Robinson Arrested

For Knick fans antsy for any news on free agency, today brings them a story even they would rather not hear. According to multiple sources, Nate Robinson was arrested last night for driving without a license. The Daily News reported that the Knick guard was pulled over for driving without a seat belt, and that they had found his license had been suspended.

Additionally Robinson was twittering during the encounter saying: “Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that,” AND later “I am still pulled over and its been 35 min they have me sit in my truck like i dnt have s#* 2 do lol.”

Compared to other detain worthy offenses, this ranks about a 1 out of 5. Consider that Robinson was not arrested for driving while intoxicated, possession of drugs, or dui manslaughter. However what’s damaging to Robinson is the timing and twittering of the event. The diminutive guard already suffers from a poor image of being immature, and how he initially handled this event lends credence to this view. Ironically Nate is in town for his basketball camp, something that helps build up one’s public image.

In the end I don’t think this action will hurt his free agency status. Had the Knicks wanted him long term, they would have already signed him by now. But if Robinson’s maturity problems were a camel, this would be another small straw on it’s back.

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44 thoughts to “Robinson Arrested”

  1. I agree that this shouldn’t be overblown, that Robinson has been rather careless here but not, it appears, dangerous in any real way. Still, it does affect the way I think about him because I have wanted to believe that he is maturing, avoiding dumb mistakes. It makes me think, too, of Lee. When someone listed the “superstars” on every championship team (in the last thread), I was reminded that it is not just supreme talent that makes winning teams (although that is certainly a major factor), it is also character and focus. Lee is not an elite player in that his talent will not make a team a championship contender, but his resolute focus on basketball and his role on the floor makes him the kind of player Knicks fans haven’t had in a long time. And he does have real, documented talent. For these reasons, I do think he’s a “bird in hand,” and I would be okay with a little overspending on him. Not $12/yr, but maybe more than $8. (But, hey, it’s not my money either.)

    BTW, I still like Nate, but you can’t build a team around flakes.

  2. You can’t build a team around flakes, but they can still make important contributions.

    Reference: Rodman, Dennis

  3. This guy is ridiculously immature…talented, but immature…

    When will all these superstars learn – you make millions of dollars, hire someone for about $100K a year to drive you around – like Osi of the NY Giants does and Spike Lee does. You never hear of these guys getting pulled over for traffic offenses…

    And while they are at it, hire somebody for another $100K to be your bodyguard, and let them carry the gun…you can tell I am a NY Giants fan as well.

  4. Where this could hurt is on the trade front. Maybe a team that had interest in a sign and trade for Nate will more likely shy away now, which doesn’t help Nate or the Knicks. And with less interest, maybe Donnie signs Nate for slightly less than he would have otherwise. It’s hard to tell.
    Doesn’t really seem out of character for Nate. Not dangerous, just kind of stupid, especially the Twittering. I think the technology is way ahead of these young men using it. It really just shows the mentality of a ‘contributing’ player, in his case off the bench, rather than someone who wants more on his plate as a leader…

  5. Nate tweets a lot, and I mean a lot. He has apologized a couple times this morning, and mentioned that the officer treated him well.

    That said, is it me or is this a total non-issue? I don’t think of myself as wildly immature (and I’m 38) but if I were sitting in my car for 45 minutes after a traffic stop, I might be tweeting, too. It’s not like he compromised a murder investigation. The worst you could say is that he didn’t get the memo that public figures should be dull.

  6. Caleb,

    Not asking Nate to be dull, just show a little maturity. He is in the middle of contract negotiations with the Knicks and these kind of distractions never increase your worth to a team, they only take away from it.

    What can a bad public image do to a talented basketball player? See Ron Artest, 2004 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, 4 time all NBA defensive team and always the best or second best player on the teams he played for – Bulls, Pacers, Kings, Rockets.

    How much money is he making compared to players with his skill set? Not par value. How in demand is he? Only an established champion was willing to take him. How many teams are willing to put up with his antics? Not many, traded every time by his teams. What endorsements does he have? A Chinese athletic company called Peak (yep, never heard of them).

    If this is the NBA career Nate wants, then he’s on the right track.

  7. For what its worth, this is the 5th time he has had his license suspended in less that 1.5 years. Nate is never going to change – he has peaked with regard to his maturity level.

  8. “this is the 5th time he has had his license suspended in less that 1.5 years.”

