62 thoughts to “Some Good News For A Change – Projected Cap For 2010-11 To Be $56.1 Million”

  1. that is very good news, and when you combine it with this:

    “Should Plan A fail, or should the Knicks go after one maximum salary player and two $8 million players, they will have one trick up their sleeve. Those two $8 million players would be able to sign contracts with $2 million bonuses for making the playoffs. In salary cap parlance, those are known as “unlikely” bonuses — unlikely because the Knicks did not make the playoffs this season.

    And it is to the Knicks’ benefit that two of the other likely heavy hitters in free agency, Chicago and Miami, cannot offer playoff bonuses because that money would be considered “likely” to be earned, and thus would count against those teams’ caps.”

    it looks like Walsh will have a lot more flexibility than we thought this summer.

  2. Marc Stein mentioned this (the larger cap) as good news for the Bulls and Heat, as well (in fact, he opened with Bulls and Heat before mentioning Knicks).

    I don’t see how it’s nearly as good, news-wise, as it is for the Knicks.

  3. What about the rumors concerning Lee being coveted by the Hornets, mentioning the possibilities of a sign and trade for Chris Paul? Man, would that solve a lot of problems. Any of Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh or Amare would seem to compliment him well, not to mention Wade or LeBron. Or wait until next year and snag ‘melo. Can’t imagine that Hornets would let Paul go, though.

  4. The Hornets covet David Lee to, what, pair with David West?

    And they’ll give up Chris Paul to do it?

    I don’t buy any of that (as much as I would love to believe it).

  5. If (and that’s a huge if) New Orleans decided to trade CP3, they’d get offers from every team in the league save for Utah, Chicago, Boston, and possibly Phoenix and Milwaukee.

    What if NJ offered Devin Harris AND their 1st rounder?
    What if OKC offered Russell Westbrook AND took Okafor’s contract?
    What if San Antonio gave them Tony Parker AND took Okafor’s contract?
    What if Minnesota sent them the rights to Ricky Rubio and gave them Kevin Love?
    What if Golden State sent them Steph Curry and their 1st rounder?
    What if Houston sent them Aaron Brooks and Yao Ming and took on both David West and Okafor’s contracts?

    And that’s just off the top of my head. What’s Walsh’s best offer?

    Gallinari & a sign and trade w/Lee plus Eddy Curry’s expiring contract (Knickerblogger-istas, get ready for, “Eddy Curry’s Expiring Contract to be the most commonly used phrase until the ’11 trade deadline) for Okafor, Peja Stojakovic and Chris Paul?

    Unless Walsh has some kinky photos of George Shinn tucked away somewhere, I don’t think the Knicks have the best package to offer.


  6. By the way, Chris Sheridan made an error when he was discussing cap holds in his most recent column. He has David Lee’s cap hold at 200% of this year’s contract. It is not – it is 150% (which makes it $10.5 million since he made $7 million this year).

    In addition, he seemed to neglect to mention that “unlikely bonuses” count against the cap. That’s not an issue if they Knicks are under the cap, but they can’t go over the cap to give “unlikely bonuses,” and that’s an important thing to mention, especially since that is what he seems to be implying (saying one max plus two $8 million players plus two $2 million bonus – that’s almost $37 million).

  7. As I understand it unlikely bonuses do not count against the cap. Likely bonuses count against the cap, earned unlikely bonuses are added to salary when determining whether or not a team pay the luxury tax but for salary purposes they don’t exist until then.

  8. From the Salary Cap Gospel…sorry, I mean Salary Cap FAQ:

    In the first year of a contract the base salary, likely bonuses and unlikely bonuses must all fit within the salary cap or exception. The league also determines a team’s available cap room by adding in the unlikely bonuses for all players who signed that season. This prevents a team from signing multiple players to lower salaries but with lots of unlikely bonuses, and therefore committing to more salary than it has cap room to offer.

  9. ^^This makes sense. Man if we could start Lee at 10.5 and Camby at 8.5 and get Lebron…
    Is there any way Gallo could play the 2? He’s obviously more of a perimeter player anyway. Sure he’s slow, but he’s way tall and long for a 2. And if there was a problem case, he could switch off with Lebron or split time with Chandler…
    That would be a sick lineup.

  10. Im not sure Lebron will be excited to come to NY to play with Lee and Camby. I truly believe the only way Lebron comes here is if we also sign his preferred running mate which would be either Bosh or Amare I would assume. Although if he would want to play with Joe Johnson or of course Wade Id have no problem with that too obviously.

