Shaq Signs With Boston; Brown Likely Heading Back To Lakers

According to ESPN, Shaquille O’Neal has signed with the Boston Celtics. Zach Lowe has some Scattered Thoughts on the deal:

Still: This could work if a lot of things go right.

Shaq can be an asset for a team that ranked just 15th in points per possession and struggled to produce looks at the rim when Rajon Rondo couldn’t penetrate. Rondo and Paul Pierce are the C’s only real threats to create offense at the basket. When they are on the bench or pushed slightly off their game, Boston’s offense is reduced to a series of off-the-ball screens and side screen/rolls—last-gasp sequences run on the defensive, after the best options have been closed off. Against good defenses, those kinds of possessions ended too often with long, contested jumpers. Watch Game 7 again, if you can stomach it.

Shaq could provide some relief from that. I’m not saying he’s going to be out there beside the starters with 5:00 to go in the 4th quarter of a playoff game. But put him out there with, say, three bench players and Ray Allen? He adds a dimension that wasn’t there last season.

Shaq attempted 5.2 shots per game at the rim in 2010, more than any Celtic save Rondo, and he converted about 67 percent of those looks—well above average for a center. He’d add an offensive rebounding threat to a team that currently has only one (Glen Davis). He might be the only Celtic that could command a double team, and think about how rarely over the last two seasons Boston has been able to do something as easy as tossing the ball into the post and waiting for a double team.

Scoring is hard for the Celtics. Scoring is sometimes easy for Shaq.

Meanwhile the Post’s Marc Berman reports:

The Knicks’ chances of landing free-agent shooting guard Shannon Brown are just about over. Mark Bartelstein, Brown’s agent, told The Post the Lakers guard is “leaning” toward returning to the Lakers to go for a “three-peat.”

Brown is expected to make his final decision today.

The Knicks, according to a source, offered Brown just a one-year contract as they moved to protect their 2011 salary cap for a run at Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks offered him the full $2.7 million that they are under the cap. The Lakers have offered the fourth-year guard less per season, but multiple years.

It’s good to hear that New York was just offering a one year deal, as opposed to the previous multi-year reports. But you have to wonder why the team is looking at Brown anyway? They have a ton of SG/SF (Azubuike, Chandler, Fields, Rautins, Walker) and they certainly don’t need one that has a career TS% of 50.5%.

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30 thoughts to “Shaq Signs With Boston; Brown Likely Heading Back To Lakers”

  1. “and they certainly don’t need one that has a career TS% of 50.5%”
    beter than melo’s ts

  2. My question is why did anyone ever GAS about Shannon Brown???
    As for Shaq I lost what little faith I had left in him having an impact watchign the palyoffs.

  3. Great signing for the Celtics. You could argue that Shaq is better than there current starting center Perkins on a per minute basis. Plus they got the other O’Neal who had a pretty good year last year. Their big man rotation is KG, J. O’Neal, S. O’Neal, Perkins and Big Baby. Ouch. That could put them over the top of Miami and Orlando. I still think they need another 3 pt shooter/defender on the wing after losing Tony Allen/Eddie House. Nate’s just not that consistent from the outside.
    Re: Shannon Brown, no huge loss. You can argue that Bill Walker is a better prospect at the 2 anyway. People are still waiting on Brown’s upside but he’s 3 years older than Walker. I agree that we probably need a more mature player starting at the 2 (Walker and Chandler are both still very young) but hopefully Buike completely heals and can be that starter while Chandler and Walker develop from the bench. Fernandez would fit the bill as well, but that’s looking less likely.
    I guess that’s why we might go after Roger Mason – we could use another vet presence besides Amare. Our guards are still fairly mediocre, but hey, that’s a big improvment from terrible (Duhon & Hughes.)

  4. Also, a good read on the Knicks off-season overhaul at Wages of Wins.

    The author has Walker and Turiaf in the starting lineup, so it’s hard to see this as a totally adequate estimation, but 48 wins as a “best possible” season would be alright with me.

  5. ess-dog: but hopefully Buike completely heals and can be that starter while Chandler and Walker develop from the bench.  

    Is there any literature available on the latest on Kelenna’s injury? I read the ESPNew York Article last week. I didn’t realize he’s had BOTH knees operated on, the left one being the worse one. I’ve seen him say that it’s going to be 100% but that alone doesn’t give me much hope.

  6. Big Boy is a VERY nice signing for Boston for all the reasons mentioned, but the C’s have that much harder for Miami to make it out of the Eastern Conference. Boston cannot match Miami on the perimeter, but has beefed up precisely where the Heat are weakest. They can throw a lot of bodies at Bosh, Haslem, and whatever else Miami can put at center.

