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Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Pre-Draft Camp Mock and Draft Thoughts Part II: L-O-T-T-O!

If you haven’t already done so take a look at Part I, done prior to the lottery. Now that the ping pong balls have bounced, leaving our beloved Knickerbockers no better or worse off than they’d have been just based on record, I’ll re-work the lottery picks and post the remainder of this first round mock. 1. LA Clippers – Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma: If Mike Dunleavy’s recent declaration of undying love for Blake Griffin is true then he’ll probably trade players to clear room for his new beloved. If it’s not true then the #1 pick may represent a …continue reading

The Cost of Duhon

Reading through the KnickerBlogger forums, I came across a thread on Duhon where BigBlueAl stated he wouldn’t “mind keeping Duhon beyond 2010, but at what price?” Good question. There’s no doubt that Duhon has been a good fit for D’Antoni’s system. Duhon is able to push the ball up the floor quickly in D’Antoni’s offense, he doesn’t turn the ball over much, and tries to get his teammates involved on offense. I would rate him as an above average defender. One bonus to Duhon is that he’s able to defend taller shooting guards, so you can pair him with an …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part V

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. Part IV here. FRONTCOURT: (cont) Hailed the franchise centerpiece upon his arrival in 2005, Curry now finds himself as the odd man out in the front court. In his three years in New York, Eddy Curry’s per minute stats have stayed the same, only his minutes per game has fluctuated. During 2007 the Knick center averaged 35.2 minutes per game, about 10 minutes more than the year before and the year after, hence causing a spike in his per game stats. This has led many to believe that it was a …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part IV

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. FRONTCOURT: During the summer it was assumed that both Stephon Marbury and Zach Randolph would be playing for other teams once the season started. Yet somehow both managed to stay on the New York roster. Randolph was twice mentioned in trade talks, but both times it seemed that the other party wanted too much to take his contract off New York’s hands. Unable to move Randolph, it was thought that the Knicks would play him only to keep his trade value high. But a funny thing happened on the way to …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part II

Part I here. GUARD (cont): If you wanted to guess which Knick guard will gain the most under D’Antoni, it should be Nate Robinson. The diminutive guard was thought of as a novelty by his last two coaches, and Robinson has struggled to find court time. Over his 3 years he’s averaged only 23.0 minutes per game. But D’Antoni sees Robinson differently from the previous regimes, and was even quoted saying “I love the guy.” One of the knocks on Robinson is his maturity, but it seems that coach D’Antoni is willing to work on this issue. For instance Nate …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part I

Just about every season preview begins with a wrap-up of the last year. I’m going to assume that if you’re here reading this, you don’t really need a review of last year. In fact, if you’re a Knick fan, you probably don’t want to review any recent history. So with that said let’s continue with what we might expect this year. GUARD: For 2009, the guard position should be the Knicks deepest. Duhon and Crawford will start, at least for now, while Marbury, Robinson, and Collins will provide ample depth. Even though D’Antoni says he likes to keep the rotation …continue reading

2008 Game Thread: Knicks at Wizards

Check out this article by Kevin Broom on the Arenas-less Wizards This season, the Wizards are indeed a bit better than they were last year — overall. The improvement is not in any of the commonly cited reasons (improved ball movement, better shot selection, more “sharing” of the ball), however. Has the team’s shot selection changed significantly? According to, this season, 68% of the team’s field goal attempts have been jumpers; 26% have been “close”; 4% dunks, and 1% tips. The numbers for last season are identical. In broad terms, the team is getting the same kinds of …continue reading