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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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2009 Game Preview/Thread: Knicks vs. Lakers

With apologies to Rakim, the greatest MC of his era… It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you Without previews to step to Think of how many games you shlept through Time’s up, I’m sorry I kept you Waiting on this, analytical blitz The previews from the game thread soloist As you sit by the CPU, hand on the keyboard Click on the link, this is your reward Read with the brother that is in the know, I got the stats, so here they go It’s a 4 factor world, ya heard? They control when you got stats, you know you got soul. Enough of …continue reading

USA Basketball Game 7: USA 101 – Argentina 81

The United States now only has to defeat Spain on Sunday to win the Gold medal, and after defeating a mostly Manu Ginobili-less Argentina, the United States’ worst result will be a Silver Medal. But you know darn well that they did not come here to win Silver, so Sunday’s re-match against Spain (who Team USA handled easily in pool play, but will the familiarity help Spain this time around?) is huge.

USA Basketball Game 6: USA 116 – Australia 85

The United State is now just two wins away from the Gold medal after demolishing Australia in a game that opened with a first half where just about everything went wrong for the Americans until a last second three, and they were still up nine before a three-pointer by Deron Williams put them up 12 headed into the break. Back-to-back threes to open the third quarter pretty much sealed the deal, as the US opened the third quarter on a 14-0 run to blow the game out (sadly, during the run, Andrew Bogut got hurt). Here are some interesting notes …continue reading

USA Basketball Game 3: USA 92 – Greece 69

This was the United States’ first big test, and the passed it easily (although certainly still with some room for improvement). It truly did appear as though Coach K spent all his free time (and a good deal of his official time for Team USA) developing a way to beat Greece, as he came up with basically the perfect defense and his cadre of athletic players (there is more athleticism on Team USA’s bench than on most other teams) to execute the dominant defense, which was just amazing to see, as Team USA smothered Greece in this statement game.