Report: Thomas’ Job Safe

Now, this report really does not come as much of a surprise to most of us, as it appears fairly evident that Dolan is fully prepared to let Isiah coach (apparently) indefinitely, but it is still a shame to have the idea specifically shot down.

Again, though, Dolan is really more of a problem here than Isiah, probably, and since none of the good GM choices out there would be willing to take the Knicks job so long as Dolan continues to be so hands-on as an owner, so I guess it really does not much matter if Isiah stays or goes.

It sure would make for a nice bit of PR though, wouldn’t it?

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30 thoughts to “Report: Thomas’ Job Safe”

  1. I think Dolan showing his support of Isiah is great PR! It lets his fans know that he is not a fairweather owner and that he will continue to root for the Knicks even when they’re on pace to win 15 games! Isiah is a laizzez-faire coach; he doesn’t correct problems by changing the obvious deficiencies in the strategy, he instead lets the players work them out for themselves by taking as many awful shots as they can until they get it out of their systems! What a great thing for a coach to do! Impeach Isiah? I think not! We must rally behind him, because he is our leader and that would be unpatrio– wait, f*** Isiah.

    I am buying a Magic jersey.

  2. As a NY Ranger season ticket holder in the 1960s this reminds me of our attempt to get rid of Muzz Patrick. He was the GM and coach of the perpetually horrible Rangers. I believe we went through a year of “Muzz Must Go” chants until the protest reached a peak when petitions were signed. The pressure finally worked and he was fired.

    This cast of bad basketball characters assembled by Isiah, including horrible contracts jeopardizes the teams future. The results are years of horrible game performances that has created a embarrassment for New York and the NBA.

    Keep the pressure on and continue the “Fire Isiah” chants. You may want to add “Dolan Must Go”.

  3. This is the response you get from an owner who’s primary job is running a monopoly. You can’t expect Dolan to know any better.

    In any event it could be a surprisingly brilliant startegy. The Knicks in the running for the top pick will have Isiah, whose only discernable talent is drafting, make the pick and then promptly fire him immediately afterwards.

  4. sry for this post, but im on that point to say
    Fuck the Knicks-Manegment, u fucked up a whole city and more!!!!

  5. Stuff Dolan will let Isiah get away with (please feel free to add to this):
    1) Give Allan Houston another 100 million dollar extension.
    2) Sexually harass Spike Lee.
    3) Trade next three years first round picks for Anfernee Hardaway.
    4) Let Mardy Collins start a fight with teams in the first quarter of every game because they left their starters in.
    5 bugger a sheep during halftime at mid-court.

  6. What’s the point of tanking for the #1 pick? If Isiah had any talent for drafting (well beyond the norm), then the Knicks wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in right now! Right??? What has this supposed “great eye for talent” wrought? Five youngsters who can’t shoot a jump shot??? Sorry folks, but Isiah doesn’t have an eye for young talent any more than he does for the older talent. I will give him credit for David Lee, and that’s it. And Lee is just a decent player, not too versatile.

  7. yeah, taking Frye two picks before Andrew Bynum went has soured me on Isiah’s drafting ability also. and I love Balkman as much as anyone, but this team might be a lot better off with Rondo.

  8. Being versatile can certainly be nice sometimes, like with a guy like Lebron James, who can play three different positions well, but otherwise, what exactly is so great about versatility?

    Tim Duncan is not versatile.

    Shaquille O’Neal is not versatile.

    Karl Malone was not versatile.

    You don’t have to be versatile to be a very good big man in the NBA.

    Not a major point, of course – just putting that out there. ;)

  9. by versatile, I think most people mean, defense and offense. All the people you have mentioned are considered versatile because of their ability to play on both sides of the ball. Knicks don’t have single player on that roster who can play both sides of the ball effectively (maybe with the exception of Q. Rich, and he’s mediocore at best at both).

  10. If that’s your definition of “versatile,” then why not just say “David Lee is not a good defender”?

    I’m fine with that.

    I think he’s a very good player despite his poor defense, but I can’t argue that he is, in fact, a poor defender (not Curry/Randolph bad, but still, not good).