  11. I think you are right BBA, but I think team A:


    would beat team B:


    9 times out of 10. Although I’d take either in a heartbeat.

  12. I dunno, I think team B would be impossible to cover though thats for sure. I still say if they can somehow sign Lebron, Bosh/Amare AND Camby OMG.

    Obviously they would have to acquire one of those 3 in a sign and trade but still one can dream a bit….

  13. well i think if there’s one thing we clearly need, its a PG for D’Antoni’s system. Chris Bosh with a solid PG, let’s say Paul for the fun of it, running the P&R with shooters on the wings sounds to me like a perennial 50-55 win team. and Chris Paul and Douglas is a solid defensive backcourt. But I really doubt Chris Paul comes here because other teams can offer New Orleans a lot more. But I think D’Antoni’s system needs a play-making PG to really work. too bad this free agent class is too weak in PGs

  14. Here’s a crazy thought: Pull a Magic Johnson on LeBron…everyone’s sayin he’d love a new challenge, and playing the 1 would certainly qualify…now let’s look at that lineup again…

    PG – LeBron
    SG – Chandler
    SF – Gallo
    PF – Lee
    C – Camby

    Or am I talking out my ass again?

  15. Loathing,

    Bill Simmons, who can be either loathsome or wise/apt depending on the day of the week you catch him, put it well when he called Tyreke Evans (and Arenas/Wade) as “0-Guards.” They’re not really PG’s and not SG’s either. They dominate the ball and are best when surrounded by shooters and one rebounder/shotblocker.

    LeBron’s a “0-Forward”, I’d say. Mo Williams/Delonte West aren’t pure points – they’re more like Fisher in LA or Ron Harper/BJ Armstrong/Paxson was for the Jordan Bulls — good spot-up shooters who can handle the ball but don’t initiate the offense.

    Long story short, if (GINORMOUS IF) they get LeBron, you don’t need a true PG. Douglas is actually kind of perfect in that role.

  16. I think you guys should get the whole “Lebron” thing out of your heads. I would put the chances of him coming to NYC at 25% or less. If it happens, I’ll be jumping for joy for two months — but I seriously doubt it will.

    What you should be thinking about is: Assuming you can’t get LBJ or D-Wade, who do you focus on? Camby, Lee and Johnson? Bosh and Johnson?

    Personally, I would hate to see Amare in a Knicks uni — I think that’s a bad contract just waiting to happen.

  17. Good news about the cap, though I’m not sure why it was announced now rather than the second week of July like it usually is. Is this number set, or is it merely rumored?

    Also, in the last thread someone was wondering whether Donnie should package the 2 2nd rounders to move up. Have to agree with Ted that the 2 second rounders give more chance to be right on one of them. Plus we need to fill the roster with enough humans to field a team. Plus, the last time Walsh had only two 2nd round picks to work with (#45 and #46 in 1990) he managed to pick a rotation player (Kenny Wliiams) and an all-star (Antonio Davis), so history is on his side.

    Also, from a thread earlier in the week, someone was trying to figure out if there had been other American big men who had come back from Europe to have productive careers starting in their mid-twenties. Ike Austin was a good pull. Antonio Davis also did, playing two years in Greece and one in Italy before taking hold in the NBA and playing 12 productive seasons.

  18. Brian, the main reasons the Heat is the biggest winner here are two:
    – They are getting a bigger reprieve this week than everyone else thanks to the Raptors implosion. They owned their pick but it’s lottery protected, so instead of adding 2.5m like everyone else they are also adding an extra million they don’t have to pay to Raps mid first rounder anymore.
    – Riley outdid Walsh in the exprings sweptakes (it helps to have way less toxic contracts). By my account they only own guaranteed money next year to Michael Beasley, James Jones and their first rounder (plus options on Daequan Cook and Mario Chalmers). If I’m not wrong they only have 14.5m or so on the books after picking their options (and they might drop Cook), so they can re sign Wade to a max, offer another one to Amare/Bosh and now between the higher cap and Raps pick being postponed still have close to 10m for a third guy like Lee.

  19. “If the Knicks sign Lebron I could play PG for D’Antoni and it wont matter.”

    BBA, Ted tells me you dominate the ball too much and tend to go under screens. That being said, maybe Mike K can put in a good word for you with his buddy Donnie.

