Pacers 103, Knicks 96

Indiana Pacers 103 Final
Recap | Box Score
96 New York Knicks
Kenyon Martin, PF

38 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-2 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 6 PTS | -6

Having K-Mart there to spark your early offense is a little like having your grandmother order you and your buddies the first round of tequila shots at a strip club: Incredibly weird and uncomfortable, BUT TOTALLY WELCOME! Once again, it was in the intangibles that K-Mart made his money: body-slamming Hibbert, delivering line-stepping sledgehammer fouls that only a veteran of his canny stock could ever dream of getting away with. You can see the pain and frustration written in K-Mart’s furrowed brow – the skin-born barometer of a grizzled, gimpy team trying desperately to find its way. God bless him and his grandma stripper shots.

Andrea Bargnani, PF

38 MIN | 4-16 FG | 1-2 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 10 PTS | +2

You know the Euro stereotype: effete, soft, smelling of fear, world wars and socialism. Knock at least two of these off the ledger when you talk about Bargs, who bench pressed roughly 30,000 tons checking Hibbert in the post; rendered many a Pacer possession one-and-done; and gave us a real glimpse at how effective his brand of size can be against the right team.

Unfortunately – and as has been the case in pretty much all of Bargs’ Garden showings – the offense wasn’t there. He had his chance at the grandest of narrative flips when Woody drew up the last play in regulation to get Andrea a clean, straightaway look. Front iron. The tell tale sign of another set of legs Paced to pulp.

Carmelo Anthony, SF

42 MIN | 10-28 FG | 10-10 FT | 18 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 30 PTS | -4

It’s safe to wonder how many more maulings Melo can realistically handle – how many bully-ball gambits and board scrums – before there’s scarce a body for everyone else to orbit. Melo was downright fucking heroic on the glass, setting an indispensable tone for our even keeping pace on that front. But the stubborn isolations (however earnest and tough his post-ups); the lack of trust; the zebra-baiting: These are the ticks that need to be quelled if this team has any chance at coalescing.

But what I worry about more – more than the bruises and aches and pains and torturous tolls – is the psychological effects of a fact that many of us had already accepted long before the Garden lights came to verify it: PG done pilfered the belt.

Beno Udrih, PG

38 MIN | 8-15 FG | 0-0 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 19 PTS | -1

His early commitment to fighting over high screens helped anchor the defense early, while his steady quarterbacking — peppered by some impossible circus shit heroics — was refreshingly free of turnovers. Next to Earl, Beno’s buckets came at the biggest moments down the stretch. But the minutes would catch up to him, while George Hill – fully used to grinding starter’s minutes – pounded poor Beno into bonemeal. Sensational effort, questionable conditioning.

Iman Shumpert, SG

36 MIN | 1-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 5 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 4 PTS | +6

How you know he loves being a Knick: checking PG, flying in from help-side to snag a post entry pass, moving and communicating with purpose at both ends. There remains a palpable tension between him and Melo, with the former seeming unwilling to feed the beast when it barked. Boarded admirably, and gave Paul George all he could handle. That final call was galloping horseshit – no question about it. That it drowned out an otherwise mutedly heroic effort was perhaps the saddest part of all.

Metta World Peace, SF

16 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -12

We scoff at the shitty shot selection, and rightly so – far too many possessions go to die in Metta’s hands. But the bully-in-the fray mentality; the refusal to back away from the breach; the passion; the intensity: These things matter. Or would mater more to a winning team, anyway.

Pablo Prigioni, PG

15 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 2 PTS | -5

Looked hesitant and occasionally sloppy – like a 36-year-old professional basketballer on the business end of a back-to-back. We’re left wondering whether Woody should’ve pulled the Prigs trigger down the stretch, why with Beno sucking on fumes and resorting to aimless reaches on D. But Beno’s play proved that two-point lineups might not — and should not — be buried quite yet.

Tim Hardaway Jr., SG

4 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -1

There’ve been strands of the plague with more of a conscience.

