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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Selling Out

A special note to KnickerBlogger.NET readers: I’ve gone mainstream…sort of. I’ve agreed to publish some of my blogs simultaneuosly on Knicksology, the Knicks webpage. All my writing will still appear here, so you will not need to change any bookmarks or go elsewhere. In addition some of my columns will NOT appear on the page, so KnickerBlogger.NET will be the only place to get all of my analysis and insight.

Personally I feel this is a win-win situation. More exposure means more readers will contribute to the discussion of the Knicks, the advancement of basketball statistics, and NBA analysis in general. Blogs have always been appealing to me as a reader because of their flexibility to be independently honest, and I’ve turned down better offers & perks to be able to state my opinion freely.