  7. Shaq is a great signing for Boston, if he can stay at anything like his level last season, and not fall off as drastically as Ewing did his last year or two. Boston’s real problem in the playoffs was the stretches when they just couldn’t score – Shaq is a genuine weapon there. He’s a big liability on defense, but Boston has the guys to cover his lack of mobility.

    What Boston really needs now is a decent wing… or to pray that Avery Bradley can do a respectable job guarding Wade. He might!

  8. As for Shannon Brown, I’d put that in the category of a smart almost-signing. I’m not heartbroken that Deavin George, Jr. is going back to LA. I’m actually pretty pleased with Walsh’s thinking and process. The offer–one year for around the minimum–belies the notion that Walsh sees him as anything other than insurance for Azubuike.

    Where we disagree Mike is the notion that the Knicks have a lot they can throw out there at SG. Unless Azubuike comes back healthy, it’s far from unthinkable that NY could end 10-11 at below replacement level production at SG. Consider the candidates:

    * Toney Douglas. D’Antoni sees Douglas primarily as a backup point. I’ve seen nothing to indicate he’ll get significant minutes at SG.

    * Wilson Chandler. He is the most likely starter (absent Azubuike), but I expect him to continue struggling with his shooting at the 2. He’s a natural 3/small ball 4.

    * Bill Walker. Even assuming last year’s torrid shooting is close to his true talent, he can’t stay on the floor because he is so utterly foul prone.

    * Landry Fields. He looks good but there’s a lot we don’t know without having seen him in pre-season. I LOVED the Fields pick when it happened, but I haven’t seen anything that would keep me away from a reasonably priced insurance policy.

    With Brown off the market I’m prepared to go with what we have but it was worth it for Walsh to kick the tires on that guy.

  9. David Crockett: As for Shannon Brown, I’d put that in the category of a smart almost-signing. I’m not heartbroken that Deavin George, Jr. is going back to LA. I’m actually pretty pleased with Walsh’s thinking and process. The offer–one year for around the minimum–belies the notion that Walsh sees him as anything other than insurance for Azubuike.
    Where we disagree Mike is the notion that the Knicks have a lot they can throw out there at SG. Unless Azubuike comes back healthy, it’s far from unthinkable that NY could end 10-11 at below replacement level production at SG.

    True, but is Shannon Brown really that far above signing someone from the D-League? I’d almost rather they’d reach down to grab a real prospect. Heck Azubuike was a D-Leaguer a few years back.

    In reality D’Antoni won’t play such a guy (he’ll just go double SF), but I’d rather have that than risk the chances of Shannon Brown getting a ton of minutes for some odd reason (see Duhon, Chris).

  10. Whoops, thanks Mike.
    I agree that I think Mike D. will just play around with what he has. You might see a very small lineup at times: Felton, TD, Walker, Gallo, Amare, and you might see a big lineup at times: Felton, Gallo, Randolph, Amare, Mosgov/Turiaf.
    It’s really hard to tell. The guys getting big minutes should be Felton, Gallo, Randolph, Amare, and to a slightly lesser extent, Chandler and Turiaf. Douglas, Azu, Walker and maybe Mosgov will get less minutes. Chandler could get a bit less, Azu or Walker a bit more.
    That’s 10 players right there, a big number for a D’Antoni rotation. You have to think that Walker or Azu will fall to the wayside eventually, but it’s good to have a group of 12 guys ready to go.
    Sounds like Mason could be the 11th guy. The question is, who’s the 12th man?
    I say we make a play for Admunson, but The Earl of Barron will probably get that spot in the end.
    Then the 3 rookies bring it to 15. Sucks for PEJr.

  11. Z-man:  

    Not sure what to make of that. Is it Houston trying to raise the value of Jeffries? The article asserts that the Knicks are doing it to have more assets to throw at Denver or NO, but that doesn’t make sense since Curry’s also an expiring. Still, Jeffries and another piece for Curry wouldn’t be terrible, and at least Jeffries was useful last season. The Knicks could actually be a pretty good defensive team next year.

    Still… Azu seems like a much better fit than Jeffries, so unless you’re getting another asset, I just don’t see what the point is.

  12. re; Jeffries, that article makes no sense unless it’s part of a bigger story. Houston would have to add other players to make the deal work, salary-wise. Once it’s a multi-player deal, with lots of variables… then who knows if it’s good or bad? Houston has a lot of decent players, at ok salaries. Not sure who I’d expect to be in the mix. Lowry, Ariza, Hayes… not really D’Antoni types. Of course the whole thing could be totally made up.

