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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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They Said It (11/06/07)

The internet offers a place for many people to express their opinion. Gone are the days where only the opinion of people who get paid for writing are seen by the masses. Today anyone can state what they think on a subject publicly, for everyone to see. Below are some quotes taken directly from various web pages, so I can?t take credit for any of them. I?ve only added a lighthearted header (in bold) to enhance your reading pleasure. I find them to be pretty useless after 82 games too. Link Power rankings are pretty useless after only 2 NBA …continue reading

Wanted: Your Fantasy Sleepers

Folks, I’ve just agreed to join a private fantasy league on short notice that was short a guy. The draft is Friday night and I don’t have much time to assemble a sleeper list. So I’m looking for your help. I’m looking for * Players that are going to see a big jump in minutes this year due to trades, injuries, etc. * Youngsters (23 or less) that might just turn the corner. * Players undervalued by the default Yahoo pre-draft rankings. I’ve got a couple, but I won’t publish them until after the draft (in case some of my …continue reading

Who Would You Trade for Ron Artest?

With all the rumors circulating around Ron Artest possibly being traded to the Knicks, the gang here at KnickerBlogger decided to try to figure out who we would trade for Artest if we were, in fact, forced to do so. Pick out which offer you think is the best (on the grounds of being good for the Knicks and still being acceptable for the Kings)! Or share your own suggestion (Here is ESPN’s handy dandy Trade Machine, for you to see if your trade fits in with the NBA’s various salary cap rules)!! {democracy:14} Brian Cronin – I would be …continue reading

Draft Prospects, Part II

If you missed Part I highlighting PGs who may be on the Knicks’ radar screen during this upcoming draft click here. I?ll go position-by-position and highlight at most a handful of players who may be available when the Knicks select at #23. The players are listed in no particular order. Player stats and profiles come largely from and Shooting Guard The Knicks have a number of players that play at least some time at SG, though none exclusively. Francis and Crawford play the lion’s share of minutes as undersized combo guards while Quentin Richardson is a classic swingman. …continue reading

Reconstructing the Draft

In the last post I argued that the NBA draft is not broken, despite recent complaints about the manner in which it gives bad teams incentive to tank and the manner in which it does not always distribute talent evenly according to record. In fact, in the lottery system there must a tradeoff whereby these opposing flaws are balanced against eachother. Most would agree that it is not acceptable to let tanking run rampant by assigning draft order strictly by record, or to disregard team needs by assigning draft order completely randomly. The trick is to find the best happy …continue reading