Report: Allan Houston to be next Knicks GM?

Jared Zwerling, one of Bleacher Report’s newest NBA writers, reported yesterday that the Knicks’ shocking decision to relieve Glenn Grunwald of his role earlier this week is, potentially, good news for former Knick and current assistant general manager Allan Houston.

According to Zwerling and his sources, the Knicks are likely grooming Houston to eventually take over for new GM Steve Mills in a couple of years.

This wouldn’t be a tremendous shock, considering Houston is the current Assistant GM, though that doesn’t make the abrupt Grunwald firing any less bizarre.

One of the sources Zwerling cites in the piece had this to say about Houston’s relationship with Knicks owner James Dolan.

“Dolan has always taken care of his former players, especially stars, which Allan was. I guarantee you he’s close to Allan just like Isiah Thomas and other former Knicks,”- Source #2.

We’ll probably never find out the real motivation behind the abrupt Grunwald dismissal by Dolan, but this might be the closest answer we get. Dolan is an odd guy, but he’s a guy who knows what he wants, and won’t hesitate to drastically change the course of the franchise to get it. If Zwerling’s source is accurate, and Houston’s relationship with Dolan is starting to mirror the one Isiah had(s), all the chaos this week will at least have some sort of rhyme or reason to it. On the surface, at least.

Houston has worked his way up the ladder under two very different GM’s with two very different philosophies in Grunwald and Donnie Walsh. He’s regarded highly by numerous players and executives, so perhaps Dolan zoning in on Houston being his guy to guide the franchise going forward won’t meet the same fate as the Isiah years.

Additionally, it might well be the case that Dolan — who nearly whiffed completely on the 2010 free agent class — wants to give Houston the position as the Knicks once again try and lure new stars to the Big Apple in 2015.

Lots of questions still remain, obviously, but the dust is certainly starting to settle. Maybe everything will be okay. Oh wait, it’s the Knicks, which means: PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

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Chase Thomas

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2 thoughts to “Report: Allan Houston to be next Knicks GM?”

  1. At this point, who cares about Houston. Mills is the GM and it seems he will be the one steering the ship when Melo inevitably opts out of his contract and decisions need to be made when it comes to Chandler, Stoudemire and the long term future of Shumpert.

    AND — to juxtapose Houston with Isiah is pretty egregious. Yes Houston learned some under the cheshire cat, but he’s not the same type of person. In my opinion it’s off base to say the future is dim just because he’s friends with/valued by Dolan. Sure Dolan has made plenty of personnel mistakes — but he also hired D. Walsh and the Knicks are finally in a spot where it’s not a question of making the playoffs, but how deep into the playoffs. And does everyone still wish we had Jeremy Lin for 3 years instead of Prigs/Beno?

    Maybe, just maybe we’ve turned the corner but until the cards fall when it comes to Melo and the current squad – why hark back to the dark days of Isiah?

  2. Reposted from last thread (because this thread is specifically about Allan Houston as GM):

    Dolan wants Dolan loyalists, not basketball minds. David Stern forced him to hire Donnie Walsh. if it had been up to Dolan, Isiah would still be smirking in the msg tunnel.
    Who could be more loyal than Allan Houston, a guy he’s given $115 million to already; a guy he paid double the market value for no apparent reason; a guy who he didn’t amnesty even after the amnesty clause was named the “Allan Houston” provision. What else it could possibly take to “groom” him, i have no idea. But Dolan seems to think he needs to learn from the best Dolan kiss-ass on the market (Isiah is still barred by the commish).

    Just wondering, are the bucks grooming Michael Redd for their gm position? Like Houston, he can shoot basketballs, is a devout believer in christ, was loyal to his franchise, and he took the better part of $100 million watching basketball in street clothes. Sounds like GM material to me!

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