    That’s different — that’s immaturity. Tweeting after you get pulled over – who cares?

    IMO maturity is overrated as a basketball trait, but it does hurt his market value.

  9. maturity is overrated?

    if Nate was as mature as the average 25 y/o he would be a perennial all-star, no doubt…see Ray Allen

  10. This is kinda of non story for me, but you’d be kicked if you didn’t post it. When you compare Nate’s antics to Marbury’s you begin to see how silly this is. He was not drunk, he did not pull a Stallworth. Sheesh.

    -This was a police setup. Everyone knows these cars don’t come with seatbelts.

    -Does he have to tie boxes to his feet ala Short Round from Temple of Doom?

  11. Love the car, TB.

    mase will have to explain how maturity will make Nate 10 inches taller and the best pure shooter in the league.

  12. “This was a police setup. Everyone knows these cars don’t come with seatbelts.” Dude, your killing me here. Too funny.

    “When you compare Nate’s antics to Marbury’s you begin to see how silly this is.”

    Don’t fret – it won’t be long before N8 is posting youtube videos and eating vaseline.

  13. This blown-out-of-proportion nate story aside, I’m curious to see what everyone thinks about even the slight possibility of iverson coming on board for a year or two at potentially the same money we would throw at sessions … We’re thin at both PG and SG, and while a LOT of people hate on his game and attitude, I could definitely envision him improving the play of those around him. Everyone would certainly question his attitude and probably say “we dont need his kind of mentality on our team at this stage,” but this offseason has probably been pretty humbling, and im sure he’d be an asset if we picked him up. He’s certainly not toxic (debatable in the eyes of many).

  14. A year of Iverson is ok, but hard to care either way.

    Two years? Taking even $1 of cap space next summer? No way.

    I don’t really think AI will be better than Nate this coming season, so I wouldn’t bother. But it’s ok as a backup option. More likely, as a PR pressure move on Sessions.

  15. “I could definitely envision [Iverson] improving the play of those around him.”

    Is this really true? He’s been on some bad offensive teams, and recently a few teams that traded him away got better afterward. I know I knock WOW for overrating things, but I think they have a good point with regards to scoring efficiency. At least when it concerns high volume/poor efficiency guys. (Iverson, Crawford, Curry, etc.)

  16. According to Sheridan from the mothership, the Knicks are no longer interested in AI.

    “The Knicks were in touch with Iverson’s camp early in free agency, and a source close to Iverson said they “were still in the mix, but certainly are not the front-runner.”

    But a source with the Knicks contradicted that statement, saying New York has dropped out of the picture, even though Iverson would be agreeable to playing under a one-year contract that would not take up any of New York’s precious 2010 cap room.”

  17. Mike, it was more grossly wishful thinking and I’m pretty much blocking his tenure with both Denver and Detroit from my memory. I couldn’t bring myself to hate on him, and picturing a winning knicks team with AI at the helm would thrill me to no end. I guess maybe I just can’t see his presence actually being a serious detriment to the team. He’s a scorer first and foremost, but is definitely a more-than-willing, and more-than-capable PG when he’s asked to be (strictly from an observational, non-advanced-stats vantage point). Plus, D’antoni seems to be more of a no-BS coach, whereas George Karl and Flip Saunders definitely look like pushovers when challenged by their superstars. Maybe that’s a bit ignorant and not well-researched, but from a demeanor standpoint it seems like it could be case

  18. Well Iverson would fix our PG problems.
    He would be reunited with Larry Hughes who shot 0.41 from the field when paired with Iverson. Sadly, those were some of Larry’s most prolific shooting years.
    No need to get Sessions now.
    Playoffs here we come.

    “and picturing a winning knicks team with AI at the helm would thrill me to no end.”

    It would shock me to no end.

  19. Sorry JoMo.

    I shouldn’t crush your dreams. They will be crushed by the team come Feburary, like they were each of the past nine seasons.

    Last season beat all the dreamer out of me.

  20. So best case scenario (not including Rubio fictions) would give us:

    pg: Sessions, Duhon, Douglas
    sg: Chandler, Hughes, Nate
    sf: Gallinari, Chandler, Jeffries
    pf: Lee, Harrington
    c: Hill, Darko, Curry

    I put the players first who have the most long term potential. Is this team even an 8th seed? Maybe if we get a few breaks and one or two other teams implode…

  21. Actually ess-dog I think that team very well can be an 8th or 7th seed. Of course we would need another weak year for the lower seeds in the East but that team could win 40 games I believe. Granted would hope Jeffries and/or Curry can get traded mid-season.

