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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Jerome James

KnickerBlogger: At the time of Jerome James’ signing, I kept some quotes from RealGM’s Knick message board, because they were quite optimistic. Unfortunately RealGM has decided to scrub their message board of anything over a certain age, so I can’t link to these quotes, nor can I attribute them to the original author. I can’t take credit for the wisdom of the quotes, but I can take credit for the title in bold for each of them. There’s a Nazr Thomas? Certainly James is as good as Nazr and Kurt Thomas. Jerome James has a jump shot from 7 feet …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Kelvin Cato

KnickerBlogger: Cato played only 95 minutes this year, the fewest in his 10 year career. It’s a shame because his skill set is complementary to that of Curry’s, and Cato could have helped the Knicks in spot duty. Cato is a very good defender, and the Knicks desperately needed help in that area. New York finished 24th in defensive efficiency. KnickerBlogger’s Grade: Incomplete 2008 Outlook: The Knicks would be lucky to resign Cato, and give him whatever minutes they gave to Jerome James. For his career he doesn’t block shots as often as James (2.6 to 3.2 blk/40), but he …continue reading

The Knicks’ Defensive Stopper Dilemma

Originally I was going to write an article about David Lee’s minutes, or lack thereof. Even though Brian Cronin is the president of the “Free David Lee” club, I’m a card carrying member. This seemed like an especially good idea after Lee’s last game. The forward scored 20 points and led the Knicks in minutes, defensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, and free throws. Unfortunately Lee was given the playing time not due to his wonderful production, but because of the foul trouble of the Knicks frontcourt. Frye only managed to stay on the court for 10 minutes before earning his 6th …continue reading

Leading the Blind

Hey folks, I totally missed last night’s game, so all I have to go on it is the recap and the box score, so how about you folks fill me in on the particulars? Why did Isiah not go to Kelvin Cato or Malik Rose on Yao? Did he try them for a little bit and they looked awful? Is T-Mac just in a huge shooting slump, or did the Knicks play good defense on him? Did Marbury have as good of a game as his stats indicate (although what’s up with the downward trend with his free throw shooting?)? …continue reading

Two Losses Exposes Two Knick Weaknesses

After starting off the season on the right foot with a win in Memphis, the Knicks have reverted back to their old ways. New York lost by 10 in Atlanta, and was embarrassed in their home opener with a 14 point loss against Indiana. Both times the Knicks had started off the 4th quarter within striking distance. Against the Hawks they were only down by 6, and against the Pacers Nate Robinson’s three pointer brought them within 1. Unfortunately the fourth quarter wasn’t kind to New York in either game, and now the Knicks are under .500 only 3 games …continue reading