  20. i think Miami would be incredibly dumb to sign 2 max guys. To me that solves nothing. You just end up with Chalmers, Wade, Jones, Stoudemire/Boozer, plus Daequan Cook and some D-Leaguers. There’s no way this Heat team will return to its old form because a) boozer/amar’e don’t have a top tier PG passing to them, b) no legit defense in the frontcourt and c) I have no faith in the development of young players in Miami. Chalmers appeared to be strong, but lost his starting job this year. Beasley has been a disappointment despite has athleticism, and I’m not sure James Jones has shown any flashes of brilliance yet. This team is just not gonna work out.

  21. You know, I go back and forth on the LBJ odds of coming to NY, and tend to agree with most who think it’s a longshot. But if the Cavs do flame out in the playoffs (again), and LBJ is truly about winning, where does he have the best chance in 2010-2011? With his current roster where the 2nd best player is ??, or with a lineup of LBJ. Bosh. Chandler Gallo and Douglas? I think like most superstars he’s very concerned with public perception, and if he left the Cavs to be the lone star on a sub .500 team, fans would view it as a cynical marketing move. But joining Bosh in NY he could easily validate his “it’s all about winning” mantra, and also sing the praises of playing for Mike D’Antoni (vs. Mike Brown)

    I know this, Cavs fans and management will be serious nervous nellies this postseason if they fall behind in a series.

    Go Bulls, Celts (but not too far!), Magic!!!!!

  22. I know the players play the game, but I think D’Antoni is a big plus for us right now, Walsh too. Miami has Spolestra coaching. I don’t think he’s terrible, but he doesn’t have nearly the caché that D’Antoni has. And New Jersey doesn’t even have a coach. I think the front office and coach have come off well this year despite a few missteps. If I were a free agent, I would be wary of going to Chicago – bad picks, bad coach/GM chemistry. Even Dolan looks positive compared to the Clips owner. It may not seem important at first glance, but stable ownership/front office/coach staff plays a big part.

  23. “I think D’Antoni is a big plus for us right now, Walsh too. Miami has Spolestra coaching. I don’t think he’s terrible, but he doesn’t have nearly the caché that D’Antoni has. And New Jersey doesn’t even have a coach. I think the front office and coach have come off well this year despite a few missteps. If I were a free agent, I would be wary of going to Chicago – bad picks, bad coach/GM chemistry. Even Dolan looks positive compared to the Clips owner.”

    Nets and Clips will be attractive places for “cache” coaches to go. Bulls too if (when) they fire Del Negro. Van Gundy, Avery Johnson, Mike Krzyzewski, Rudy Tomjanovich, Larry Brown, etc…

    Bulls play in the 3rd biggest city, carry the mystique of Jordan, have one star in the hand already, and have $25,000,000.

    Nets will be playing in the same city as the Knicks soon, have solid young talent, and $33,000,000 to spend.

    Miami has great weather, more cap-space than anyone, and one of the big three already in the hand.

    And it is easy to laugh at the Clippers, but they have an all-star center, the #1 pick of last year’s draft, a one-time star at PG, two intriguing 2nd year players, a lottery pick this year, and $22,000,000 in cap space. Plus they play in the 2nd biggest city in the country. And Sterling may be terrible, but he’s managed to not have any sexual harassment scandals during his reign. Also his historic cheapness looks like prudent management considering all it is costing to undo Dolan’s insane spending last decade. Steriling’s not letting Falk bully him into an $82 million contract with Elton Brand may have saved the Clipper franchise.

    D’Antoni may have a lot of respect among star players, but is it enough to trump all that?

  24. http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/curry_waive_me_goodbye_ZoGXt1xgh4qmBo3zTWOOBO

    Are you kidding me? Curry talks about “the right decision”… wow. This guy annoys me on SO many levels. The right decision certainly isn’t taking a PLAYER OPTION and then demanding to be traded or waived. WTF? That’s why it’s called a player option!

    Someone needs to rent out one of those planes that flew over Tiger at Augusta and circle over Eddy’s house with the message: “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY DON’T PICK UP THE OPTION” or maybe something shorter to save money.


  25. “If the Knicks sign Lebron I could play PG for D’Antoni and it wont matter.”

    “BBA, Ted tells me you dominate the ball too much and tend to go under screens. That being said, maybe Mike K can put in a good word for you with his buddy Donnie.”