  22. The problem with the Knicks is all the unknowns. They are virtually impossible to forecast with any degree of certainty. So many players have wide upside-downside ranges.

    If we get Sessions, if everyone plays on the rosy side of their potential range, if Lee and Nate are around for 1-year deals, D’Antoni can probably squeeze 42 wins out of them, which probably good enough for 7th seed and a quick playoff exit. Here’s what needs to happen for this to happen:

    Huge keys: Gallo and Curry. Gallo stays on the court for 30+ minutes of the kind of ball he played at his best last year? Curry gives us 20+ minutes of what he does best when he’s healthy and in shape (for him.)

    Important, but less so than above: Chandler, Darko, Harrington. Each has the potential to improve play and mindset. If they all do to any degree in D’Antoni’s system, the 5 players mentioned thus far will mean 7 or 8 more wins than last year even if everyone else plays as expected based on the past (or lack thereof in the case of Douglas and Hill.)

    They are what they are (which except for Jeffries is OK): Duhon, Sessions, Lee, Nate, Hughes, Hill, Douglas, and Jeffries. If these guys just play how most of us expect them to play, and the above happens, you have an 6-8 game improvement over last year. If there is a totally unexpected bonus (Hill becomes rookie of the year, Darko blossoms into a top-15 center under D’Antoni, Sessions shoots 40% from 3 and averages 18 and 10,etc.) we can get into the low 40’s.

    On the other hand, if Gallo and Lee get hurt, we can drop back to a 23 win team without a lottery pick, even if everyone else plays as expected.

    The thing is, this is probably not the roster we will be looking at in February, or even November.

  23. I think the key to this season will be Chandler and Gallinari.

    -Duhon and Sessions will be “passable” at the point.
    -I think Darko in this system can at least hold his own as a starting center. I expect very little from Curry, just spot minutes early on.
    -If Lee and Nate come back, they just needs to hold par.
    -not expecting much out of the rookies this year.

    I think Chandler either needs to up the mentality of his game to match his physical skills or become trade bait to move Jeffries/Curry… maybe he can become more of a vocal leader on the floor, further improve his defense, work on his 3 pointer and get to the rim more often? I would hope he could accomplish at least two of these.

    Gallo, quite simply needs to become a young star on the Rose/Mayo level at least. It’s a lot of pressure, but I think he’s up to it, and he has exciting numbers in limited action thus far.

    Other small factors could be Sessions learing to shoot, Harrington learning to pass/defend/rebound, and maybe Hill and/or Douglas blossoming during the year, but these should have negligible effect on wins.

    As far as playoffs, I would say Boston, Cleveland, Orlando are again the top 3. Then you have Chicago, Miami and Atlanta who I think are definitely better than us. So that’s 6. At our best, we fall into an even range with: Detroit, Washington, Toronto, and Philly. My guess is that we will be fighting Toronto and Philly for that last playoff spot.
    Chicago could slip to our range without Gordon, and maybe Detroit and Washington will be better than us, but both those teams will probably be off kilter.

  24. i think you guys are too pessimistic. we have a solid core this year and i think we should be looking ECF and beyond!

    Curry and Darko will make all the difference at center…Dwight Howard and KG will not be able to contain that combo, its too versatile and explosive offensively.

    our other frontcourt postioins are even tougher matchup for the opposition:Gallo, Chandler and Harrington/lee. all of these players are maturing and i expect all-star like consistency on both offense and defense.

    our backcourt is solid; if we sign Sessions thats makes us the quickest backcourt in the east with Nate at the 2, a vet in Hughes off the bench to provide leadership and experience…dont forget our prodigy rookie Douglas who wants to make teams who passed him on draft night suffer!

    folks we have the right coach and the right blend of outside and inside scoring to matchup with the best! i expect big things this season; it may be premature to start getting fitted for rings but the lakers should be very nervous!

  25. I’m sorry I don’t know Mase well enough to know whether he is joking. . . or sniffing glue

  26. Mase, I definitely dream, but your “glass is half full, practically overflowing onto the floor” optimism confuses me to no end. To the point where I dont know if this entire post was sarcastic.

