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Monday, June 18, 2018

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2009 Game Preview: Knicks @ Thunder

A slight change to the Knicks’ Week in Advance that you have come to depend upon.  Instead of the weekly article, I will provide a preview/game thread as often as I can.  This will give you up to date info on the match ups rather than week old data.  This also gives me more air time on the site so it’s a win-win for us all.   New York won the first of two meetings against Oklahoma City 116-106 at MSG on November 14, 2008.  New York prevailed due to a large edge in 3 point field goals made (7 …continue reading

2008-9 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Grizzlies

The Knicks are already 0-1 on their “teams that we should actually be able to beat” road trip, so let’s see if they can make it 1-1 tonight against the Grizzlies. This will be our first up-close look at the Grizzlies’ two promising rookies, Marc Gasol and OJ Mayo. The Knicks actually lost both games against Memphis last year.

Hahn: Grizzlies/Knicks Can’t Meet On Zach Deal

Yesterday Alan Hahn reported that the possible deal between the Knicks and Grizzlies is dead. Although the deal seemed to “heat up” as the papers caught wind of it, New York President Donnie Walsh called the deal “dormant” more than a week ago. Knick fans are probably unhappy with the news, as most fans are anxious to see Randolph in another uniform just so that David Lee can inherit the starting role. I put myself in the position that I’d rather see no deal than a deal that hurts the Knicks. Trading Randolph fits with both the short and long …continue reading

Breaking Down the Memphis Offer for Zach

According to multiple sources, the Memphis Grizzlies have put an offer on the table to the New York Knicks: Zach Randolph for Marko Jaric and Darko Milicic. From Memphis’ side, they would gain a scorer they sorely need since the departure of Pau Gasol. New York on the other hand would rid themselves of Randolph’s contract, and would be able to hand over the starting PF job to USA Select Team member David Lee. But how much does this help the Knicks in terms of future cap space? In 2010, the year of multiple big free agents (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, …continue reading

The Death Knell of David Lee as a Knick?

Beyond the early rumors leading into the draft that the Knicks were willing to move David Lee for a top-five pick, a few things happened later Thursday night (into Friday morning) that made it appear as though David Lee is not long for the Knicks.

How Does Marion Staying Put Affect the Draft?

As you may or may not have heard, while Shawn Marion and the Heat have not agreed to a new contract as of yet, Marion has announced that he will not opt out of the final year of his contract (I wouldn’t walk away from $17.8 million at his age, either). With Marion definitely staying put, this apparently may affect Pat Riley’s decisions regarding the draft, specifically what he does with Michael Beasley.

Mocking the Knicks’ Draft Pick

With a week until the NBA draft, I thought I’d go through the mock drafts on the web and see which players the Knicks are thought to take. Additionally I took each of these players & found were other mock drafts thought they would be selected.

Most people think OJ Mayo will be gone before the Knicks draft, but …