Outside Look At Danilo Gallinari

Courtesy of Basketball Prospectus:

Danilo Gallinari, G-F, New York: Gallinari has taken steps towards becoming the next great homegrown Knick, a legitimate running mate for whatever star free agent the Knicks land next summer. Gallinari’s perimeter shooting is as good as advertised, but his developing ability to put the ball on the floor has kept his usage rate at above-average levels. His defensive metrics are also strong, though I don’t really trust them. (I suspect there is some Jared Jeffries cross-matching issues going on here.) Gallinari’s athleticism is average at best, so his ceiling is probably below that of elite player status.

Interesting take. I’m not sure that Gallo’s defensive stats are the result of Jeffries’ help. The Knicks switch so often on defense that positional match-ups might mean less for them than another team. Additionally I don’t buy the average athleticism theory either. Gallinari isn’t the jump out of the gym type, but I’d put him at above average athletically. At 6-10 to be listed as a G-F (although these days he’s more PF/SF than anything else) the player would have to be quick. If Gallo plays positions 2-4, then doesn’t that alone indicate good physical ability?

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53 thoughts to “Outside Look At Danilo Gallinari”

  1. Interesting take indeed. I agree with the person that said Gallo was running funny/slow at times in the Washington game. Most likely fatigue. And I agree with Mike: Jeffries has nothing to do with Gallo’s defensive ability (although maybe this is good for Jeffries’ trade value!)
    Despite his awkward gait at times, Gallo has excellent footwork on defense and active hands. His ability to block shots and steal the ball often surprises me. He is a two way player. Considering his age, I don’t see why he can’t have a Dirk-like ceiling. 1 on 1 post moves can be taught.

  2. Could it be that Gallo is average athletically, but that he’s fundamentally sound on defense? Again I think the thing that has me hung up is that he’s 6-10 – and that his value isn’t as a rebounder/shotblocker/energy guy. For instance compared to let’s say Ben Wallace, Gallo isn’t athletic. But compared to Hedo Turkoglu – I think he is. Perhaps that’s the definition of average?

  3. Well what’s a below average athlete in the NBA? Brian Scalabrine? And I think Gallo’s closing in on 6’11”. He dwarfs Lee when they are next to each other. I’m curious as to if he would be better or worse at defending the post instead of wing players…

  4. That was a lot more complimentary than, say, Hollinger’s take on Gallo, but it still did seem to be a bit dismissive.

    Then again, I am really defensive when it comes to knocks against Gallo.

  5. Back to possible trade scenarios, this is an interesting article about what the Grizzlies are looking for:


    Basically it says they are looking for a G/F type who can score and/or someone to strengthen their weak bench.

    Gotta figure a trade of Jeffries and Chandler for Hunter, Williams, and one of their three first round picks has been discussed. It seems like a trade that fills the needs of both teams nicely, and is certainly comparable in value to what Memphis would get in a Dorrell Wright, Ronnie Brewer, or CDR trade.

  6. gallo makes a lot of mistakes on D, but it’s still his rookie year.

    It will be interesting to see the development of his mindset: will he develop the killer istinct, the desire to take over a game?

  7. I agree, Z, that Memphis looks like one of the few teams that might be willing to add on Jeffries’ salary (as they are not looking for cap room for 2010). The Knicks could also offer them Mobley, which should save Memphis some money.

  8. “The Knicks could also offer them Mobley, which should save Memphis some money.”

    How would Memphis match Mobley’s salary in a trade?

  9. Crap, you’re right, I didn’t realize how few big contracts they had.

    So yeah, it’d have to be Hunter and Marcus Williams for Jeffries and Chandler.

    I think I’d do that, although I’d hate to lose Chandler.

  10. Memphis must have bought out Marco Jaric at some point (somehow that news passed me by…)

    As for losing Chandler, he was a #23 pick, which will be right around where one of Memphis’ three 1st round picks should fall (if the season ended today they’d hold the #19 (their own), #27 (Denver), and #29 (Lakers)). If we could get one of them in the deal, I’d say the Knicks should definitely do it. (It’d save a few bucks off the cap and reset the rookie contract, as well as give us a 3rd pick next June (which would be good, since we’ll have 10 roster spots to fill with dirt cheap players)).

    But even without one of the picks involved, I’d still probably package Chandler just to get rid of Jeffries…

  11. That Memphis trade still doesn’t work financially unless they can send over cash considerations or a 3rd player, but no one else is expiring except Gay. There has to be some way to make that work… but is it worth it to them?

  12. LA radio is reporting Donald Sterling has approached Isiah Thomas to become the Clipper’s coach, GM, and president!

    What world do the Clippers live in??

  13. Z, is that a joke? It’s not April 1st… wow I’m looking out my window and pigs are flying. Then again, it is Donald Sterling, so I suppose this is about what you have to expect.

  14. Seems like a pretty strong analysis to me. I guess it depends a lot on the definition of “elite player status.” I think it’s pretty unlikely he’s even LeBron James, but he’s got All-Star potential and the potential to perennially make one of the 3 All-NBA teams. Also has potential to be little more than a spot-up shooter offensively, so we’ll have to see.


    Good point about how he develops mentally.
    Defensively he’s not great, but I think he’s better than his rep already.

  15. Steven Hunter and Hamed Haddadi for Jeffries straight up works. Haddadi makes 1.6mm next season, but the deal would create 5.2mm in 2010 cap space for the Knicks. Knicks would have to cut someone to free up a roster spot. Memphis would lose their 3rd and 4th string centers, but would be bringing back a 6-11 guy so the height wouldn’t be that big a deal. They’ve got two legit Cs and could also slide Randolph over if one goes down.