J.R. Smith, SG

38 MIN | 8-19 FG | 1-1 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 21 PTS | -11

When Earl plays with the effortless determinism he displayed on that first drive – a gorgeous foray for two that briefly reminded us all of what this basketball Baryshnikov is capable of – shit comes up Milhouse. It’s when he’s dabbling in the dark arts (settling for long contested jumpers, gambling not once, not twice, but thrice on Indy’s pre-bailout possession, leaving George Hill wide open from deep) that our collective patience is put through the cheese grater. Still, it’s clear that the physical rust has all but flaked away. The brain rot? Jury’s still out.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Fuck it, I don’t care: The officiating was a sick joke. There were a number of times when Joey Crawford (who couldn’t read an eye chart if it was hanging on his bathroom mirror, by the way) was forced to call egregious make-ups just to cover the failure tracks left by his inferiors. (Also: Joey Crawford oversees other referees. Chew on that for a second.) You can argue that whining and carrying on are not – and ought not – be rewarded. You can try and justify the 36-17 free throw disparity by positing that the Pacers “know how to use their hands” while the Knicks “reach.” You can chalk up all this shady shit to hap and circumstance or karma or whatever you want. I think the anti-Knicks bias is a real thing. I think it’s real because they – like us, at times – loathe what Knicks basketball has become: the overpaid “prima donnas”, the year’s salary’s seats, the shitty owner, the angry fans, the overrated superstar. All of it. They’re basketball people. They understand the narratives. But they’re also human, and as such are susceptible to the draw of shaping said narratives according to their own biases. It’s not just that the calls were terrible in total; they were terrible in microcosm, in context, in fact. Does Melo get PG’s three throws? Of fucking course he doesn’t.

    I’m not going to sit here and pretend like none of this shit ever happens to other teams. Of course it does. Just not when they play us.

  2. That the Bockers out-boarded the Pacers 52-49; that they outscored them by four in the paint; that they never backed down even when we’d have forgiven them; that they pushed past the criminal whistles and artificial swings in momentum; that they really, truly, noticeably cared: These things ought not be lost.
  3. Call me crazy, but if this sour, sickening taste in my mouth boasts a single flavor note, it’s this: Maybe we were kinda sorta maybe kinda built to play this kind of team. Like, in the Playoffs. Think about it: We went to war with a 6’9” “center,” a saloon door power forward, and a point guard who would’ve sucked on a gas pump in the last 10 minutes of play if you told him it had oxygen in it. And we banged with these guys. Out-boarded them. Out-hustled them at times. Took every punch we could until the zebras stampeded us. I have no idea where this team will be in four months, but I do know this: If we can get healthy, get smart, and hone the hints of rotational harmony we saw tonight, I don’t see why we can’t give any of the burlier teams in the East – the Pacers and Bulls in particular – a run for their money.
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37 thoughts to “Pacers 103, Knicks 96”

  1. Flipping thru box scores, Matt Barnes got a “DNP – Left Eye”. Does that mean his bitch burned his house down??

    That’s my way of saying……I don’t want to talk about it.

  2. Interesting that the 3 best games we’ve played this season (all losses of course) were against the 3 best teams we’ve faced – Chicago, Houston and Indiana. Now if we could avoid getting smoked by the Bobcats and the Pistons of the world and actually win a few home games….

    And I agree with Robert, when we’re healthy I really think we can go toe to toe with the Pacers in the playoffs.

  3. OK…..a real comment. I want to get pissed at melo for chucking and arguing with the refs. but, 18 boards is man’s work. He’s playing 1 on 5. that gets you 10 – 28.

  4. I know Shump may look off Melo more that Melo likes but when Melo is off the floor he seems to cheer loudly for Shump

  5. Yeah, good post. I feel the same way. If someone were to do an in depth analysis of how the refs screwed us I would read that.

    I couldn’t see Shumpert touch George on the replay…

  6. I’m not usually one to whine about the refs but tonight was a disgrace. I don’t care what anybody says, Woodson included, that last call on the George 3 was GARBAGE. You just can’t call this ticky tack crap when the game is on the line. The Knicks had some breaks, mainly Beno w/ some otherwordly play pulled from his behind, but scoring is just not easy for this squad. They don’t get many fast break points, the 3 ball doesn’t splash as it did in the Novak days and Melo is taking an absolute pounding down low. All in all, brutal loss..and I hate the freakin Pacers.