    “Curry and Darko will make all the difference at center…Dwight Howard and KG will not be able to contain that combo, its too versatile and explosive offensively.”
    – While it’ll be nice to have Darko in the paint blocking more shots than any knick in the last 3 years (that’s sad) – that “combo” doesnt seem likely to ever be on the floor together, let alone be even remotely concerning to opposing centers. Darko was picked up as a defensive presence, and we’re all painfully aware of Curry’s all-star ability to turn the ball over (definitely has to be one of the best centers in the league in the last few years at this – kudos to him).

    “our other frontcourt postioins are even tougher matchup for the opposition:Gallo, Chandler and Harrington/lee. all of these players are maturing and i expect all-star like consistency on both offense and defense.”
    – All-star consistency? Really? I mean, if you’re right then we’re the top seed in the east. If you’re right about even one of those players having that kind of showing, then we’re practically a lock to get a Lebron or a Wade. But I mean … Al “keep on shooting, i make buckets” Harrington an all-star? Really?

    I wouldnt call Douglas a prodigy, so much as I would call him a capable PG who will get especially limited run if we pick up sessions.

    In my dream world, all of your statements are 100% accurate and the knicks (AS IS?) are the best team in the East. Even still, likely to get absolutely crushed by the Lakers.

  27. This just in from the “Summer of Nothing” parody news desk.

    In an effort to keep both the Micheal Jackson and Nate Robinson stories alive long after anyone should still care, the tabloids are now reporting that it was Nate Robinson-disguised as Bubbles mind you-who administered the lethal shot of pain killer to the former King of pop.

    Larry Hughes tried to administer the shot himself, but was benched after missing on his first 13 attempts.

    In health news, the Knick medical staff is reporting that Eddy Curry has now lost so much weight he can once again perform a standing back flip. However, the feat can only be accomplished by taping a bucket of KFC grilled chicken to Mr. Curry’s back.

    I recently spoke with new Timberwolves G.M., David Kahn, about whether there was any truth to the recent “Rubio to New York” rumors. Kahn went on record with the following statement:
    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No wait, let me compose myself. Okay. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

    I asked Donnie Walsh to comment on Kahn’s statement but Walsh just muttered to himself the following: “How can my grandson be a werewolf when his mother is a vampire and her husband is Frankenstien’s monster?” Walsh then said he needed to get back to his “laboratory” and then “feed the dragon under the stairs.” A statement that makes very little sense considering Stephon Marbury’s release from the team.

    In free agent news, Lamar Odom, whose interests in sweets is well documented, nearly signed with the Knicks this summer. A potential deal was derailed when former Fraggle Rock star, Al Harrington made it known that he had no intention of sharing his doozer sticks with Odom.

    With “Summer of Nothing” parody news, I’m Thomas B. reporting.

  28. Very funny Thomas B. You may have a future in journalism. You should definitely apply for a job at the Onion.

  29. “Very funny Thomas B.”

    Thanks. Well I figure if Newsday can make stuff up, why cant I?

    Would have been nice if I could get that news desk typewriter sound effect into the background. Thats the problem with posts, no audio.

  30. No doubt, I am no Mase. TDM could give mase a go. And last summer, Mike’s “Indexed” posts were really humorous.

  31. Just saw the prep game Spain:Slovenia – its two weeks before Euro championships….Spain won easily, but I was not impressed with Rubios game – he needs time(years) before he can really organize and set a pace for an NBA team – but ok. its just a prep game and hard to judge on that – here’ s a link to game statistics

    But i would never trade some real assets to get Rubio at this point…maybe in two years(but then it will be to late)
    Right now the Rubio thing is a gamble….

    Slovenia and Spain are in the same Group at Euro – so we’ll see how he produces in a real game. Tonight Spain plays prep vs. Lithuania(Slovenia also lost against them the day before)Lithuania plays real fast pace offense, nice to see( they can move the ball)so the outcome of this game will be interesting to see.

  32. For one of us, driving with a suspended license would be immature. For a public persona, it enters the realm of stupid. For a public persona in contract talks, an exponent has to be added to the degree of stupid. You don’t outgrow stupid.

    As an aside, Douglas is going to turn out to be the steal of the draft. He’s a good shooter, far better than he showed this summer. He makes smart decisions and should be able to D up almost any guard in the league. I don’t think we’ll hurt much if N8 finds himself in another uniform this year.

