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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Draft Prospects, Part II

If you missed Part I highlighting PGs who may be on the Knicks’ radar screen during this upcoming draft click here. I?ll go position-by-position and highlight at most a handful of players who may be available when the Knicks select at #23. The players are listed in no particular order. Player stats and profiles come largely from and Shooting Guard The Knicks have a number of players that play at least some time at SG, though none exclusively. Francis and Crawford play the lion’s share of minutes as undersized combo guards while Quentin Richardson is a classic swingman. …continue reading

My Offer For KG

Coming home from work yesterday, I thought I had my night planned. I had some painting I needed to do, which I would finish by 7:30. At that point I would kick back a few beers, order some dinner, and give my full attention to the Knicks-Mavericks game. Of course my best laid plans were thwarted by two foes. The first being my wife who had the “we need to get out of the house look on her face.” Her request was understandable. The weekend storm had brought a handful of weary traveling friends and family to our house. For …continue reading

Free David Lee?

Mike Lupica must have hit his head before he wrote this week’s column, because he had a good point in the beginning of the column, where he points out that David Lee is eighth in the NBA in rebounds per game, while playing the fewest minutes out of all the eight. Kevin Garnett MIN 39.0 12.6 Dwight Howard ORL 36.0 12.6 Marcus Camby DEN 32.5 12.1 Carlos Boozer UTA 37.0 11.8 Tyson Chandler NOK 32.7 11.3 Emeka Okafor CHA 35.5 11.0 Jermaine O’Neal IND 35.8 10.5 David Lee NY 30.0 10.4 And in the Knicks’ last loss, Lee barely played …continue reading