  7. I don’t usually believe in moral victories, and I don’d like blaming the refs for losses, but I’d put this game in both of those categories. The knicks played their best game of the season against one of the best teams in the league. I’d take a loss like this everyday over an ugly, sloppy win. I’m not even mad at Shump. At best, he didn’t touch P. George, and at worst, he made a mistake. Melo got banged on his last shot, and of course, no call.

    If the knicks play like this every night they’ll win a lot of games and be fun to watch.

  8. Melo’s grade is too low. He put in work on the glass against a big, strong, tall froncourt. too bad Bargs couldnt make a shot tonight.

  9. I absolutely HATE the term moral victory. Cant stand it. I couldnt get to watch the game tonight (was watching the final few minutes on my phone at a McDonalds but the connection crapped out in the final minute before PG’s 3 FT’s) so I really cant talk at all about the game. Still hate that they lost another winnable game.

    Will say this, they better win in Washington on Saturday because they are going to have a helluva time winning 1 game next week with the 3 games out west and they could very easily be 3-12 by next Saturday. Thankfully the schedule looks very favorable in December so as long as they play with the same effort they played with tonight and Chandler/Felton get healthy in the next few weeks they can be back close to .500 by the end of the year. Still cant fathom this team missing the playoffs.

  10. @1 ” Left Eye, does this mean the bitch burned his house down?” Now that is damn funny :)

    You can just see Joey Crawford having a beer after the game with Barkley and laughing about screwing the Knicks again.

    They have played their best against some of the better teams (well not the Spurs) , its the losses to the likes of Detroit and Charlotte that are killing their record.

  11. Today we celebrate the little known holiday of Ballhogs Day. If the Ballhog has the ball in crunch time, steps back to take–and badly miss–a three pointer instead of attacking an off balance defense at the rim, then it’s six more weeks of losing.

    I’ll check back in on things after the new year.

    P.S. Love what you’ve done with the site since I last visited. The blue and white is so calming. It’s like KB took a xanax. And by the looks of things, we are going to need it.

  12. Yeah the refs sucked- that offensive foul on the break they called on Melo is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. And if Shump barely grazing Goerge’s elbow is a foul then George bodying up Melo after Melo’s spin move was sure as hell a foul too. People say that Melo creates the contact himself but usually he creates that contact by continually getting a half step on guys- same as James Harden. Melo beat George on the last play and a moving George banged into and bounced off Melo as he put up the shot. That’s a foul, period and you have to get that call- especially in MSG.

  13. Woodson is a punk calling out shump in the media, I know it was a foul but dude def needed to address that bogus offensive foul on melo that should’ve been an easy +1 (I think it went in) and applauding his teams defensive efforts and talking about going Into Washington to play even harder and smarter. The boneheaded shit jr did on twitter this guy preached positivity and he just treats shump like a useless bitch instead coaching him like his son jr smith…melo needs to be getting bargs going and attacking the paint on some easy pick and rolls and build a real chemistry on the court get him 20-30 points a night on easy buckets and put Hibbert in foul trouble way way earlier not to sound crazy but melo could easily put a triple double every night doing way less work no one expects melo to pass opposition wouldn’t know what the fuck to do, bargs can also shock opposing teams he is already shocking me but he looks lost not trying to rock the boat in the second half of games..shot was off tonight from deep but he’s been solid. Enjoyed the game we actually made progress

  14. Yeah, it is definitely pretty damn annoying to see Woody arguing the call for Melo on one night and the very next night not do the same for Shump. Shump is the red-headeded stepchild on this team.

    Anyhow, Melo played himself one hell of a game. 18 boards!! That’s nuts! I think er said it best – Melo looked like Phoenix Suns era Charles Barkley out there tonight. This is not going to end well for his body, but damned if he wasn’t impressive tonight (although okay, he probably could have shot better in the second half).

