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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Four Players That Need More Time

In today’s article, I’ll identify 4 guys who were productive last year, but didn’t see enough minutes from their team. All of them are big men, and two have been playing well for two or more seasons now.

Gnate and Nate?

My writing this week hasn’t been shedding Isiah Thomas’ latest move in a positive light. However one day after the draft would be a foolish time to continue to rain on the Knicks. Just one day after the draft Channing Frye is a future All Star, Nate Robinson is the backup PG that is better than half the starters in the league, and David Lee is going walk right in & fill Kurt Thomas’ shoes. In fact despite railing on the deal just a few days ago, I was pretty excited when I heard that the Kurt Thomas trade was …continue reading

Chatting About Phil & The Lakers

[15:47] Me: be interesting to see how he does with a “bad” team[15:48] Friend1: just like bulls of old[15:48] Friend1: one star and roll players[15:48] Me: Well one & a half[15:48] Friend1: odom is 1/2 ?[15:49] Me: lol[15:49] Me: no Jordan = 1.5 stars AND [15:48] Friend2: my guess is that Phil thinks he sees something there[15:50] Me: Yeah Phil sees something there that none of us do – Jeanie Buss naked[15:50] Friend2: Anyone can see Jeanie Buss naked — she posed for Playboy So Knick fans can start talking about P.J., Saunders, Larry Brown, Laimbeer, and of course Herb …continue reading