Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I’m thinking about driving up to Charlotte on Wednesday to catch the Knicks final game against Bob’s Cats. I just haven’t made up my mind.

Can anyone give me one good reason I should go?

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34 thoughts to “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

  1. You are going to quit on the team? Come on man did Davey Crocket quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  2. I think you should go. The game might be pretty important for the Knicks’ lottery position.

    Oh, just to add – I am getting awfully irritated by the revisionist history of this season that I’m seeing in the papers. “You can’t blame the poor end of the season on injuries.”

    What the hell!?!? How could you do anything BUT blame the end of the season on injuries?!

    I mean, even Malik Rose is saying the Knicks can’t point to injuries, using the example of the bad Golden State loss as his “proof.” Oh really, Malik? That one game symbolized the Knick season, and not the other 50 or so games?


    The Knicks this year, healthy, were a borderline playoff team (in a bad conference).

    The Knicks this year, injured, are absolutely terrible – as bad as other teams that are actively TRYING to lose.

  3. yeah, exactly. look at how bad Washington has been the last few weeks, and they’re just missing their two best players, not 4 out of the top 6 or whatever the hell it is for us.

  4. one of the most embarrassing franchises in all of sports. and the most embarrassing franchise in New York – ever!
    that’s historic – don’t miss it.

  5. seriously, who in their right fuckin mind would travel out of their way to see this team, unless you were getting paid a lot of money – a LOT of money.

  6. do i sound like an angry fan? you bet i am.

    LB wins 23 wins with a bunch of kids and rookies thrown together for the first time and gets fired and accused of subterfuge.

    with a good new rookie and a year of playing together and nba maturity under their belt the false prophet wins 31 and gets a contract extension. what is that about?

  7. hoolahoop, when healthy, Isiah had this team winning the same amount of games LB had them winning by the All-Star break!

    It was only injuries that kept this Knick team from most likely being a playoff team.

    Not a GOOD playoff team, but a playoff team nonetheless. It was this progress that led to Dolan giving Isiah the extension. The fact that he got the team playing so much better that they would have made the playoffs without the injuries.

    Last year, without injuries, the Knicks probably would have won a few more games, but I do not know if they would have cracked 30.

  8. Brian,
    Its too late to look this up now but the Knicks were 5-17 without Marbury – a year end swoon and a rough stretch after the 6-0 run in January I think a heathly team (Q Rich and Marbury) the Knicks clear 30 wins easily. But injuries are part of the game and LB’s gang won 23.

    Jon, Washington might be missing their top two, but these are legitmately good players. The Knicks are missing 4 of 6 and 5 of 8(or 9), but only Lee and Marbury are what I would consider good players. Isiah has built quantity, not quality.

    The team’s morale is better this year and the team is playing much harder down the stretch. That should count for something – but then again so should salary cap hell.

    Reasons to go to the Game:
    How long is Herman’s hair.

  9. BC
    what world are you living in?
    the team sucks. the coach sucks, management sucks. but the players, they’re really terrific.

    you guys who run this blog shock me at how little you understand basketball.

  10. hoolahoop is the MAN. Team sucks, coach sucks, owners sucks, management sucks. Dolan is delusional – never had to work a day in his life, screwed up everything that was handed to him. He gets hookwinked by the false prophet. The false prophet gets hookwinked by the entire league! I mean seriously – Zeke has made deals in the past 2 years with the Bulls – playoff team, set to advance to the 2nd, 3rd rounds, and possibly finals. They couldn’t have done it without Isiah. Phoenix – clears out Marbury and Hardaway, sign Nash. Instant turnaround – couldn’t have done it without Isiah. Toronto – Isiah takes Jalen’s year off their hands in exchange for $30 million (Rose contract times 2) and Balkman, enabling them to sign good, solid players. Couldn’t have done it without Isiah. Orlando – set to reup Howard for the max, Ariza is looking BETTER than Balkman, and they still have money left over to sign Milicic or whatever. Couldn’t have done it without Isiah. Playoff teams all – man, Isiah must be the GM of the Year!! Just not for the Knicks – 4 years in a row of outright embarrassment and mediocrity. He craps over good, decent men left and right (remember how he fired his coaches? remember how he treated Shandon Anderson?) Absolutely dispicable. Isiah is absolute, unadulterated poison. And Dolan is an utter fool. Bring back Scotty Sterling – even he couldn’t be worse than this horses ass of a lineup. And oh yeah – Francis? Nate Robinson? Big Snacks? Jarrod Jeffries? Real quality guys. Please.

