New York offense will center around their big men. Last year Eddy Curry shot efficiently, and was a good rebounder on the offensive end. But he struggled to find his teammates when double teamed and turned the ball over too frequently. It’s possible that Curry was overused on offense, and was force fed the ball more than he was comfortable with. This year Zach Randolph should be able to take some of the scoring burden off of Curry. Randolph and Curry’s games overlap in many of the same areas. Both can score in the low …continue reading

2007 Preseason Game 4

In last night’s loss to the Nets, the Knicks went with a shorter lineup. For most of the game, they played with only 9 guys. The Knicks starters were: Crawford, Richardson, Jeffries, Randolph, and Curry. From the bench, Isiah rotated in Lee, Chandler, Nate Robinson, and Fred Jones. For garbage time, Isiah brought in Nichols, Jordan, and Morris. Like the night before, the Knicks started off poorly, but cut the lead to 1 point by halftime. Unfortunately the Nets exploded for 38 points in the 3rd quarter, and never looked back. The Nets front court of Kristic, Collins, Magloire, and …continue reading

2007 Preseason Game 3

Unfortunately last night’s game wasn’t televised. Luckily one of our readers received the Boston feed, and wrote up his commentary for the game (on another thread). So I decided to copy it here for preseason discussion.

2007 Knicks Preseason Roster Crunch

jon abbey Said: Mike, can you do a piece on the roster situation? I read that Houston takes them to 20 guys, do we have a list of them somewhere? when do they have to cut that to 15, by opening night? Sure thing Jon. And I do believe we have to cut the roster to 15 by opening day (or thereabouts), with only 12 suiting up each night. Up to 3 players can be inactive, with the option to send players to the NBDL. If a veteran player is on the inactive list, they usually make up a fake …continue reading

Game 1: Postgame Observations

The first pre-season game for the Knicks tipped off this evening in Columbia, SC against the Sixers. Living as I do in Columbia, around the corner from the Colonial Center no less, I strolled on up, bought a ticket and settled in for the first action of the season. I had three main questions in mind to jot notes on during the game. 1. How does Zebo look physically? 2. Will the Knicks look to run? 3. How will Chandler, Nichols, and Jordon look? Zebo. Physically, he looked noticeably trimmed down from last season and in pretty decent shape. I’ll …continue reading