    Nah, Im a straight spot-up 3pt shooter who cant handle the ball to save my life but if I aint open I immediately swing the ball to the open man. My man defense leaves alot to be desired though considering Im slow as shit. I do however get alot of steals and deflections when playing zone defense….

  26. @26,

    Yeah no love for Curry but I do get that he is not in position to leave 11 million on the table–he’d be lucky to get a 10th of that as a free agent. Curry has huge money troubles. I read he requested a 2 million dollar advance of his 2009-10 salary from the knicks during the 2008-09 season. So I understand not walking away from 11 million, I mean really who would?

    Perhaps he can be added to a sign and trade for a useful player.

  27. @28,

    I understand him not walking away from 11 mil, but don’t go out and say “the right thing to do is for them to waive me”. Once you pick up that player option, the team can do whatever the heck they want to do.

  28. Yeah, no one is blaming him for picking up the option – that’s a no-brainer.

    The problem is the whole “they should waive me if they are not going to play me” thing.

    You can’t complain about lack of playing time if you’re making the choice to sign with the team in question (well, obviously you can, you just look foolish doing so).

  29. Actually under NBA rules Curry can ask to be waived. Curry can’t ask for a trade. I doubt there is a “shut up” clause in his contract. Lord knows Marbury could have used one.

  30. I have a good discussion topic I think and I hope you all do as well.

    “What Is the Knicks Best Case Playoff Scenario?”

    I’ll start.
    Cavs beat Bulls – it’s gonna happen anyway so let’s be realistic
    Magic beat Charlotte – ditto
    Hawks beat Bucks – ditto with no Bogut
    Celtics beat Heat – it’s good for Knicks if Wade gets knocked out early. Makes his supporting cast look weak and makes him more disgruntled.

    Cavs beat Celtics – again i see no way Cleveland loses to Boston at this juncture. Boston will have trouble with Miami.
    Magic beat Hawks – this is good for Knicks for same reason Miami has in 1st rd. Joe Johnson more inclined to believe that the Hawks long terms future is not that great if ousted in 2nd rd making him more susceptible to move on.

    Magic beat Cavs – I stand on the side that this is best case scenario for LeBron wanting to leave and rebuild elsewhere. I think it is hard to win a title and then bail on defending it. If the Cavs win and lose in Finals he’s more apt to thinking he is closer to promised land again and give it another shot in Cleveland.

    West: (much less at stake IMO, much harder to predict)
    Lakers beat Thunder – I actually think this will be close. Can’t see it affecting the Knicks much even if it doesnt happen unless LA decides to trade some players after shocking loss.
    Spurs beat Mavs – no real bearing here for Knicks except for Haywood on Dallas being the defensive center option for Knicks in FA. So Dallas losing might be better but very unlikely.
    Blazers beat Suns – better for us if Suns lose so Amare wants to bolt. However, I think Suns could go far.
    Utah beats Nuggets – Carmelo becomes bigger target if Nuggets go from conf final to out in the 1st rd. On the flip if Utah goes far maybe Boozer exercises his option and stays in Utah for $18M. I prefer Carmelo being unhappy because…

    Lakers beat Utah – Losing in 2nd rd isn’t exactly high hopes you’re on your way to a title next year so Boozer enters FA and gets more $ long term anyway and is option for Knicks.
    Spurs beat Blazers – Spurs winning has no impact on Knicks as Manu is now locked up. Blazers on the other hand are more willing to look at trading guys like Fernandez, Oden and others and could become trading partners with Knicks after an early ouster.

    Lakers beat Spurs – wash for Knicks so pick the favorite.

    Magic beat Lakers – LeBron is even more furious about losing again and now Dwight Howard has a ring to rub it in leaving Kobe, Wade and Howard with rings and LeBron w nada so he bolts to NYC on a mission!!!

  31. Magic beat Cavs – I stand on the side that this is best case scenario for LeBron wanting to leave and rebuild elsewhere. I think it is hard to win a title and then bail on defending it. If the Cavs win and lose in Finals he’s more apt to thinking he is closer to promised land again and give it another shot in Cleveland.

    I concur.

  32. If we have $34 Million in cap space, why wouldn’t LeBron and DWade both want to play in the same place. We could just throw huge money at them and fill the rest of the roster later.

