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Friday, June 22, 2018

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KnickerBlogger Turns 5

This week marks the 5th anniversary of KnickerBlogger. When I started this venture, I didn’t imagine it would last this long. Five years ago, blogging was still in its infancy. There were less than 2 million blogs when KnickerBlogger came into existence. Just six months after, the number of blogs had doubled. Today it’s unknown how many blogs there are. One estimate is 200 million. Many of them are powered by individuals like myself. More important than the number of blogs is the role they perform. Once derided by the mainstream media, just about every newspaper, magazine, and network hosts …continue reading

Just Say No to Douby

According to the New York Daily News, the Knicks are going to give Quincy Douby a chance to make the team. As a college prospect Douby intrigued me. During his last year at Rutgers Douby scored efficiently, averaging 24.9 pts/36 with a 55.6% eFG and a TS% of 60.1%. His steals (1.8 stl/36) and rebounds (4.2 reb/36) were enough for a guard who was primarily a scorer. The Knicks didn’t get a chance to draft Douby that year because Sacramento took him 19th, one pick before New York selected Renaldo Balkman. However Douby’s NBA career never took off. In three …continue reading

Indexed: Al Harrington

As a Knick fan, Al Harrington can be frustrating at times. Some nights he can explode like he did against Cleveland for 39 points. Other times he can just kill New York’s chance of winning, like he did recently against the Clippers (19 points on 24 shots, including 1-10 from three). Harrington is a talented scorer at times. He can take his man off the dribble, hit the outside shot, or score in traffic. But what he can’t do it is pass, which becomes more apparent when he drives to the hoop. Often when he gets the ball, I get …continue reading

Iverson and Lee: Two Sides Of All Star Perception

In the story “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, the boy lies for his own amusement and his lies doom him when the villagers fail to come to his aid during a wolf attack. This classic fable is a good example of perception. The town believes that the boy is liar, hence they judge all his actions from that perspective. So even when the boy is telling the truth, the perception of the boy results in the townspeople viewing it as a lie. Perception is a useful tool, because it allows us to remember facts about people without remembering their entire history. …continue reading

Chandler’s Improvement Mostly Charity

When the 2009 season started, many Knick fans had high hopes on Wilson Chandler. As a rookie, Chandler’s stats weren’t overly impressive. Although he showed some athleticism, his numbers were pedestrian. Chandler rebounded well (6.7 reb/36), but his defensive stats were average (0.8 stl/36, 0.8 blk/36), and his shooting was bad (48.0% TS%, 45.7% eFG, 30.0% 3P%, 63.0% FT%). However Chandler was only 20 years old, and pre-drinking age players are usually the most volatile. Looking over the players who had a PER under 12 as a 19 or 20 year old shows a wide variety of players, from future …continue reading

J C Ya

Ahhh Jamal Crawford we knew ye well. Crawford came to New York in a sign & trade with Chicago in 2004. It was one Isiah’s early moves, and I didn’t say much at the time of the trade: In Crawford, New York gets insurance for Allan Houston, and I’m guessing will be his eventual replacement. (Or else why would the Knicks sign him for so long?) Crawford isn’t nearly the shooter that Houston is, but is able to play the point as well. Back in 2004 New York’s options at shooting guard were an injured Allan Houston, Shandon Anderson, and …continue reading

2009 Stat Page is Up!

Good news – I have the 2009 stat page up & running! There are some new improvements I’ve made this year. The first is that I’m using the same stats as Hence all per minute calculations are per 36 minutes. But also our formulas for team possessions & efficiency are the same, which means there shouldn’t be any differences between the stats on our pages. (Checking a couple by eye shows this to be true). Additionally the change in possession equations should mean that our PER should be the same as well. B-R doesn’t use team turnovers when calculating …continue reading