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Friday, February 22, 2019

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Roster Spots

Recently there’s been some discussion in the comment section at KnickerBlogger about the Knicks roster needs. Coach D’Antoni is known to keep the rotation short, but a 7 man team seems to be small even for him. The problem seems to be the lack of quality at the end of the Knicks’ bench. Malik Rose saw time early on, but D’Antoni probably got tired of seeing Rose end up with the ball under the hoop and unable to finish. (I sure was!) Roberson made a name for himself in the summer league, but played his way out of the rotation. …continue reading

Knicks Woes Are Unguarded

After a 6-4 start, the New York Knicks agreed to a pair of trades have shipped away their two top per-game scorers. Since that day, the team has dropped 8 of 11 games. One could look at that situation and say Crawford and Randolph were worth much more to this current Knick team than we thought. Certainly this agrees with the traditional wisdom: the Knicks traded 40 points per game. It seems to reason that it’s not easy to make up that much scoring. However a closer look shows that it’s not the quality of these two players, but rather …continue reading

Curry To Go

With the Knicks finally poised for considerable salary cap space in 2010-11, the LeBron James countdown has officially begun. More than a year and a half before it’s possible, New York is already salivating at the chance to welcome James to the fold. But it’s no foregone conclusion that The King will join the Knicks. James says championship contention is his top priority, and we should take his word for it. If that’s the case, the Knicks have a long way to go to before they can secure James. Building a championship level supporting cast will be a difficult journey. …continue reading

Odds & Ends 11/9/2008

* Don’t forget there’s a game on Sunday 11/9 at 3pm against the Jazz. Jet fans without pip may want to head to their local bar and scout out the proper location to watch both games simultaneously. * Interesting stat from the guys over at SNY’s Knicks blog… Chris Duhon 59 (TS) 52 (TOS) 5(TUS) 2(SW) 88%(PP) 71.4% (NP-un) 50% (NP-sw) Jamal Crawford 40 (TS) 4 (TOS) 10(TUS) 26(SW) 100%(PP) 80% (NP-un) 76% (NP-sw) Nate Robinson 42 (TS) 8(TOS) 26(TUS) 8(SW) 75%(PP) 88% (NP-un) 75% (NP-sw) Confused? Okay allow me to explain. Chris Duhon has been screened 59 times on …continue reading

Richardson Should Sit

During the Knicks offseason, there has been a lot of conjecture on who will be in the starting lineup. Marbury’s continued presence makes him a threat to Chris Duhon at the shooting guard spot. Should Duhon have an awful preseason it’s possible that he could lose his job to Marbury or even Robinson. There have been questions surrounding the front court, with Lee, Randolph, Curry, and Jeffries being discussed as starting options. Due to the injuries to Curry and Jeffries, it appears that Lee and Randolph will be the starters. This has been strengthened by the pair’s strong play in …continue reading


Although the season is still a month away, the Knicks preseason is almost upon us. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind until the season begins…

Knicks Acquire Junior

According to multiple sources the Knicks have acquired Patrick Ewing, Jr. from the Houston Rockets in exchange for the rights to (the infamous) Frederic Weis. Can Ron Artest be far behind? (Tee hee…) Ewing, Jr. appears to be slated for the role played by the recently dealt Renaldo Balkman of defensive-oriented forward who can guard multiple players–only, listed at 6’8″ 240, he’s bigger than Balkman.