  15. 1) If you don’t believe there’s a bias against Carmelo Anthony at this point, I don’t know what to tell you. This has gone on for a VERY long time. And frankly, I think he’s developed a bit of neurosis because of it. Against Detroit, he was doing everything in his power to not react or respond to any call/no-call, but at a certain point, I think he decided he had to defend himself because that is the only chance he has to get a call.

    The initiating contact argument is mostly bunk. Initiating contact is exactly what Harden And Durant do, and the contact is much lighter, and you never see them have to argue to get a whistle.

    Now, is it a conspiracy? I don’t think so, but players and teams get reputations, and I think officials generally pattern calls after one another. You generally won’t have one official call certain things for a player that others won’t.

    The fact that George is now getting the whistle Melo earned a long time ago and has never really received… that’s a level of frustration which is hard to imagine.

    36 (32) 46 (52) 33 (32) 30 (36) 23 (22) 18 (40) 26 (46)
    17 (36) 18 (20) 17 (30) 14 (26) 25 (28) 10 (52) 23 (32)

    Doe the Pacers and Knicks get different whistles, and why?

    Since game one of the semi’s last year, in their match-up, the Pacers have shot 88 more free throws while scoring just 36 more points in the paint. That’s insane!

    Pacers — 212 free throws, 260 paint points
    Knicks — 124 free throws, 224 paint points

  16. Also, Melo implied that Shumpert was a part of the Knicks long-term plans, so for the people that think he and CAA are running the Knicks, there ya go.

    Shump is the redheaded stepchild, but so was JR Smith when Woodson took over.

  17. Melo played the kind of game that deserves 20,000 hats being tipped in his direction. I’ve been critical of him more than once, but he just did his best to drag this team to a win. 18 rebounds against Indiana is insane. He’s probably spending the night in a freezer or something.

    Soooo close. *sigh*

  18. Just as a reminder that the Knicks will get things turned around, and at some point in a major way, here are some of the starts Melo’s teams have gotten off to over the years, many of which were on much less talented teams and in better conference. Of course, Melo has made the playoffs every year of his career.

    If the Knicks can win the Atlantic and are rolling in April, I really like how they match up with the top teams in the East when healthy.

    2004 — Started 17-25 … Finished 49-33, winning 32 of their last 40 games!

    2005 — Started 14-17, finished 44-38 (going 30-21)

    2006 — Started 29-31, finished 45-37 (going 16-6)

    2007 — Started 9-7, finished 50-32

    2010 — Started Knicks tenure 7-12, finished it 14-14

    2011 — Started 8-15, finished 36-30 (going 28-15)

    Melo’s career record post All-Star break: 176 – 85

    Most of these teams had front-loaded injury issues to important players, too.

  19. If the refs had not just called the ticky tackiest of ticky tack fouls on Shumpert, I would not have minded them swallowing the whistle on Melo’s last shot but, holy crap, does Melo EVER get a superstar whistle? In the last week, the refs have directly robbed the Knicks of two wins — last night and the non-continuation foul on Melo’s three pointer against the Rockets. They also made some brutal anti-Melo calls against the Pistons (like the non-3 point play and the no foul when Drummond almost took his head off). I don’t blame him for starting to lose his cool with the refs. This sucks.

  20. My goodness. How many games like this have we endured?
    We’re still making lame-brained decisions. Kmart simply shoving Hibbert to the ground late was really dumb.
    But while Shump’s foul was a touch, everyone knows: up by three in the final seconds, you contest, but you do not overcommit on a block outside the arc. No way should Shump get that close. You can’t lose. You contest, safely, and let the shot fall good or bad. If it goes, it goes. But you don’t risk sending the dude to the stripe.
    The Knicks get called because they do not play smartly. It is a team that suffers many self-inflicted wounds that leave it small margins for error.
    I’m starting to hate them.

    Let no one say Mel lacks heart. Conscience? Sure. Judgment? Sometimes. But heart? You’re a fool to think so.
    This team lacks confidence right now to finish games. So many chances to put a stake in the Pacers that weren’t converted. And you just knew when the shots left their hands they weren’t going.