  11. Knicks don?t have single player on that roster who can play both sides of the ball effectively (maybe with the exception of Q. Rich, and he?s mediocore at best at both).

    Q has been unbelievably godawful on offense. He looks completely shot to me.

  12. David Lee does just one thing well — rebound. I would also add that he’s a decent free throw shooter, but would good is that if the only time he ever gets to the line is when he gets fouled after gobbling up someone else’s slop? The point is that he can’t create his own shot, and he can’t shoot a jumper, so that means he’s not really much of an offensive player. He can’t defend one on one, I think we’ll all agree on that. He just doesn’t do much all that well. Hence not very “versatile.” I’m happy he’s a Knick, but I’m not pleased that Lee represents the creme de la creme of Isiah’s “great eye for young talent.” That’s a pretty sad statement (and, I contend, a myth).

  13. David Lee does just one thing well ? rebound.

    I think I can just let Owen handle this. ;)

  14. Stuff Dolan will let Isiah get away with:

    6) Celebrate the 25th anniversay of the vaunted 82-83 Knicks by playing Bernard King, Bill Cartwright, Truck Robinson, Trent Tucker, and 74-year-old Hubie Brown at the point. When they only lose by 34 points, he names them his new starting 5.
    7) Let Stephon Marbury interview prospective interns so he can judge their willingness to get into his car.
    8) After the Suns smoke the Knicks by 41, announce Steve Nash wouldn’t get so much respect if he wasn’t white.
    9) Trade Wilson Chandler and a 1st round pick for Chris Webber
    10) Schedule home games against the toughest opponents on the same nights as Springsteen plays MSG

  15. Dolan is showing sound judgment in keeping Zeke. This way, he won’t have to hear “fire yourself, Dolan” cheers at mid-season…

    And why not support Zeke — think of all the great things he has done for the club! Come on, just think… No really, it’s amazing, what an outstanding leader he has been…you see, in the NBA, it’s not about winning, it’s about filling seats…no problem! It’s not about the team producing, it’s about, er, stockpiling young talent!!! And, boy, you gotta say nobody in the league has our talent…look at how much our young guys have contributed…we have SIX wins! That puts us right up there with Miami, and they were champs two years ago! We’re on the move now guys!!!!

    Zeke for Mayor! Maybe Governor!! He’s a god!!!

  16. Isiah Thomas is a good “diamonds in the rough” drafter. I don’t think he’s that great a lottery drafter.

    He drafted TMac and he drafted Camby. But they were pretty obvious choices. Frye is (actually as an aside, I wonder what Frye would be like if Larry Brown hadn’t gotten in his head), well anyway.

    But in the lower reaches I think he’s a great drafter. Jury obviously still out on Chandler, but Lee, Robinson, Balkman, Ariza are all good picks.

    This, however, highlights for me what is so difficult with Isiah. He’s not ALL bad. But that makes him fool’s good. Yes I think he’s a good drafter. But that just isn’t enough to justify a GM job.

    I dunno, part of me still thinks just give him some time with this roster and see how the team plays out. Afterall, they have played 500 or slightly better ball periodically, and they haven’t played together that long. But then I see games like the Boston, Denver and Philly ones, and I think jeez, they’ve played maybe 5 zero effort games in, what, 20? Every 4 games they just give up? That just doesn’t sound like good coaching. I’d rather see 5 guys who suck but play hard than watch this. Adversity just isn’t an excuse either – every team in the league has that, and this team, for one thing, is pretty deep.

    Just a thought (not sure I’d even do it) but Eddy Curry for Erick Dampier + a pick? Or even straight up? Dampier

  17. Isiah is not an especially good drafter and discoverer of “diamonds in the rough.” This is a myth. Seriously, what contributions have Nate, Mardy Collins, Wilson Chandler, Channing Frye, Trevor Ariza, etc really made here or anywhere else in the NBA? The NY media overrates these guys severely, simply because they don’t trip over their own shoelaces and because everything else Isiah does is completely abysmal. He looks like a “good drafter” only relative to the rest of his putrid resume.