  13. Thank God! I was really hoping SB would resign with the Lakers as I just didn’t see the point…

  14. I don’t think we currently have anything that’s worth giving up for Jeffries – we don’t have any “long” contracts, and no player is worse than Jeffries or even of his caliber. That “source” sounds like more anti-Knick sour grapes…

  15. I like the Celtics acquisition of Shaq. I never thought I would say that since I vehemently despise every Boston team there is, but the Miami Heat weren’t high on my list of favorites before this summer. Now after everything that has happened this free agency, I want nothing more than to see Miami fail miserably. I think that the size the Celtics have put together will definitely give Miami problems and I sincerely hope that LBJ heads back to the tunnel at the end of the season with his head down.
    As for the Knicks, I think they have made some strong moves this summer. I was a little nervous after seeing how much they payed for Amar’e, I had flash backs of Eddy Curry and Jerome James. Amar’e is absolutely a much better player than those two, but the Knicks haven’t had luck with the huge contract players. With the money they had left over, they actually made some smart moves. Raymond Felton played really good at the Garden last year and I think he will complement D’Antoni’s system. I’m looking forward to seeing Azu and Randolph. Turiaf will be a presence on the defense. I hated hearing that David Lee was leaving, but we did get some good pieces out of it.
    That being said, I also hope that Lee has a great career. He was an outstanding professional and very hard worker. It was impressive how he improved so much year after year.

  16. I’m also bummed that Fernandez is going to the Bulls, according to TKB. More that it’s the Bulls than the fact that we didn’t get him… Bulls are going to be very good next year, damnit.

  17. I don’t know that he will necessarily end up in Chicago. The Bulls don’t have much more to offer than the Knicks did. I suppose, though, if they’ll deal Portland their 1st round pick next year, that’s something, but it’s not like that will be some great pick.

  18. I’d do Jeffries + filler for Curry in a weak, erratic heartbeat.

    Jeffries at least has some possible place on this year’s team and it won’t affect their cap situation going forward (presuming the filler is also for one year, which I imagine it will be).

    One thing I don’t get, though, is the idea of the Knicks trading Curry and assets. Curry makes more money than Jeffries and the Rockets are over the cap, right? So how can the Rockets take back so much more salary than they are sending out?

  19. call me a retard, but i’m excited about Mason. Now we have no need for Rautins for those who don’t like him lol. Now, I’ll admit that Mason is not quite the guard I want behind Azu..but i’ve been an advocate of goin after Mason all summer long. He’s a good shooter and ball handler who has NBA experience at both guard spots, meaning that 2nd unit won’t necessarily hafta rely on Douglas to move the ball around. While I think wee need a guard who can create, Mason’s still a nice pick up. Now we just need our bigs to show up this season. Stat’s gonna have all kinda space to operate in the paint an Felton’s gonna be able to use his drive and dish abilities to the max. Rooster, Azu, Mason, Douglas, and possibly Randolph waiting somewhere on the perimeter? Even if Randolph doesn’t become a dangerous shooter, his ability to handle the ball and pass at the 4 should make him a great fit with the rest of the roster (I see a starting frontcourt of Stat, Randolph and Rooster). Theoretically Mike D can go 2 deep at every position, especially if Walsh can bring Barron back or if one of the rookie bigs can play. Check it out:
    Or stickin with what we currently have, it’s not a 10 man rotation, but it can be:
    Still alot of options and versatility. I can’t wait.

    About Shaq..I really feel bad for him. I believe he can still be very effective in the nba even at his age, and Boston is only a good half season stop for him. He’s not gonna get too many offensive touches with Nate, Allen, Pierce, KG, Big Baby and Rondo. Secondly, he won’t accept a bench role. Let’s face it..Perkins is the starter there becuz he is the better fit with that starting unit. Factor in Jermaine O’Neal, who is an even better fit than Shaq if healthy, I jus don’t see a great fit for Shaq. Who’s the 3rd center? Who will accept mop up duty/the hacker role? I like Shaq a whole lot. I would have rather seen him sign with Charlotte or Dallas. There they would use him much better than Boston will. But, if they make it work, Boston will relentlessly pound teams like Miami in the paint and wear Dwight Howard down, and stand taller against LA. Still..I don’t like this move for Shaq..good luck to him.

  20. I love the addition of Roger Mason, you can never have too much perimeter shooting and defense. But we have so many wing players now. Mason, Azu, Walker, Gallo, Chandler, and Fields should be competing for minutes. Douglas and Felton should be manning the point, and Randolph, Turiaf, Stat, and Mozgov will be playing down low. I wonder if this team is going to make it through all 82 games, or if we’ll see a (major/minor) shake up to the current roster, because it seems like we’re trying to corner the market on trade chips/young assets.

  21. Knicks and Masons go well together and if Nomen est Omen rule applies we are about to see some walls being built in defense and hope though no bricks being thrown around in offense.

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