    BTW, Bargs played tough. He even helped on D.
    If they had the mentality to bring this kind of game every night, they should win a lot. But they come out flat too often.
    I hope they turn this around. They have talent. If the guards play average, they can be good. I’m not sure we have average guards on a daily basis.

  21. Joey is a cancer in the NBA. Dude wants all the attention, guess he is pissed off he never got to play and be the real star. Seriously does ANY team fanbase like him? Knicks fans hate him, LA’s loath him, dont even get me started on Spurs fans. Dude should fuck off.

  22. There were some really bad calls last night (the clean strips by Melo and JR that were called fouls, the call on Bargnani when Hibbert just plowed over him, etc. etc.) but the most egregious of all was the offensive foul on Melo when he went up against Hibbert late in the 4th quarter. All right, don’t call a foul on Hibbert due to “verticality” (which doesn’t seem to apply to any other players) but to take away a basket in that situation is just a crime.

  23. Well, this won’t be popular, but I thought the Knicks actually got the better of the calls last night. Even after the replay, I can’t tell if they got the Shumpert call right; the difference between a benign elbow graze and a shot altering elbow nudge is imperceptible from home, even in HD. Carmelo plainly got hosed multiple times, but I think KMart literally committed 11 personal fouls and got called for 5, while Metta should have fouled out in 8 minutes as opposed to 3 fouls in 16. On the other hand, Mahinmi also got off way too easy.

    To me, the reason Carmelo seems to get less respect on fouls can be thought of as a minor disadvantage in the nature of his offensive game relative to guys like Harden and Durant. Carmelo just has an enormous body — that he uses — for the kind of player he is. The truth is, almost all offensive players whose game is based in some part on their girth get hosed on an absolute basis in the NBA: Shaq, Howard, Moses Malone get/got fouled nearly every play. The calls are made on a curve relative to the Hakeems and David Robinsons of the world, this isn’t unique to Carmelo except that he has a very unusual combination of size and style. I can’t remember an early regular season game where so many Knicks gave as much effort as they did last night since the Starks/Oakley/Mason/Ewing team.

  24. i would love to see a highlight reel of the numerous awful calls last night… how can we make that happen…?

    im not blaming the calls for the loss, because as someone said… if the JR or Bargs wide open 3s go down, the game is over…

    it felt good to play hard… thats all ill say

  25. Overtime loss against a very tall and strong team with no other backup C or PF available in the bench and Aldrich only played 2 seconds?

    This guy must be eating all Woodson’s snacks at the office.

  26. Welp, while Shump clearly didn’t hit PG, Antonio Davis clearly didn’t hit LJ either…

    I’ll take the 4 point play every time

    It’s a long season fellas. 3-8 sucks, but we can be dangerous

  27. Overtime loss against a very tall and strong team with no other backup C or PF available in the bench and Aldrich only played 2 seconds?

    This guy must be eating all Woodson’s snacks at the office.

    Hey man, he was a -3 in 0:02 seconds of play. We can’t be giving up 3 pointers like that!

  28. There were some absolutely brutal calls against the Knicks last night – the Melo offensive foul on Hibbert on the break obviously takes the cake, but some people let that cloud their judgement of everything else. The play by Shump…Frank and ptmilo have it right. For one, there’s no way to tell how hard he bumped his elbow on TV but he clearly touched him (even Shump you could see after gesturing that he touched him only because George jumped into him not saying he didn’t touch him), and for two, it was a dumb play by Shump either way you cut it. George was like 3 feet behind the 3 point line – you don’t need a block there and giving the ref a chance to call it is downright dumb. That’s a classic you make your own luck situation. And the last play by Melo…if you’re honest with yourself you would never even think to ask for a whistle there if it weren’t for the previous call on Shump. So you’re basically just arguing they should have made a makeup call (for a call that was probably right).

    And further, there were plenty of awful calls that went for the Knicks as well. Bargnani got away with about a 6 step travel in the lane in the 4th where he eventually lost the ball but it bounced to Melo (I think) for a layup. There was a play where George caught an outlet under the rim in transition and Melo clearly jumped on his back as he laid it in – no call. There was a George drive down the middle with about 5 minutes left where Bargnani raked him across the arm as he laid it in – again no call. George was every bit as annoyed with the refs as Melo last night and rightfully so.