  11. David: I think you should go and represent the KnickerBlogger board, by yelling our comments at Isiah. “Hey, Curry’s defensive efficiency is killing the team!”
    “Isiah! Consider these trades for Garnett!”
    “Hey Isiah! The following 3 bloggers don’t think you suck!”
    “If you didn’t have all these injuries, and other teams still had their injuries, you would be mediocre! Go team!”

    Also, you could compare Charlotte arena food to MSG.

  12. Some thoughts:

    Thomas playing Crawford last night was tantamount to Michael Jackson holding his baby over a balcony railing for photographers–ultimately nothing really bad happened, but why in the world would you take the risk?

    While watching a mediocre Nets team sweep the season series last night on YES, Marc Jackson mentioned to Marv Albert that Knicks fans who think that the Knicks are a good team “drunk the koolaid”. Both proceeded to take shots at the Knicks (which I’m sure Marv relished in).

    The Knicks played with zero pride last night, and it also gave us a glimpse of what “the Steve Francis show” looks like. Not pretty.

    The most important stat is not PER, WOW, +/-, or whatever, it is wins. Isiah’s record as head coach is 32-49. We are on a 5 game losing streak, with many losses against teams that are actively tanking.

    As far as injuries go, lots of teams have injuries:

    The Lakers (Odom, Walton, Brown, Vlad), Wizards (Arenas, Butler, Songalia), Miami (Shaq, Wade, Payton, Williams), Houston (Yao, McGrady), Nets (Jefferson, Kristic) are all making the playoffs despite their starters missing significant time.

    Don’t waste your time or money Wednesday. Wait ’til next year.

  13. Watching the Knicks lose on TV sounds better to me. I can’t wait to see what Zeke does to mess up the team in the off season. I was kinda against getting KG before but hell, if the Knicks can get him that would be some kind of step in the right direction.

    If any of the below players are removed I’ll be happy:

  14. birchnbrook is right. We’ve all been hookwinked by Isiah. He’s embiggened all of our hopes, with his fast talk, but in the end he’s failed to come up with a cromulent plan.

  15. David, take the drive, but just make sure you make a stop to your local KnickerBlogger store and grab the official KB brown paper bag headgear. Oh and I have 2 reasons why you should go: Photo Blog.

  16. Wednesday night is a potential four place Bulls move up in the lottery order:

    Dallas @ Seattle (ya’ gotta sit the starters)
    Memphis @ Minnesota (Memphis has won two, Wolves have lost six)
    Golden State @ Portland (GS still in contention)
    Knicks @ Charlotte

  17. What I really don’t understand is the dicotomy between Isiah the drafter and Isiah the trader/signer of free agents. How can you be so consistently good at looking for and finding the right things in draft prospects and then ingnore those same things completely when evaluating players with NBA experience?

  18. OK, the Knicks suck. They’re not very good, as a team, or even individually. But, honestly, why did Dolan give Isiah that extension THEN? I remember when he said, “I said the end of the season and I meant the end of the season” when he was asked before. I remember thinking, “Wow, Dolan actually knows what he’s doing????” But no, sadly, he does not. Why did he decide NOT to wait? The desire to save Isiah’s job was a great motivator for the Knicks and a big factor in why they played so hard earlier in the season. Of course, injuries had a hand in their death-spiral, but why oh why did Dolan give Isiah that extension?

  19. Is anyone having trouble logging on to comment threads? It take me a few minutes to access them, and I have tried a few different computers. The stats page works well fine though…

  20. Why did he decide NOT to wait? The desire to save Isiah?s job was a great motivator for the Knicks and a big factor in why they played so hard earlier in the season. Of course, injuries had a hand in their death-spiral, but why oh why did Dolan give Isiah that extension?