  33. I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but the playoffs seem about 90% out of the question for the Knicks this season. I’ll definitely root for it like everyone else, but realistically I just don’t see any way with the current roster +/- Lee, Robinson, Sessions.

    Can you really compare Nate Robinson to Ron Artest??? You have to worry about whether Ron will be eligible to play, and when he is you have to wonder if he’ll bring his A game. Nate’s immaturity is a negative, but he’s rarely suspended and always plays hard.

    Can you compare him to Ray Allen? A 6-5 spot up shooter? If Nate Robinson didn’t have the personality he does he’d be (maybe) a back-up CB in the NFL rather than a valuable 6th man in the NBA. Nate can still channel that energy without the immaturity, but if Ray Allen were 5-6 I don’t think he’d be playing professional basketball.

    “I don’t think we’ll hurt much if N8 finds himself in another uniform this year.”

    Nate Robinson was quite possibly the best player on the Knicks last season. Including David Lee, who was hurt by playing out of position all year. They don’t have far to fall, but losing Robinson would hurt.

  34. “Nate Robinson was quite possibly the best player on the Knicks last season. Including David Lee, who was hurt by playing out of position all year. They don’t have far to fall, but losing Robinson would hurt.”

    Maybe that’s why they’re talking to Iverson, although word has it we’re currently not in the running. Nate is an explosive, sometimes erratic scorer and really not much else (little D, OK with assists) and isn’t that what AI is at this point in his career? If you let Nate go and sign AI for one year, you replace one head case with another, but with a guy who will be playing for his career, basically.

    (Just a crazy thought in the middle of a Knicks news drought!)

  35. “Nate Robinson was quite possibly the best player on the Knicks last season.”

    Regrettably, I’d agree with that. However, that is more a sad statement of the Knicks in general than a compliment to the 5’7″ shooting guard. Nate is not the future of the Knicks. I just hope Donnie can get something for him. My understanding is that if the Knicks offer more than the QO, and he accepts, the Knicks can trade him before the trade deadline. If he accepts the QO, he cannot be traded. Why don’t the Knicks offer the QO + $1.00? Or QO + $1M? Whatever the amount over the QO, it is money well-spent in order to retain the right to trade (or package) the asset later in the season.

    On a more positive note (seriously positive – as opposed to “KG will not be able to contain Curry and Darko” positive):

    Alan Hahn’s twitter on Gallo:

    Alan Hahn: Source sez Gallo (in Italy now) looks fantastic. Pain-free; fitness level very high. I expect him to be the centerpiece of offense: Pt.-fwd. Over 6 hours ago.

  36. Sometimes when I just can’t stand the lack of any move on Donnie’s part I remind myself that this time last year I didn’t think there was any way we would get out from under Z-Bo or Crawford’s contracts. If he can work the same magic with Curry this year I’ll really be impressed. If Curry can just post good numbers out of the gate we may be able to send him packing like we did Z-Bo.

  37. I would much rather have Nate Robinson than Allen Iverson. He’s a more efficient scorer, similar level playmaker, better rebounder, lower turnover… plus he’s 9 years younger. While Nate’s immaturity is annoying, he’s not an egomaniac who has refused to play as a productive part of a team for his entire career. Maybe AI is really, really motivated, but it’s hard for an old dog to learn new tricks.
    If the Knicks somehow lose/move Robinson, then I wouldn’t be upset to get Iverson on a one-year deal as his replacement. Their 08-09 numbers are fairly similar, except that Nate was better.

    “However, that is more a sad statement of the Knicks in general than a compliment to the 5?7? shooting guard.”

    I agree, but Nate is at least a good NBA player. He’s one of the best 6th men in the league. He is not THE future of the Knicks, but he could certainly be a productive part of their future.

  38. yeah, Iverson is a net negative, there’s a reason he’s still a free agent. he killed Detroit last year, imagine what he’d do to a team with less of a stable core? I don’t want him even if he pays NY $5 million.

  39. You shouldn’t be fooled about AI’s last season. Iverson would be an upgrade over N8, and the knicks would be a playoff team for next season. Of course, i am talking about 1-year contracts. If you plan on signing Nate for 3/4 years, he is the real deal. AI doesn’t have more than 1 or 2 years at max level.

    However, Iverson would command the MLE, and I’d rather see it spent in assets for the future (Sessions), rather than a patch to reach the playoffs this year.

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