    The bottom line is that it was a horribly officiated game because Joey Crawford and co. are not good at their jobs. But you only see bias because you remember the bad calls going one way and forget the ones going the other way in my opinion.

  29. Hey man, he was a -3 in 0:02 seconds of play. We can’t be giving up 3 pointers like that!

    lol. Its crazy that he hit that and George was fouled on his three. 6 points in 2 seconds at the end of quarters ouch

  30. I have something to offer those claiming moral victory:

    We sacrificed everything we were good at (a well-spaced offense with crisp ball movement and ruthless three point shooting) in order to match up better to this team. And never have we looked more inferior to them. (Last year we handled these guys pretty easily at home, including one time without Chandler; this time we looked like a mid major team going all in to beat a slightly disinterested Duke team, and still failing.)

    This game, to me, is the completion of our systematic destruction that the Pacers were able to begin in game 3 of the playoffs. With that one win, they set off a catastrophic chain of reactions that will reverberate for another 4-5 years. All so we could match up better with them. And the distance between these two teams has never seemed greater.

  31. The bottom line is that it was a horribly officiated game because Joey Crawford and co. are not good at their jobs. But you only see bias because you remember the bad calls going one way and forget the ones going the other way in my opinion.

    Yeah, I agree with this. The reffing was god awful, but plenty of bad calls broke our way too. Ultimately, whenever a game is decided by just a possession or two, you can either blame it on the refs or go back and think about little mental mistakes, lapses in discipline, etc. that could have swung the game in our favor. At the end of the day, Joey Crawford didn’t force the Knicks to throw in the towel during overtime. They did that themselves. And I understand why, the end of regulation was deflating, but it remains true that the Knicks couldn’t muster five more minutes of good play.

  32. We sacrificed everything we were good at (a well-spaced offense with crisp ball movement and ruthless three point shooting) in order to match up better to this team. And never have we looked more inferior to them.

    With all due respect, WTF are you talking about? Playing without a healthy Chandler and Felton wasn’t part of any plan set in motion by our playoff losses last season. The Pacers have gotten better and we are seriously depleted. We also lost to the Pacers in the regular season last year 91-125, so I’m pretty sure we’ve looked worse. Get a drip dude.

  33. Hmmm, I see I’m still awaiting moderation. Perhaps the censor flagged it because I committed the hubris of NOT blaming this loss on the refs?

  34. flossy November 21, 2013 at 10:45 am

    With all due respect, WTF are you talking about?

    I know what a “wounded animal” game looks like.

    We’re unlikely to see the kind of effort and intensity we saw last night for a very long time. If you think we’re going to rebuild our identity around the traits you saw exhibited last night and expect them to carry forward, I think you will be disappointed.

  35. I know what a “wounded animal” game looks like.

    We’re unlikely to see the kind of effort and intensity we saw last night for a very long time. If you think we’re going to rebuild our identity around the traits you saw exhibited last night and expect them to carry forward, I think you will be disappointed.

    That doesn’t address my criticism of your original comment at all. The Knicks team you saw has lost 2/5 starters to injury–this wasn’t the “plan” put in place as a reaction to a playoff loss. And saying we’ve “never looked worse” against the Pacers after losing a tough-fought game in OT is straight up ridiculous considering we got our doors blown off by them in the regular season last year.

    Will we see this level of effort every night? Of course not. Will we *need* this level of effort every night, once we have Felton and Chandler back, against other opponents? No. The Pacers are probably the best team in the NBA right now.

  36. Unfortunatley I didn’t get to watch this game live, but watched it on League Pass when I got home. Despite the heartbreaking loss I am bouyed by this game. We’ve played well against the contenders. We fell short by a Derrick Rose floater and a very, very dubious shooting foul against Shump.

    This first 11 games definitely hasn’t been the ideal start, and I absolutely HATE losing, however I can stomach it when the team is having a red hot crack. The season is still young and I still believe we can make some noise this year.

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