  33. LeBron will not leave Cleveland. And Amare’s stat obsessed behind will not either.

    Bosh and Johnson is a more realistic duo…

    Toney Douglas/Steve Blake/2nd Round pick
    Joe Johnson/Bill Walker/J.R. Giddens
    Wilson Chandler/Danilo Gallinari
    Chris Bosh/Danilo Gallinari/Eddie Curry!!!
    Marcus Camby/Earl Barron/2nd round pick

  34. J.R. Giddens is on his way out. and i think somebody will be dumb enough to take Eddy Curry’s expiring and a David Lee S&T for a 2-4 solid players. I just can’t put my finger on who, yet.

  35. and would anybody take a PF outside of Chris Bosh over David Lee? I think he’s the 4th best player in FA honestly.

  36. “Celtics beat Heat – it’s good for Knicks if Wade gets knocked out early. Makes his supporting cast look weak and makes him more disgruntled.”


    I don’t think what happens in the playoffs will effect the Knicks rebuilding effort all that much. With LeBron, I feel like we’re damned if he does (win) and damned if he doesn’t, so we just have to wait and see.

    I do agree with your take on the Celtics-Heat, though. Not so much to hope Wade is disgruntled but because if the Heat make any noise in the playoffs and Beasley gets a lot of ink as a big piece to their future, then I think Miami looks even more attractive to the A-listers this summer. I hope the Celtics sweep them.

  37. Or does anybody think that David Lee + Curry’s expiring for Brendan Haywood (S&T, and Caron Butler/Jason Terry be a bad trade? Not sure Dallas does this, but they have Beaubois to replace Barea, Dampier can step back into his starting role, and Jason Terry or Caron Butler are expendable for them since they keep one of the two. Plus a guy like David Lee to catch Kidd’s passes or work the P&R. On our side, we get a young, defensive C, and a veteran sharp-shooter or efficient 2nd option who is also expiring. Plus room for a max guy like Bosh. We probably have space over for a PG like Jason Williams or Blake too.

    PG: Blake/Douglas
    SG: Butler/Walker
    SF: Gallo/Chandler
    PF : Bosh or Stoudemire
    C : Haywood

    Not too shabby to me, I think Caron Butler isn’t too far off Joe Johnson and his expiring deal is good to have around. Plus Haywood would probably fit nicely next to Stoudemire or Bosh.

  38. And I hope the Heat can’t get passed 5 games against the Celtics. If KG gets suspended, they have proven that they can win without him against a Chicago Bulls team last year (that top to bottom looks 3x better than this years Heat). I really hope Miami goes down hard so D-Wade realizes that this Miami team no longer has hope.

  39. Miami has plenty of hope because besides re-signing Wade they will still have enough cap room to sign a max FA and have around 8-10 million left to spend.

  40. BBA– I know you live in Miami and know better than I, but couldn’t Miami have more than $8-10 million left after maxing out Wade and one other player this summer? My math says they could have $12 million or more, considering if Wade opts out he’d have to take a pay cut of about $1 million in 2010.

    But even if it is only $8 mil, I agree they have a lot of hope because unlike us they have their 1st rounder (#18), as well as 3 second rounders to fill out their similarly depleted roster.

  41. Miami has to utilize Wade’s cap hold (150% of his current salary) in order to be able to pay him more than anyone else. So no, they have less cap space than the Knicks

  42. Guess I am not nearly as sold on the fact that LeBron is staying as the rest of you. I think if he loses to Orlando again and takes a look at his supporting cast he’s got to think about bailing and rebuilding with a younger core… maybe even if he loses to LA too.

    What about talking about some players that might be available in trade such as Monta Ellis. Is he worth Wilson Chandler and Curry’s expiring plus whatever else to make the deal work?

  43. GS wouldn’t take Mayo and Thabeet for Ellis, why would they take Curry and Chandler? Plus, I’d rather have Biedrins.

  44. “Miami has to utilize Wade’s cap hold (150% of his current salary) in order to be able to pay him more than anyone else. So no, they have less cap space than the Knicks”

    I don’t think Wade’s cap hold really makes a difference. It is for more than the maximum salary Miami can offer. I don’t think it has any bearing on whether the Heat can pay him more or not. The extra $8 million just gets freed up when he agrees to the new deal (which is prearranged by the maximum parameters set by the CBA).

