18 thoughts to “Poll: How Many Wins Will the Knicks Have in 2010?”

  1. Can’t wait to see if we can beat D-Wade in his own house. I remember what he did to us last year when someone ticked him off.

  2. I went with 33-35. I feel like anything above that will make me happy, and anything below that will be disappointing.

  3. I think the consensus view is that it behooves the Knicks for Cleveland and Miami to do as poorly as possible this year. Can we all agree that’s what we’re cheering for? I know earlier on there were some of the mindset that LBJ especially would be more willing to leave after giving the city a championship.

  4. I feel exactly like Ted Nelson. In my heart I hope they can win in the high 30’s to at the very least keep us competitive for the 8th seed for the entire season. Realistically I see this team winning 33 or 34 games which is what I voted for in the poll. If they cant even match last year’s win total then man I am going to be totally depressed.

  5. Wow, what a bunch of optimists! No way they win 32 games this year :) (trying a little reverse psychology on the self)

    I’m thinking of doing NBA League Pass Broadband. You can pay 90 bucks and choose up to 7 teams whose games you can watch. Way cheaper than the cable-based League Pass. I’m just concerned about quality. It took 3 years for MLB.TV to get mature .. but this year, it was fantastic. Anyone have any experience with NBALPBB?

  6. I don’t care so much about making the playoffs, but it would be nice if the team could get off to a decent start (not 5-15!). So much of this season is about PR and recruiting A-list talent for next year. If the Knicks are flailing around early, it’s what people will be talking about, and could stigmatize the team, even if they finish strong while no one is watching.

    Winning 35 games this year but “running out of gas” at the end looks a lot better than falling out of contention early and managing 35 wins all the same. Especially with Utah getting our draft pick, I think the Knicks win the PR battle the longer they can keep the conversation from being solely about “next year”.

    Thank goodness the most brutal stretch of the schedule is in April!

  7. I was sort of falling for the “If Cleveland wins a championship…..” logic at one point but I think it’s pretty clear they need to lose and lose a lot. Especially because they don’t have such a clear a means of improving or staying competitive in the future — they have lots of creaky veterans and even Lebron’s best teammates who are young enough to stick around (Williams, Varejao) aren’t exactly Odom/Gasol or Manu/Parker or even Lewis/Nelson. I suppose they have enough cap space to add one more decent player next to Lebron in 2010 right?

  8. I went with 36-38. They’ll flirt with the 8th seed for a while before falling away at the end. Hopefully Gallo shows us more than he did in preseason.

  9. I’m stunned at the overall optimism, actually. I think they finish w/42 wins. Then again, I’m clearly going w/my heart over my head/digestive tract.

  10. Tastycakes,
    I had NBA broadband last year. The problem with it for us Knicks fans is that there are blackout restrictions for people living in the same area as the team playing (even if its a road game). There are also blackout restrictions if a game is nationally televist (like ESPN or TNT). This essentially means that you can’t watch any Knick games through it whatsoever, unless you live outside the New York area.

    Essentially, if you are a Knicks fan living in the NY area, the only reason to get it is if you’d like to watch a lot of Blazers-Rockets or Nuggets-Hornets games (that is, decent basketball games played by teams you don’t necessarily have a rooting interest in). Also, if you care to listen to the announcers, they are always the broadcasting unit of the home team.

  11. Yeah, I’m amazed that the predictions for this season are actually better than they were for last season at this point in time!!

    That’s good to hear, I guess.

    Optimism isn’t a bad thing.

  12. If anyone who reads this site knows a way that I can watch Knicks games out here in Pittsburgh, please let me know!

    My predictions: 38ish wins. Gallo avgs. 17 ppg…. Can’t see much w/o knowing what Walsh will do. Looking forward to the trading deadline, especially b/c he implied that he had something up his sleeve regarding Curry…. (the fat one)

  13. Z,

    On the other hand, a weak start and strong finish (especially one in which the young players step up) gives the illusion of a team on the rise with good young talent.

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