    I think it’s clear that Dolan always wanted Isaiah back, and so he “made the call” at an earlier point in the season than he had promised.

    He didn’t want to risk waiting and have to make the decision in the face of ACTUAL final performance.

    He was obviously right to be worried.

  21. Wow,

    some pretty good commentary here.

    Bernard King: I don’t remember the last time a Davey Crocket [sic] joke made me laugh. I haven’t heard much original material in the last 20+ years. The Animal House reference–very nice.

    steve: Chick Fil*A–nice call. My girlfriend swears by that stuff, but I can’t do it. I’m allergic to peanuts and everything there (except the salad) is fried in peanut oil. If I do go, however, let me know if you want me to stop and pick up some fries for ya ;)

    Sly: do you think I can get a sign into the stadium big enough to write, “his defensive (in)efficiency and turnovers are killing the team?” OR would you suggest just going with, “Hey Isiah! Read!”

    Ted Nelson: Put it this way, Hollinger pointed out in a recent column that Joe Dumars is the inverse of Isiah. He drafts terribly, but has a penchant for playing the trade and FA markets much better.

    I’m leaning towards going to the game… depends on how much work I can get done between now and tomorrow.

  22. Change of subject, but did you see that Joey Crawford got suspended for ejecting Tim Duncan????

    I’ve never heard of anything like this, ref issues are usually handled internally and VERY quietly. It sounds like the guy just had a nervous breakdown. Tim Duncan is arguably not only the most respected player in the NBA but the most respected player in all of sports with a spotless record of good sportsmanship and leadership both on and off the court. If you’re going to eject him he better have been on camera dropping his pants in front of the crowd or something, not on camera…doing absolutely nothing at all.

    Reminds me of the first scene of that Billy Crystal movie…

  23. Regarding the Knicks last year – they went 5-17 without Marbury, but to get to 30 wins, they’d have to go 12-10 during those games to make it to 30 wins.

    They were, 18-32 in games WITH Marbury. Even with that 6-0 stretch, were they really going to go from 18-32 to 12-10? I don’t think so.

    But yes, the Knicks last year certainly were hurt by injuries. Just not as much as this year’s team (also, note how LB started jerking David Lee around last year even AFTER the Knicks were 6-0 while playing Lee a lot – lordy, was LB infuriating).

    As to the other teams that John mentioned re:injuries, injuries CLEARLY affected every single one of those teams dramatically, just like the Knicks!

    The Lakers, injured, are barely making the playoffs. Healthy, they were challenging for a top 4 seed!

    The Wizards, as Jon Abbey mentioned, have been TERRIBLE since they lost Arenas and Butler.

    And both the Heat and the Nets were hit big by injuries – they were just better than the Knicks to start with!

    The Rockets, I will give you, Van Gundy did a great job with them (but even then, he DID have T-Mac, who is better than anyone on the Knicks).

    Oh, and to whoever mentioned the Knicks losing to teams TRYING to lose. That is untrue. The Knicks happened to be in a weird situation where, with all these teams out there tanking, they happened to get the teams that WEREN’T (with one or two exceptions – and they BEAT one of the exceptions, Milwaukee). They were facing teams that really WANTED to win, for playoff positoning (Detroit, Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago) or trying to make the playoffs (Orlando and, surprisingly, Philadelphia).

  24. I’m heading up to Charlotte in a few minutes.

    KB, I’m a horrible photographer. You don’t want any pix from me I don’t think. But, I’ll probably post something about the game by Friday.

  25. How did you like that tip-in? It may have truly been a shaft down the Bulls’ collective throat. I am somewhat envious that you got to see the game. Here’s to the offseason.

  26. The place was uproarious when Charlotte went up 1 then the tip went through and the place was like Saturday night mass–except for me and one other guy in my section. Then people started filing out even as the stadium announcer implored them to stay for fan appreciation night post-game activities. All in all, it was pretty damn satisfying.

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