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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Isiah Thomas, Great or Very Good?

Maybe you have an opinion of Isiah Thomas as a player? (Right now I’d imagine there are plenty of people reading a Knicks blog that has an opinion on Isiah as a GM). Where exactly does he rank in comparison to the great NBA guards? A poster named “Nikos” asked this very question on the APBRmetric forum. So far the opinions are varying. “MikeG” has Zeke “squeamishly” ranked 7th among all guards, and indirectly described him as “[a] guy [who] is willing to penetrate, challenge the big guys, and set up teammates, that can make everyone’s game come easier.” One-time …continue reading Interview

In the last 5 seasons (’00 – ’04), who has gotten the most offensive rebounds per game (minimum 200 games)? A. Elton BrandB. Tim Duncan C. Kevin GarnettD. Shaquille O’NealE. Ben Wallace For those who like a challenge, feel free to make your guess in the comments section. I’ll post the answer tomorrow, with a link on how to find it. The reason I’m in a trivial mood can be attributed to the fine options presented to me at If you haven’t been there in a few weeks, or even a few days, you probably haven’t seen the changes …continue reading

Odds & Ends 1/14/05

John Hollinger, the author of the Basketball Prospectus/Forecast books, writes a few columns a week for the New York Sun. Recently I’ve found that the articles are now online for free (in the past you had to pay a fee to read them). Normally his columns cover the entire NBA, but this week he had two columns on the Knicks. Lazy Defense Sinking Knicks’ Ship paints a dire picture of the Knicks’ future, while ‘Black Tuesday’ Uncovers Fatal Flaws for Knicks and Nets lays some of the blame on Coach Wilkens. This just in: Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban reveals …continue reading

“Sonics’ Super Scientist”

For the statheads out there (and even the stat-curious), there is an interesting article about Dean Oliver. In case you didn’t know, the author of Basketball On Paper has been hired on by the Sonics as a consultant. The article is meant for a mainstream audience and maybe a bit short on details, but has a nice tidbit like this: “In baseball, what are you going to do, not throw the ball to the first baseman because you don’t like him?” Sonics assistant Bob Weiss joked before a game last season. Isn’t that what Chuck Knoblauch was doing?

A Defensive Trend, Pt. 2

Yesterday I pinpointed the Knicks’ main defensive weakness: letting their opponents shoot at a high percentage. Looking deeper into the numbers reveals a more complete picture of where the Knicks are defensively. At the end of yesterday’s article I referenced the work of Dean Smith and Dean Oliver each of which I’m going to touch on today. Dean Smith understood that per game averages has a major flaw. Each team plays by a different pace, and therefore some teams will have more opportunities to score per game than others. For example, last year the Pacers only scored 91.4 points per …continue reading

A Defensive Trend

In case you aren’t a regular reader of my blog, I’ve been following a distressing trend since the Knicks’ season started. So far defense has been a big issue for New York. The Knicks have allowed their opponents the second highest FG% in the league. However field goal percentage is a bit flawed, and I like to use something more meaningful called eFG% (sometimes called aFG%). If you want to know exactly how to figure out effective shooting percentage (eFG%), I did a little write up at the end of this article. It’s more accurate than FG%, because eFG% takes …continue reading

Open Feedback To ESPN Stats

[FOLLOWUP: Apparently the entire email was too big to send using their form, so instead I requested that ESPN read it off my site. Unfortunately I think my chances of them reading it has decreased greatly.] created a feedback form for their NBA stat coverage department. So, I sent them this letter: To Whom It May Concern: First I would like to thank you for putting a feedback form on your web page. Since you’re asking for opinions, I’ve noticed that the baseball stat page on ESPN has a advanced statistics while basketball lags sorely behind. The only “advanced” …continue reading