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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Flash back to the trade deadline. The 76ers finally get a second talented offensive player to team up with Allen Iverson. That day Chris Webber was the “huge trade” and everything else was just a byline. The deal was supposed to propel Philly to the top of the Atlantic division. However since February 24th, the Sixers have only gone 6-7, and find themselves sputtering in second place. Just before the trade deadline the division rival Celtics sent point guard Gary Payton, a first round pick, and some belly lint for Antoine Walker. That Boston wanted the 7 year Celtic back …continue reading

Knicks Improvement From An Unlikely Source

Whether or not you cared for Isiah’s trade deadline moves, there is one thing that everyone agreed on. Trading Nazr Mohammed for two undersized forwards would make the Knicks worse down the stretch. It was the equivalent of running up the white flag on the 2005 season. However, a funny thing happened as teams made their way to the Garden. The Knicks have sent three straight opponents home with losses. While all three of their opponents are still in the playoff hunt, none would be considered great teams. In addition, each team was missing a player due to trade or …continue reading

Sixers Win Webber Deal In Name Only

[Tomorrow morning I will analyze the Knicks’ two trades completed this afternoon.] Anytime a trade includes only one big name, the immediate opinion is the team receiving that player is getting the better of the deal. It’s because in most sports the best players are most likely to turn a team into a winner. Just ask the L.A. Lakers or the Toronto Raptors. So when Philadelphia received mega-star Matt Barnes in a trade yesterday, the quick opinion was the Sixers made out on the deal. In a Yahoo poll, 75% of the readers selected “The Kings Blew it” (and yes …continue reading

Five Stats the NBA Should Keep (Part II)

[This is the second of a two part series. Part I contains stats 1-3, so just scroll down to read it, or click here for the scrolling impaired. At the time of this writing there is a news rumor that Chris Webber got traded to the 76ers for Kenny Thomas, Corliss Williamson, Brian Skinner, and a bunch of junk from Pat Croce’s garage. Considering the fiasco over the Carlos Boozer non-trade, and that three networks picked up the false story that Shaq’s season was over, I’m going to wait until it’s official to comment.] 4. Defensive Shooting Stats (DFGM, D3P, …continue reading

Five Reasons the Knicks Should Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline

[If you came here looking for Part 2 of “Five Stats The NBA Should Keep“, I apologize. KnickerBlogger.Net’s Official Trade Deadline Specialist, David Crockett, had an opinion that he urgently needed to share with everyone before the trade deadline. If pre-emptive scheduling angers you, David is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at Tomorrow Part 2 will be here, and that gives me extra time to speel cehck it.] 1. The Knicks have taken the crucial first step ? admitting it?s time to rebuild ? in their journey toward wholeness. …continue reading

PER Leaders (12/17/04)

And a special thanks to Blogger for taking a nice looking table, and forcing me to use the format below. :-P TEAM NAME………… POS GAMES MIN/G PTS/40 eFG FT PSA FT/FG PERSAS Tim Duncan…… FC 23 35.2 27 51.9 67.5 1.13 36 30.8MIN Kevin Garnett… F 22 39.8 23.5 48.6 76.1 1.08 30 29.89DAL Dirk Nowitzki… PF 23 38.6 27.5 47.4 85.7 1.14 47 27.9PHO Amare Stoudemire FC 22 36.4 28.3 57.5 71.1 1.25 43 27.87CLE LeBron James…. SF 23 41.4 23.7 51.6 76.7 1.13 26 26.74MIA Dwyane Wade….. G 22 38.2 24 50.9 75.7 1.18 51 26.24MIA Shaquille O’Neal …continue reading

2003-2004 Team Rankings

2003-2004 End of season Offensive ranking: RNK TEAM Poss/G eFG% pPTS1 DAL 92.8 .495 113.32 SAC 92.4 .507 111.23 LAL 90.5 .481 108.54 SEA 89.7 .501 108.35 MIL 90.7 .477 108.16 MIN 88.3 .486 107.07 MEM 90.4 .479 107.08 IND 86.3 .471 105.89 DEN 92.0 .467 105.710 GSW 88.4 .475 105.511 SAS 86.9 .473 105.312 POR 86.2 .478 105.313 LAC 90.7 .453 104.514 BOS 91.2 .486 104.415 UTA 85.1 .456 104.216 DET 86.6 .461 104.017 ORL 90.5 .461 104.018 NOR 88.4 .460 103.819 MIA 87.0 .463 103.720 PHO 91.5 .475 102.921 CLE 90.4 .451 102.822 ATL 90.5 .465 102.523 NJN …continue reading