    Wade’s cap hold is $23.7 million, but if he opts out and signs a new contract the most he can make in 2010-2011 is $16.83 million, which is less than his 2010-2011 salary would be if he doesn’t opt out, basically saving the Heat several hundred thousand against the cap this summer.

    All the Heat need to do is get Wade to agree to the max to have the cap hold disappear, freeing up the $8 million. I wouldn’t say they have less cap space because of it.

  45. I think this will all come down to whether or not walshtoni can convince players that it’s actually a good idea to be part of a reclamation project in the greatest city in the world playing for a players coach as opposed to joining another team that might have better talent in 2010 but that is not NYC and is coached by, say, Eric spoelstra or Ginny del Negro. I mean Vinny. Our young core is certainly serviceable and from what’s been written the last few months it sounds like gallo has some cred around the league as a baby Dirk.

    What Miami has going for it is the sun and no state income tax. Chicago has a strike when it comes to lebron or Wade– rose already dominates the ball– not a good fit. Not only that– we saw this a few years ago when the bulls struck out in free agency– no one wants to follow jordan in that city.

  46. It looks like it won’t matter, but Marcus Camby blew an open court DUNK at the end of the Suns/Blazers game! Wow, it was embarrassing.

  47. It actually sort of mattered, as Phoenix had the ball, down three with about 10 seconds left, but Nash took an uggggggly three that was way off, clinching the victory for the Blazers.

    Camby should feel better, as that could have been one for the all-time lowlight films (up there with Derek Harper running out the clock with the score tied at the end of a playoff game!).

  48. One of my favorite Bill Walton quotes about Camby when he played with the Knicks was “never confuse activity for achievement” which was said after a bunch of missed putbacks vs the Heat in a playoff game.

  49. What about S&T David Lee and Tony Douglas for Tony Parker? Any takers? Am I dreaming?

  50. “to be part of a reclamation project in the greatest city in the world”

    Reclamation indeed. Did you see the Post poll that asked NYers who their favorite sports team was? The Knicks tied with the Boston Red Sox!

  51. You are dreaming cgreene.
    S.A. has a stacked frontcourt already. Maybe if you did a RJ/Parker for Lee/Curry/Chandler deal… maybe we also get a 1st rounder. But that would really mess with any 2011 options.
    I would look into getting Biedrins on the cheap since he had a down year. Chandler and Curry for Biedrins?

  52. I disagree in the belief that SA’s frontcourt is “stacked”. They can’t come close to matching up with Dallas and LA and Amare also gives them fits. Duncan is great but slowing. McDyess is nice for 15-20 mins. Blair is solid and young but small. I think D Lee would be a great fit there.

  53. I think the Spurs more than match up with Dallas, but Duncan and McDyess are getting ancient so I think the Spurs would be glad to do that deal (unless they are spooked by the long-term contract and plan on cutting salary next summer).

    The Knicks, on the other hand…

    Lee is probably more valuable than Parker… assume getting the same salary in this trade… so why are we throwing in Toney Douglas?

    Even if you just said Lee for Parker, and even if you call it even… I think it would be better to KEEP Lee and find a deal that’s in our favor instead of being even…

  54. On another note, when the Phoenix/Portland series is done, I don’t think there will be many people (on THIS website) lobbying for Amare over David Lee. Not to mention Carlos Boozer in his sweet looking shoulder/arm brace.

  55. Don’t forget the Spurs could find a way to afford to bring Tiago Splitter over. He’s a beast. If they can’t afford him, I’d like to pull a trade for his rights. I think the first order of business for the Spurs will be to try and dump Richard Jefferson on somebody and get a new forward, if that’s possible. Maybe a straight up Lee/Chandler for Parker/Blair would work, but I don’t ever see it happening for some reason.
    In other news, Portland is trying to lock up Camby NOW. Unexpected. Perhaps he’ll be off the table come July.

  56. Had dirk signed an extension yet? And can someone explain the benefits of a sign-and-trade… How would that work with lee for bosh?

  57. Actually, I think that the cap hold of David Lee is less than $10.5 million.

    From the Salary Cap FAQ (point 30): “If the difference in salary between the last two seasons of the player’s contract exceeded $4 million, then the percentage is based on the average salary in the last two seasons of the contract.”

    David Lee last 2 seasons salary has been $1.8 million and $7 million. The average is $4.4 million, so that makes a 200% salary cap hold. But the 200% of $4.4 million is $8.8 million.

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