    Memphis will have a bit of cap space next season, but depending on where the cap is not much more than the MLE they’d get if they’re capped out. When you consider the cap holds of 3 first rounders it’s less than the MLE.

    If they’re smart they’d realize Chandler is having a very similar season to Gay, and they can replace Gay with Chandler next season. Could even trade Gay right now before the deadline.

    Chandler is better than Dorrell Wright and definitely CDR, although I like both. Ronnie Brewer is having a bad season, but he’s a good player. I think I’d rather have him than Chandler, all else equal. Didn’t read the article, is Utah shopping him?

  16. I really should find the Isiah to Clippers rumors funny but I just can’t. I wouldn’t wish Isiah Thomas on Stalin’s basketball team.

  17. Would Isiah look to pick up his old buddy Jeffries? Would he give the Knicks 2 unprotected 1sts for Curry?

  18. OMG, Isiah running the Clippers would be one of the best things to ever happen. Think of all of the players we might be able to unload on him!

  19. This is amazing. I kid you not there is a bit over 4 mins left in the 1st quarter after the 1st timeout in the game and Gallo has touched the ball ONCE on offense, in which he passed to an open Lee who missed a jumper. Unbelievable.

  20. WOW Bogut apparently is out for rest of the game. So one of the worst offenses in the league are now w/o Redd and Bogut who are arguably their 2 best players. Knicks better win this game now.

  21. “This is amazing. I kid you not there is a bit over 4 mins left in the 1st quarter after the 1st timeout in the game and Gallo has touched the ball ONCE on offense”

    Is that the way Nate runs the offense as the starting PG?

  22. Seems like nobody’s home lol

    Sick block by Gallinari! Should have stuffed the ball at the other end though…and am thankful for all the bricks that Jennings has been throwing, hope he does it for every Bucks possession =)

  23. This is the most pathetic defensive performance of the season for the Knicks. Unbelievably pathetic.

  24. I cant believe Lee has 25 and 12 thru 3 quarters because to me he has been awful tonight.

  25. Lazy passes, no D, Jared Jeffries shooting 3s. I may have to check myself in somewhere if this keeps up.

  26. I realize the offense has to come from SOMEBODY, but Harrington has put up 20 shots in 25 minutes…

  27. Same old Knicks. Every shot is just a telegraphed one-on-three drive or a 3-pt chuck.

    Just awful.

  28. Funny thing about the +/- stat. Gallo is HORRIBLE but a +2 while all the other starters are at least -12.

  29. Knicks really need a decent PG and a beast defender underneath!!! and Lee definitely ain’t that dude..he is nice on the offense but gets his ass kicked on the other side.

    Till now am still waiting for that futile move that Walsh is supposed to do before the trading deadline..otherwise, it might be a bleak 2010 for us guys.

  30. Tonight proved more than any other game how mentally soft and what a bunch of losers the players on this team really are.

    D’Antoni showed 1000X more passion, energy and a sense of urgency tonight than his players did. Really pathetic game for this team and I cant wait til the majority of these players are gone because it will certainly be a good riddance to all of them. I hope they enjoyed Jennings who quite frankly sucks himself posing towards the end of the game and I hope the Cavs beat them by 40 points tomorrow night.

  31. Nate sucked, so was Duhon and so was Hughes..is Bender injured by the way? could have used his lenght for all those missed defensive rebounds…this blows

  32. A man can only dream—- Lebron, Rubio, Gallo, Chandler, Bosh, Lee by 2010..then again, it might only remain a dream =(

  33. The Bucks lose their best player in the 1st quarter and win going away. Scrappy, hard-working teams give the Knicks fits, there’s a reason the Bucks have won 7 of the last 8 meetings. And what the f–k is up with Gallo?

    The Jazz should start doing some serious scouting for lottery picks.

  34. What a shocker that all the NY Daily News, Post and Times talked about in their game recaps was Brandon Jennings and how good he is and how he stuck it to the Knicks blah, blah, blah. What game were they watching???? Best part was one of the articles made it seem like D’Antoni wasnt giving him much praise after the game on purpose. No its cause he see a younger Nate in BJ.

    Dont get me wrong Ill take him over Duhon but gimme a break.

  35. it think it was Ilyasova, Delfino and Warrick that killed the Knicks with their timely offensive rebounds and for providing that much needed spark..All Jennings did was throw bricks althought his penetration and playmaking skills were decent, he is not a clear upgrade of Nate.

  36. BBA and Droid:

    Totally agree. If it had been any other PG in the league, they wouldn’t have even been mentioned in a game recap. The “Jennings gets his revenge on the Knicks” story line is ridiculous. His shot selection in the 1st half was atrocious, and his 2nd half was OK, but 8-23 is still pretty bad and below his season 38%. If Jennings hadn’t played and Ridnour ran the point the whole game, it may have actually been a bigger margin of victory.

  37. I’d rather have Jennings than Hill, to be sure, but I don’t think he’s an eventual hall-of-famer. Worse, he’s got the impetuous attitude of a young Marbury or Francis. We don’t need another mercurial guard to lead us to the first round, we need an all-time-great to lead us to the promised land. Any strategy not shaped around landing a top-shelf guy is not a strategy worth pursuing.

    The fan in me would like to see a trade just to shake things up. But we’re probably better off staying put. (Unless someone wants Jeffries, which is not likely)

    Thus far, I am happy with Walsh’s patience .. if not his draft picks.

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