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Monday, April 23, 2018

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I Want To Draft Like It’s 1999

An NBA draft where the #1 overall consensus is a power forward, and a ton of guards are to be had including an intriguing foreign guard? No I’m not talking about this Thursday’s NBA draft where Blake Griffin is likely to go #1, there is a lot of depth at guard, and everyone is wondering where Rickey Rubio will land. I’m talking about the 1999 draft where Elton Brand went first, guards were taken in 7 of the next 10 picks, and Manu Ginobili quietly landed to the Spurs in the second round. Of the top 10 picks, 9 of …continue reading

Mock Three

Since last we talked mock draft the Lakers dispatched with the Orlando Magic and the off-season has kicked into full gear. I was out of town on business and have thus pretty much missed basketball from the past week or so. I suppose that’s fortunate in some ways. I hope the third version of this mock is less impacted by the rumors, smokescreens, subterfuges, and misinformation that normally clouds my mocks this time of year. My gut tells me that this draft will be the 2006 draft (Bargnani, Aldridge, Morrison were the top 3) of 2009. There will be tons …continue reading

2009 Finals Game 4: Open Thread

Talk about game 4 of the Finals here. Can Orlando tie things up? Do they need to shoot the lights out to do so (66.4% eFG in game 3)? If the Lakers win is the series over? Any adjustments you think either team should make? How about some silly bets: Alston or Kobe: Who will have a higher eFG%? Over/Under: Dwight Howard 2.5 blocked shots. Over/Under: Gasol 20.5 points. Over/Under: JJ Redick 4:59.5 minutes played. Over/Under: 99.5 points combined at halftime

You Are Now Coach of the Magic…

With game 2 less than 24 hours away and with Orlando coming off a game 1 beating, I’m asking my faithful KnickerBlogger readers: “What steps would you take if you were in Stan Van Gundy’s shoes?” It’s something I’ve been thinking about, I haven’t been able to come up with a definitive answer. Should the Magic go with Nelson, who is coming off an injury but tore up Los Angeles during the season? Should the team make a better effort to crash the defensive boards? Send out JJ Redick with boxing gloves, have him cover Susha Vujacic, and let the …continue reading