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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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(Guest Post) – You’re back in the NBA now, Chicago Bulls

[In honor of the Knicks-Bulls matchup this weekend, today’s blog comes from Matt of Bulls Blog. KnickerBlogger’s post is published on Matt’s site..] Greetings Knickerblogger readers, my name is Matt and I am the creative force behind Bulls Blog. While it can be said that such a title is the blogging equivalent of being the valedictorian of summer school, I still enjoy being in my own corner of the blogosphere writing about the post-dynasty trials of the Chicago Bulls. It’s an honor to write to you on one of the most prolific (and one of my favorite) basketball blogs around. …continue reading

A Defensive Trend, Pt. 2

Yesterday I pinpointed the Knicks’ main defensive weakness: letting their opponents shoot at a high percentage. Looking deeper into the numbers reveals a more complete picture of where the Knicks are defensively. At the end of yesterday’s article I referenced the work of Dean Smith and Dean Oliver each of which I’m going to touch on today. Dean Smith understood that per game averages has a major flaw. Each team plays by a different pace, and therefore some teams will have more opportunities to score per game than others. For example, last year the Pacers only scored 91.4 points per …continue reading

David Weighs In On The Knicks SFs

It takes hours to read all the emails from my million or so adoring fans. This one comes from Dr. David Crockett Assistant Professor of Marketing, part-time KnickerBlogger and avid hoops fan. As I said before, had the Knicks bought Anderson out this summer they’d probably have gotten a better bargain by giving him more flexibility in signing elsewhere. Nevertheless, it’s always a good sign when your leader recognizes a bad situation and gets out of it before things get worse. You hit the nail on the head – the willingness for this Knicks regime to make changes. Before Isiah, …continue reading

It’s Official

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Jamal Crawford is a Knick. The deal is exactly as reported a few days ago, and Crawford accepted a 7 year $55M dollar deal. New York acquires Crawford and Williams for Frank Williams, Othella Harrington, Dekembe Mutombo, and Cezary Trybanski. Frank Williams played well in New York before Marbury came over, who took away most of his minutes. Williams will compete against #3 overall pick Ben Gordan for backup minutes to Hinrich. The other three players total about $9M in expiring contracts for Chicago. In Crawford, New York gets insurance for Allan Houston, and …continue reading

The Knicks Needs, Summer 2004 Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part series. If you didn’t read the first part, please do so now. Offensive Rebounding (oREB%) Offensive 19th, -2.4% Defensive 8th, +5.5% Name oReb% dReB% Sweets 14.5 18.3 Kurt 6.0 20.1 Deke 10.1 19.1 Baker 11.8 11.6 Nazr 11.5 20.3 Thella 6.9 14.3 TimT 3.5 12.7 Penny 3.5 12.0 Offensively the Knicks are hurting on the glass. Sweetney is by far the Knicks’ best offensive rebounder, and next year the Knicks should be giving him more playing time. Nazr Mohammed is a good rebounder as well. As a Knick, Baker was good …continue reading

The Knicks Needs, Summer 2004 Part 1

The rumors have been rampant on who will be traded to the Knicks this offseason. Erick Dampier. Jamal Crawford. Antoine Walker. Even Vince Carter – yeah right! Message boards are lighting up with differing opinions on which would be the best fit for New York. Since each one plays a different position, each one potentially offers a different set of skills to the Knicks. So the question should become, what areas do the Knicks need improvement in the most? First it helps to know which factors are most important for a successful team. Dean Oliver says there are four factors …continue reading

Dampier A Knick?

[NOTE: The notation in parenthesis is (Offensive PER / Defensive PER / +/- Roland Rating). For more information on this, look here, but quickly a PER of 15 is about average, while the higher the +/- is the better off the player.] According to the NY Post, the Knicks are waiting for Dampier to choose their deal over more money with the Hawks. Apparently the Knicks are offering Dampier a 6 year contract starting at $9M. The Hawks can offer him a maximum deal, because well they’re the Hawks. The Knicks would send Othella Harrington and Nazr Mohammed to Golden …continue reading