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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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D’Antoni On Randolph

From NBC sports: “He’s a multi-position player that has a world of talent whose athleticism is off the charts. He’s only played two years in the league and just turned 21. There’s a lot of positives and we’ll figure out where we fit him in, and figure out what the best position is for him, but he can play a lot of places. ” Under D’Antoni’s seven seconds or left, the idea of a pick and roll using Randolph as ball handler with Amar’e Stoudemire could be a devastating combo. He’ll need to improve in several areas, but with the …continue reading

It Just Ain’t Right

“A Revolution is not a Dinner Party!” – Mao Tse Tung At some point in the not-too-distant future, when the moneyed men in smoky back rooms have figured out how to properly monetize online content, we all may look back at the wild and woolly wars between “legitimate” sports (and other) journalists and mere “Writing in their Mom’s basement in ill-fitting underwear” sports (and other) bloggers with a semi-bemused chuckle. Maybe once those ink-stained wretches can only be read on this here computation machine and the printing press has gone the way of Ye Olde Blacksmith Shoppe, the perception of …continue reading

Trade Deadline Open Thread

UPDATE: Thu 1:52pm EST ESPN is now reporting that the Knicks have acquired Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez in a three-way deal with Houston and Sacramento. UPDATE: Thu 8:47am EST ESPN reporting that the Kings and Houston Rockets have a deal to send McGrady for Kevin Martin. The deal hammered out Wednesday night would send Martin, Kenny Thomas, Hilton Armstrong and Sergio Rodriguez to the Rockets for McGrady, Sixth Man Award contender Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and an undisclosed amount of cash. However the Knicks aren’t out of the loop just yet… Multiple sources told that the Rockets and …continue reading

Interview With Donnie Walsh

Before the 11/6/09 Cleveland game I was able to ask Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh a few questions. Mike Kurylo It seems like the team is struggling from three, except for Gallinari. In the preseason you had a few guys like Joe Crawford and Morris Almond who could knock down the three… Mike D’Antoni Morris Almond was never in the preseason… He was in the summer league. Mike Kurylo I’m sorry you’re right summer league. Are there any thought of bringing in another shooting guard? Mike D’Antoni No. Mike Kurylo Do you … Donnie Walsh Where are you from? Mike …continue reading