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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Over/Under: Hasheem Thabeet 10 PPG

I can’t take credit for this idea, as it originally was a question on Pardon the Interruption. However I’d like to add a twist on it. The original question was whether Thabeet would average 10 points per game over his career. Instead my question is “Will Thabeet have an average of 10 ppg over his first three seasons?” In other words if his career ended after 3 seasons, would his career scoring average be over or under 10 points per game? To compare with other defensive minded centers, Dikembe Mutombo managed to average 10+ ppg in each of his first …continue reading

Ariza or Chandler

Alan Hahn wrote an interesting blog about whether the Trevor Ariza trade or the Eddy Curry trade hurt the Knicks more. Although Ariza has grown to be a starter for the Western favorite Lakers, Hahn says the traded draft picks for Curry were more damaging to the franchise. Throw in that Curry’s contract still hampers the team (and could cost them either Lee or Robinson) and it’s a no-brainer. But on the Ariza side Hahn adds: Try not to dwell on what might’ve been, Fixers. Look instead at Wilson Chandler, who is very similar to Ariza but already possesses the …continue reading

Knicks Should Concede Season

New York’s Wednesday’s loss against the Nets was especially tough. The team had gone on a mini-3 game win streak before dropping one to powerhouse Cleveland, and beating the Nets at home would have helped them get back on the playoff track. Instead they suffered a disheartening 115-89 defeat. At halftime the Knicks were only down by 11, but New Jersey expanded the lead slowly over the third quarter and the game slipped away from the Knicks. With under 4 minutes remaining and the win out of his grasp, Coach D’Antoni conceded the victory and brought in reserves Samb, Wilcox, …continue reading

Why Nate Must Play

The most obvious reason is that Chris Duhon is killing us. Whether you think he was due to plummet back to earth following his hot-shooting start or you think he was ground to the nub by unsustainable usage, the fact is that when Duhon is turning the ball over he usually doesn’t do enough in other categories to offset that. And wow is he turning the ball over. According to his 22.4 turnover % after 61 games is well above his career average of 18.3%. In fairness, he is delivering a career high assist % of 29, though it …continue reading

The Siren Song of the NBA: Creationism

Yesterday the Knicks beat the Hawks at home, and I had one thought on my mind during most of the game. Earlier that day I had read Alan Hahn’s live chat where a questioner said the following: “Is David Lee overrated? Double-doubles are great, but not when they don’t impact games. IMO Nate is more valuable to the Knicks right now in that he has the ability to carry a team on his back when he erupts for 20 pts in a single quarter…” Now, I like Robinson and have been lobbying for him to get more playing time from …continue reading

Samb A Low Risk For New York

Yesterday the Knicks signed Cheik Samb to a 10 day contract. Samb has played for 3 other NBA teams (the Pistons, Nuggets, and Clippers) but has only amassed 106 minutes in that time. His per minute numbers show him to be a strong shot blocker with a very limited offensive game. In fact his shooting numbers are downright laughably bad (TS% 30.5, eFG 27.3%) Although I’m a big of a supporter of per minute numbers, 106 minutes isn’t enough of a sample to make a good conclusion. This is especially true with regards to a players shooting percentages, which vary …continue reading