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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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More Knick Defense

Although the pundits, and even some of the players, have focused on the brawl’s aftermath as the catalyst for the team’s recent surge I want to focus on the team’s defensive improvements over the past few games. I suppose, if anything, the brawl may have marked the team’s symbolic “rock bottom,” that moment many recovering substance abusers point to as the catharsis that precedes real change. In a recent post KB points out that the Knicks have been an atrocious defensive team. Without question this is true. The Knicks routinely hang their heads and jettison any pretense of defensive intensity …continue reading

Robinson’s Shot Overshaddows Frye’s Start

Although it was Nate Robinson who earned most of the plaudits for his single game heroics on Saturday, it was another Knick rookie that took a step forward in his burgeoning career. This weekend Channing Frye was inserted into the starting lineup for the first time in his career. Frye adjusted well to the transition, scoring 21 points on 57% shooting, and turned the ball over only once. Since Knicks coach Larry Brown changes his lineups as often as he changes his underwear, it’s uncertain whether Frye’s performance will earn him a permanent spot in the starting 5. Many Knick …continue reading