  18. With the #7 pick and the #9 pick in Toronto, he picked up the 1995-96 Rookie of the Year and Tracy McGrady, respectively (oddly – he never picked in the second round as Toronto GM), so add in David Lee and Renaldo Balkman (are you seriously counting Wilson Chandler AGAINST Thomas?) and it more than makes up for the other folks, especially as Ariza is a fine NBA player.

    I agree that Camby doesn’t count, as that was just obvious.

  19. Knicks faithful, please educate me. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to basketball, but I’m also really baffled by Dolan’s renewed vote of confidence in Thomas. Assessing Knicks ownership feels like I’ve just slowed down to get a better look at a car wreck, so I was hoping that those of you who are more familiar with this man could tell me if his running this franchise into the ground is a product of hubris, ineptitude, or both.

    If his Wikipedia entry is anything to go on, I’m thinking he’s one of those Type-A, old money business wonks–you know, inherit the money from daddy, strap on the big-boy pants and pretend at being a businessman. The vanity band he plays in is just icing on the cake.

  20. We all love Balkman, but c’mon….he plays 12 minutes a game, misses foul shots, and rarely scores double digits…he isn’t an impact player when it comes to Ws. Zeke is over-rated at drafting because he has nothing else to show for himself…he’s not fool’s gold, he’s just a fool. Now he blames the crowd! Booing makes his guys miss lay-ups??? This guy tries to lay blame everywhere but on himself.

  21. I want Isiah’s ass fired immediately but his draft reputation is absolutely deserved and there’s more than enough of a case to dump him (see paper, today’s) without resorting to revisionist history. He grabs solid to spectacular players at every pick all of whom have hung around and will hang around the league for years to come. That’s a hell of a lot more than you can say for most GMs.

  22. I think the reason many people think that Isiah’s drafting prowess is overrated is because these players get drafted to a team that obviously has no idea how to utilize the strengths of players. While Balkman may seem like simply an energy player…given the chance to play on a real team, with proper coaching, he would become a valuable reserve. And you can be sure that under Popovich or Sloan, Nate Robinson could be turned into a disciplined, effective backup PG.

    Basically, Isiah’s poor coaching and inability to inspire his team negates the effect of his good drafting.

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  24. I’m kind of in the same boat as Puzzled in Texas, I am not a Knick fan, but think it would be good for the NBA for the Knicks to get their act together, he said

    “Knicks faithful, please educate me. I?m pretty savvy when it comes to basketball, but I?m also really baffled by Dolan?s renewed vote of confidence in Thomas. Assessing Knicks ownership feels like I?ve just slowed down to get a better look at a car wreck, so I was hoping that those of you who are more familiar with this man could tell me if his running this franchise into the ground is a product of hubris, ineptitude, or both.”

    A view from afar:
    1. Obviously Isiah needs to go, or Knicks will be down this same old path next year and years to come.
    2. Knicks starting lineup isn’t anything I’d want (Nuggets fan here) Crawford is nice piece, Lee gives some good hustle. signing Zack Randolph was dumb (ball stopper) Curry is OK, but a turnover machine.

    IMO the #1 goal of the Knicks should be to get Isiah fired, that way you can hire a turn around GM like Kiki, and start off with a scrub coach. and get back to winning

    It seems the players know the #1 goal should be to fire Isiah, as they QUIT in stretches. latest Quit was getting blown out by Philly after they lost the previous night.

  25. You want to give Zeke credit for draft picks while not representing the Knicks, go right ahead. Ancient history. Not relevant in a NY Knick sphere — and he MISSED alot of guys who are better than the guys he drafted anyway. Over-rated, pure and simple. If you like Zeke’s draft prowess, you set the bar way too low imho.

    His NY Knick draft picks haven’t had an impact, and it isn’t just his bad coaching that is to blame…it’s that the players are flawed.

    Guys are already saying Chandler is a great pick and he has done nothing. Balkman isn’t on a track to greatness, neither is Nate. David Lee — a nice pick…In total, none of these guys is getting younger, and none of these guys is helping get Ws on the board. They look like gems because the rest of the squad is even worse. Time to face up to it — we have one of the worst organizations in team sports history, crud owner, crud coach, cruddy team.

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